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This building provided me with my greatest disappointment when Marianne and Jonesy took me me out.  The side door was open so I went in and took, what I think are the best photos I took of the day.  Apparently I can’t use those photos.  The hall is no longer owned by the town and is now privately owned.  The couple that own it, well, he didn’t care, but she did.  I have to say, if you don’t want people to go in what looks like a public building, either put up signs to say it is privately owned, or put locks on it so you can’t just walk in.

This is the side of the hall, and that door that you can see was open.  I don’t know the whole thing about this, can I go into a building that I think is a public building and take photos if the door isn’t locked?  I didn’t do anything, just took some photos, I didn’t touch anything, and I made sure the building was left completely as I found it.

I will probably do the photos one day and maybe offer them one.  The scene inside was just perfect.  It was like my dream image for the day.

I will stop going on about it now.  So this image, I was trying to see what I could do to this.  It was an interesting building to do.  There is a certain amount of abandonment in it, yet there is also that element of a structure that is still standing and isn’t going away any time soon.

I don’t know what the new owners have planned, but I don’t know that I find the building very inspiring myself.  All country towns have town halls, and some are small, some are large.  Some are beautiful buildings, others aren’t.  I think this one is the latter.  The architecture isn’t that striking.

The small image is the HDR I did first for the image.  Well it was the first step.  I thought I would show that today rather than the original image.  There isn’t a lot of difference really, but with this one it was important to do the HDR.  The side of the building was in the shade, I didn’t want the sky and foreground to be too light or the side to be too dark.

As for processing the image, I did many layers, I tried to darken the image using the layers.  I also did more blurring, but tried to do it in stages.  I thought that might work, and I think it did work better than the image from yesterday.  The image was desaturated as well.  I like the way the light hitting it now gives the impression of very late afternoon, I hope that is when you thought it was taken as well, it was actually taken around 2 in the afternoon.

Hoping to get out this weekend to get some more shots.  I want to get out early in the morning, but will depend on whether or not I can wake up.  Hope you all get fabulous images this weekend.   Happy Shooting.

  1. A locked door says no entry.

    August 3, 2012
    • But what happens when that door isn’t locked, actually none of the doors were locked.

      August 4, 2012
  2. It needs a little lovin’ indeed. Looks abandoned, I suppose you can get into legal troubles going on properties there too.

    August 3, 2012
    • Yes, it needs something. Yep, it is trespassing here as well, though, we didn’t know. Funny, one person who owns didn’t care, the other did, so who do I listen too. Thanks.

      August 4, 2012
  3. Your laws would be different from ours, but an open door and no signs declaring it PRIVATE (especially since it’s near a bunch of public-owned structures) would probably keep you out of legal trouble over here. Not taking the time to secure their property isn’t smart if they don’t want anyone inside. All you took was photos, but someone else might not be as honest…

    August 3, 2012
    • I am pretty sure our laws would be the same. I think it is fair enough to assume that the hall was a public building without being told otherwise. The reality is, if the new owners hadn’t been told, they would be none the wiser. I think the woman is just being horrible, it could have been worse, we could have been kids and had a party in it. Put graffiti everywhere, who knows what else. Oh well, will test the waters soon, maybe offer them a print.

      August 4, 2012
  4. Really like how this one came out, Leanne…so much chiaroscuro, apt for the ‘darkness’ in that woman’s heart!

    The building was obviously just ‘put up’, no architect involved. It really has a ‘ramshackle’ look to it, so I wonder just what it will become (it’s extremely difficult to turn a ‘sow’s ear’ such as this into a ‘silk purse’, yes?

    August 4, 2012
    • I hadn’t that term before, or I had I forgot it. Thanks for that, that is a great comment.

      I think you are right, it was functional, but not a lot of care was put into the construction of it. I can’t imagine turning it into a home, would be very weird, there isn’t even any really nice architecture features inside. Don’t think I will ever see the finished product.

      August 4, 2012
  5. My daughter and I love how when we read you, we feel the mood in which you were. What a disappointment indeed, people wanting absolute control over everything even at their detriment. It’s still a good idea to give them a picture but be ready to be disappointed, I would say.

    August 4, 2012
    • Thank you Steve, how nice that you and your daughter read my blog. I’m flattered. It was a bit, but seems there was a way around it, I would still make the offer, they can accept or not, up to them. I imagine you will be right. Thanks again.

      August 5, 2012
  6. viewstodifor #

    Beautiful color work .. LOVE the shading! Too bad about the mixed msgs from the (apparent) owners. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

    August 4, 2012
    • Yes, very mixed messages. I think they need to put some signs up, how are people supposed to know that it isn’t public anymore. Thank you. 🙂

      August 5, 2012
  7. England is such a small place that it’s difficult to find anything that isn’t labelled ‘Private’, ‘Keep out’ ‘No entry’ etc. – very frustrating! Legally we can’t even stray off public rights of way to take photographs, unless you’re in ‘open access’ land of which there isn’t much where I live 😦 I’ve been warned off farmland where all I did was set up a tripod in a grass field – no crops, animals etc. and no damage done. Ironically I got a better picture from a new footpath I found 🙂
    In this case I think I’d try giving them a print to show that you’ve made something beautiful out of their wreck. Depending on their reaction ask permission to show it off but not sell copies – or offer them a percentage of sales? Just a thought ….

    August 4, 2012
    • That would be really frustrating Noeline, I guess we are lucky here, we have a lot of open spaces, and much land that is still owned by the crown, as they say here. Though there are rules for what you can and can’t do with the images from land owned by Parks Victoria. That is you can’t sell them, so I don’t bother going to those places. 🙂 If you photograph stuff from the road you are usually fine here.
      It is rather annoying about the hall, but if you see the comment below, seems there is a way around it, lucky for me. Hopefully I won’t get anyone into trouble. 🙂

      August 5, 2012
  8. James Ruff #

    Leanne, if you took photos before being told not to or to leave, there is nothing anyone can do. They are your images, and you stopped when asked.
    About half way down there is a bit about Private Land.

    August 4, 2012
    • I actually didn’t find out until later that evening that the woman wasn’t happy, so I am probably in the clear. Thank you so much James, I really appreciate this. I will have to bookmark this as well, it has lots of great information.

      August 5, 2012
  9. Really powerfully emotional effects – this is art. Reminds me a bit of Ireland or Scotland somehow, but a range of feelings.

    August 5, 2012
    • I can understand why it would remind you of those places, in Australia we definitely have many influences from those places. I like what you have to say about the image, thank you so much.

      August 5, 2012
  10. What a lovely photo! Despite the frustrations about photographing the inside, I think the outside still looks just great. I’ve been looking at some of your posts and I really love the atmosphere you capture through your photos. Keep it up!

    August 6, 2012
    • I solved the frustrations, but am glad I made the decision to do this image, otherwise I would never have found the solution to being able to do the images, though it is great to hear that you like it and even more like what I did with it. Thanks

      August 8, 2012
  11. That stinks. Sorry for your un-postable photos. But the one you could post is lovely!

    Can anything *like* this kind of processing and darkening be accomplished without HDR/ RAW? I mean, I’m sure for your purposes, you’d be unsatisfied with processing a JPG, but how much do old-fashioned masks and curves and levels and burning and dodging factor into the processing?

    August 12, 2012
    • Thanks Josy but thanks to a fellow blogger, a loop hole was found in the Australian law, I post the image a couple of days after this one.
      A lot of my processing is done that way. I do HDR’s, but I don’t do any of that oversaturated stuff, so often my HDR’s look like a normal image, I would image you can use much of what I do on normal jpegs, you just have to be careful with shadows because they can end up much darker. I don’t burning and dodging, well rarely, I don’t really like the tool, or maybe I haven’t experimented with it enough. I hope that answers your question.
      Thanks again Josy.

      August 12, 2012

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