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Wandering Around Chinatown and Catching Up

It is time to get back to reality and I’m now back home. I have to get my act together quickly as I am required to get a heap of writing done. It is nice to be busy and besides lots of articles I am getting booked for more One on One Photography Lessonswhich are great. It is good that I work well under pressure.

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  1. I once went to Chinatown in Melbourne

    April 25, 2016
    • Did you like Rajiv, did you have dinner.

      April 25, 2016
      • It was fun. We had lunch.

        I was with a Chinese government group. The leader of the Chinese group was arrested 4 years later, and then executed by the Chinese government

        April 25, 2016
      • Sounds like it was an important lunch Rajiv. Though the end of the story doesn’t sound good.
        Lunch is still good down there.

        April 26, 2016
      • It was an important lunch. He was the head of the Chinese State Food & Drug Administration.

        On the second trip, in Europe, I was with him until the penultimate day. He was arrested at the airport, in Beijing, on his arrival. Then, after one year of house arrest, he was put through a mock trial and executed.

        I went through a few anxious months, wondering if the authorities would interrogate me, but thankfully, I was never called for that

        April 27, 2016
      • Wow, that must have been incredible. Do you do that sort of thing often Rajiv?
        I would have been scared too, it is a little crazy, so what did he do wrong?

        April 27, 2016
      • Well, I used to do that sort of thing when I was working in the corporate world. Not any more… I don’t think I can ever go back to that world, even though the money is rather decent.

        He? It seems he and his wife took a lot of money to allow substandard drugs/medicines to be sold in the country. Apparently, a lot of kids in the North Eastern province of Harbin became paralysed because of this.

        It was also rumoured that, not only was he executed, his entire family’s assets were frozen by the government, and his wife’s social rights were taken away. If so, they moved her from being wealthy, to extremely poor overnight, and made her a social pariah.

        April 27, 2016
      • I can understand that, sometimes the money isn’t worth it.
        Wow, so he wasn’t really a good guy, still execution is a pretty dramatic thing.

        Hey on another note, it was you that was watching Masterchef last year, yes, it is starting again this Sunday.

        April 27, 2016
      • Yes, it was me watching Masterchef last year

        I think, if it starts for you this Sunday, it will follow a week later in India

        April 27, 2016
      • Oh great, we will have to follow it along together again, as much as we can.

        April 27, 2016
      • That, we should!

        April 27, 2016
      • Okay, let’s. We should email.

        April 27, 2016
      • Done deal!

        April 27, 2016
      • 😀

        April 27, 2016
      • The Chinese are – can be – ruthless. The gent who was Mayor of Shanghai when I was living in China was a threat to Jiang Jemin. They cooked up a corruption charge, and executed him as well
        I read one of their four famous books – The Tale of The Three Kingdoms. It gave me some very good insight into their political philosophy, as regards rivals

        April 27, 2016
      • Sounds like it, I’ve heard stories, but you never know if they are true. I don’t think I would like to be caught doing anything wrong there.

        April 27, 2016
      • You don’t. During my first month there, I was involved with a negotiation to terminate a distribution agreement. They called in a lawyer from Beijing who threatened me with jail, if I did not ‘behave myself’.

        Later, someone told me that one of the major shareholders of that distributor was the Chinese Secret Service.

        It was also rumoured that our drivers were called in monthly, to debrief the Party on our movements etc.

        So no, you don’t want to cross the line there

        April 27, 2016
      • Yeah, not really communism is it, at least not by the definition I was given. Sounds more like dictatorship or totalitarianism. Good place to stay away from except on a tour.

        April 27, 2016
      • And strangely, I spent some of the best years of my life there. I still have friends there, despite not having visited for years.

        The people are very warm and friendly. It’s the State that you have to be wary off.

        White, middle aged men love the place. You often see them on a bar stool, with a nubile young Chinese thing on their laps.

        It is actually a very capitalist country

        April 27, 2016
      • I can understand that, I’m sure that much of what was happening there wasn’t effecting you really.
        Oh yes, I think that is the case everywhere, perhaps, the gov are the scary ones.
        do you think, we are capitalist society, but we don’t have that fear, or the worry that the government will execute us. We can talk against them and know there will be no repercussions.

        April 28, 2016
      • That is true. This is a big difference between other countries and China.
        However, I have met a few politicians in India recently. Scary buggers, in the way they talk about Hindus and Muslims. Because Aurangzeb (the last of the Great Mughals) did some stuff in 1680, ‘retribution’ is justified today. And, they are convinced they are right

        April 29, 2016
      • It is all BS really, Muslims, especially have become the plague of the world, I feel so sorry for many of them and all because of a small percentage of extremists. It is the women I feel especially sorry for, they are obviously Muslim and they cope the anger from everyone else, the men are cowards in that respect. I haven’t heard anything about what is happening to Hindus, probably because it isn’t happening here.

        April 29, 2016
      • Oh, nothing is happening to Hindus. Except that many Hindus are becoming more radical.

        April 29, 2016
      • That’s scary too. Why?

        April 30, 2016
      • Good question.. The ruling party is backed by a radical Hindu group called the RSS. they are into things like cow protection gangs, killing those who eat beef (in the villages), and generally going at the Muslims in the most disgusting manner. they were behind the craziness that took place in 1992

        April 30, 2016
      • So no religious freedom and all that? The world is going crazy. I just hate violence in the name of religion, I would have thought that it was against beliefs, aren’t we meant to love one another. I guess religious persecution will never end.

        May 1, 2016
      • Oh, we have lots of religious freedom. We are not used to people making too much noise about religion, and we detest it. Having said that, we are creating our own sets of problems with violent protests on caste. Some “upper caste” people are fighting to be called “backward castes”, so that they can get jobs.
        What is happening in Bangladesh, however, is bad. There, liberal bloggers, for instance, are being hacked to death. The papers do tend to exaggerate, but this is happening.
        Yes, we are supposed to love each other, but..

        May 1, 2016
      • I think we are losing it, all over the world, look at what is happening to Muslims, everywhere. It is horrible, though our biggest crime really is what our government does to refugees.

        May 3, 2016
      • I don’t know what your government does to refugees. You need to educate me there

        May 4, 2016
      • they lock them away in detention centres until they are processed, they can be there for years and years. The women get rapped, the children do too, sex assault is rampant in the places, people are trying to commit suicide, it is terrible, a mark of shame for Australia, and what does our government do threatens to jail anyone who goes there and reports on the conditions to the media. They are on islands away from the public. I found some sites for you.

        I don’t know how accurate they are, as I said, the government has made it illegal for workers or doctors who go there to make it public what they see there. It is disgusting. Thankfully some people who have come back have said jail me if you want but I have to tell what I saw.

        May 4, 2016
      • Wow…. I never knew this would happen in Australia.
        But, population is becoming an issue and this will cause problems. I was doing some research. India’s population was about 350 million in 1947 or so. Now, it is 1.2 billion. This causes stress.
        Other parts of the world are under populated. However, migration is not welcome. Instead, I hear that Europe wants to now increase it’s population. This is fine. Except that over population will kill us

        May 4, 2016
      • Oh yes, has been happening for over 20 years, they like to keep it quiet.
        We don’t have an overpopulation problem, only 23 million people here. We can take in more people, and the gov wants to increase the population by heaps so why these people aren’t acceptable is a bit mystery.

        May 4, 2016
      • 23 million.. That is the population of the Delhi National Capital Region.

        I guess, while we preach all sorts of stuff about diversity, we really don’t like it that much. This is where the problem lies

        Fear of the different, fear of change, fear of job loss ..

        May 5, 2016
      • Yeah, in population we are a small country, but a lot of the space here is not really habitable.
        I think you are right, all those things do inhibit poeple.

        May 10, 2016
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    April 25, 2016
  3. so much to do….. you need a clone!!

    April 25, 2016
    • That would be nice, someone to do the stuff I don’t like doing, haha.

      April 25, 2016
  4. Congrats on the bookings.

    April 25, 2016
  5. Goodness me…brings back so many memories of Billboard night club on that corner in china town, rave parties there until the following morning in the late 90s

    May 3, 2016
    • Oh I remember that place, never went, but remember it. How funny I do remember those days. I spent more time going to bands, I seem to remember. Thanks

      May 3, 2016

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