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  1. Love that painting….incredible composition and magnificent sense of scale

    June 4, 2013
    • Same, I can remember seeing this and I think he has others that were painted from scenes under the Westgate Bridge, and they really inspired me to go and see it for myself, I’ve been trying to get something similar in photos, hasn’t quite worked yet.

      June 4, 2013
      • Sometimes the only way to deliver with photography is to print really big, and you need some good distortion free lenses, maybe with a tilt lens to overcome parallax issues. Hmm….food for thought.

        June 4, 2013
      • I had a really wide angle lens on when photographing this, it was definitely not the right lens, but I went there thinking I wouldn’t be able to take photos, so I was prepared for more outside shots. I have a couple of books on his work, so I can always look in those.
        I agree, about printing, I am always amazed at how much better some things come out when you print them large.

        June 4, 2013

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