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City of Melbourne For Lease

Our internet has been down most of the day, actually it hasn’t been good for the last couple of days. Hopefully it is working a lot better now.  Though, I still struggled with an image for you today.  I need to go out and get more images.  What a day.  On top of all that it is freezing, well, it is the coldest day we have had for a long time.

For LeaseI love this building.  I have no idea when it was built, oh I have the internet back, I can check it out, hang on a minute.  Okay, I’m back, it was built in 1888.  It is such a distinctive building.  Though I don’t think the City of Melbourne Building Society have anything to do with it any more, actually I’m not sure they even exist anymore.  It sits on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Little Collins Street.  It’s quite a landmark and most people who live in Melbourne would be aware of this building.

To process it, I did a HDR image with Photomatix Pro, and then it went through Camera Raw in Photoshop.  There were a few people walking on the street so I removed them.  I also removed the signs on the awning that covers the street.  I didn’t want the signage to take over the image.  I also replaced the sky.  I have done some blurring, but not a lot.  I just tried to bring out some of the details in the building.

I am not really happy with how the image came out.  I think part of the problem is that I snapped it early one morning, and it was, possibly, the wrong time.  I took some images of it another time, but they were in the afternoon, and were with Black and White film.  They were a lot better, the sun was shining on the building and gave it more definition.

There is something about the building sitting on the corner with the For Lease sign, the city of Melbourne is for Lease, interesting idea.


As today’s post is a short one, I am going to put up some nominations I’ve received for  various awards.

So I have been nominated for the following awards by the following people.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Dancing in the Storm



My Life Through Glass

Oil Pastels by Mary

 Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness Nomination!

elizabeth thomas photography of cape cod

Colline’s Blog

WordPress Family Blog Award

Mission Possible! 1st stop – Nicaragua

Living and Lovin

The Sunshine Award




Curious Mother

Through The Lens

Super Sweet Blogging Award



Lucy Williams

The Best Moment Award


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award





The Bouquet of Three Award


I know people may think that I get too many or I don’t appreciate them, but I still feel really honoured when people think of giving me one.  So thank you to everyone above.

Please, everyone, check out their blogs and what they have been up to.


As I said last week, I’ve been trying to find a different way and more interesting way of photographing the Deaf Children Australia‘s Bluestone building.  Now that other stuff has finished, I have more time to think about what I want to do there.  I need to plan more posts though.  I just don’t know what happens to the time.

Stairway ClockWhen you walk into the front door, you look up and see the staircase, and as you walk up you see the clock.

The building isn’t a really ornate building, not when you compare it with somewhere like the Melbourne Town Hall or Parliament House, and for the time it was built, I can see it was probably considered a boring building.  In todays terms it is ornate and there are little things every where.  I am probably not saying this well.  What I mean is that it wasn’t luxurious and wasn’t built to impress, so I can’t focus on really beautiful parts of the building as I have with other buildings, like the Manchester Unity Building.

I have been watching stories from the ex-students and trying to pin point areas of the building that would mean something.  It is a work in progress, and there is no hurry.  I have at least 3 years to work it out.  It is going to be interesting to see where I end up with these images.

This was a difficult image to get and took some thinking, as the tripod on the stairs wasn’t easy, and then it wasn’t high enough.  I got it in the end.  Originally I kept cutting the clock out.  I wanted that clock.  I wanted to give you a view of the clock as you are walking up the stairs.

I try to imagine what it was like for the children who were living there, and to see the building as they would have.  This staircase is right near the front door, and would be considered the main stairwell for the building.  It is central in the building and when you walk in the front door, it is straight in front of you.

These stairs are more ornate and wider than the other staircases, so that tells you they were to be presented nicely, that also tells me that the pupils of the school were probably not allowed to use it.  They may have been allowed up them on their first visit as they were shown around and up to their dorm, but I doubt they were allowed on them again.

So I hope you don’t mind me playing and trying things out as I work my way through this project.  I am sure I will get a better understanding of what I want to achieve eventually.  I am starting to get there.

Remember, if you would like to donate money toward the restoration then please Donate Here.


It is time to acknowledge all the people who have nominated me for awards again.

The Thank You Award


the Flavie Peticoeur Award!


The Very Inspiring Blog Award


McPhedran Phocus


Making it Daily


The Liebster Award


Bits N Pieces

The Versatile Blogger Award


Psychic Pharmacy Tech


Making it Daily

The Sunshine Award


Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness Nomination!



Best Moment Award

Sylvie`s Fashion Secrets

The Reality Blog Award


The Dragon Loyalty Award


So thank you very much to all those blogs and the people behind them, I feel very honoured.  I hope everyone else will go and visit all the blogs as well.

Singular Images

More from the rocks at Lorne today.  I didn’t get up early again, but have some of the images from yesterday mornings session.  I thought I would show some images that aren’t HDR images.  They are single images that have been processed in Photoshop.  I also got quite a few requests to share how I did the images.

24mm, 2 secs,f14, ISO100

24mm, 2 secs,f14, ISO100

You should recognise this from yesterday, though this is just one image, the second image in the bracketed shots.

I have put the exif information under the image, so you can see what it was shot at.  I use aperture priority when I shoot most of the time.  I also had the camera on a tripod and I was using a Neutral Density Filter.  I knew I would have to use whatever I could to slow down the shutter speed.

24mm, 2 secs, f14, ISO100

24mm, 2 secs, f14, ISO100

24mm, 0.4secs, f14, ISO100

24mm, 0.4secs, f14, ISO100

I mentioned yesterday that I did some with waves, you can’t see them that well, but they are there in the distance.  The processing with HDR lost the waves, so it made sense to do it as a single image.

24mm, 1.3 secs, f25, ISO100

24mm, 1.3 secs, f25, ISO100

As the sun came up, it was getting harder to get that soft water blur, so I upped the aperture, or rather closed it down to f25, and I added my polariser on the lens as well.

24mm, 2.5 secs, f25, ISO100

24mm, 2.5 secs, f25, ISO100

This image was taken in practically the same place as the previous one.  I do love the way the light hits the rocks and the wet rock look.  The textures in the rocks are so amazing as well.

I hope this has answered the questions that people wanted to know about how I photographed these images.  I hope you will all go out and try it yourself, if you can, if you are inclined to and if you love water images.  Good Luck.


It is time to acknowledge all the people who have nominated me for awards again. I am sorry if I have missed any.  I really did leave this for far too long, though I have a new system in place and it should be much easier next time and people won’t get lost.

The following people have nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award


The next blogs have nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award

Peculiarities and Reticences




Dot knows! (elleturner4)

Nomination for the Genuine Blogger Award

Just Ramblin’

Also the Liebster Award

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Some nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award




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Ajaytao 2010

The One Lovely Blog Award

Musings of a FlutterbyBear

The Sunshine Award, which we have had plenty of recently.

Looking Inward with Lily

 A nomination for an award I haven’t seen before, the Shine On Award


The Illuminating Blogger Award



Most Influential Blogs of 2012

Life in Minutes

Amanda from wannabephotographer87 also invited me to have coffee, an interesting idea.

Thank you to each and everyone for the awards.  I feel incredibly honoured and loved.

Is there Ever Enough Praise

Blogging has become part of my life.  It is a part that I thoroughly enjoy and it really helps me to keep focused.  I love hearing from people and, like other people, enjoy getting as many likes as I possibly can.  It is a very humbling experience and one I am so glad my friend Kate gave me the idea of doing.  However, one of the things that I think is fantastic, is the way people really show their appreciation, and that is often done in the way of awards.

There are many awards that do the rounds, and whilst we all know that they don’t mean anything to the world outside the blogging community, I find them really nice and always feel a real sense of pride when I am nominated for one.  I have been very lucky recently and have received nominations for 5 awards and I have been feeling bad for not reciprocating.  It isn’t a hard thing to do, but I decided today was a good day to do them all.  My laptop is being used for the cycling photos and I can’t work on my others, so no photos for today, so it seemed a good day to do this.

This is how I thought I would go about this.  I will start by giving 7 random facts about myself, these will apply for all the blogs, then I will introduce each award, with a link to the person who nominated me, who will, hopefully get a pingback so that they know as well, and then I will nominate blogs for each award.  I nominated some of favourites recently, so I hope you don’t mind if I nominate some other people this time.  I like to share the awards around.

I have received this award before, and this time Richard, from The Future Is Papier Mâché nominated me for this.  I feel guilty accepting it again, but I would like to thank Richard for the nomination.  So whilst I sort of accept it, I might leave nominating more blogs

My seven random facts:

  1. I think I love baking.
  2. When I was growing up I really wanted to be an actress.
  3. I did a course once on how to read Tarot Cards, would you like a reading, LOL.
  4. My favourite colour for clothes is black.
  5. I love going out for coffee and cake with friends.
  6. My favourite wine right now is Cienna by Brown Brothers.
  7. My favourite show on television right now is MasterChef.

There are seven things, that is the hardest part to do.

I received this award from Amanda from WANNABEPHOTOGRAPHER87, and again it is an award I’ve received before, but very honoured to receive it again.  Though with another 3 awards to nominate people for, I have decided not to nominate other blogs for this one, Though if you click on the image, and the Versatile Blogger image they are set to take you to the first time I received them and who I nominated for them.

The Genuine Blogger Award, I was nominated for this award from Colline, from Colline’s Blog.  Again, another honour and I am pleased to accept this one.  I have never received this one, or the following two before.  I understand for this one I have to give you 7 random facts about me, I’ve done that, and now here are the seven blogs that I nominate for this award.
  1. Distan Bach Photography
  2. 366 Daily Photoscapes
  6. three/six/five
  7. In Search of Perfect

I received the nomination for this from PHOTOBYPAWELP.  I looked at his update and saw my name in the list of blogs that had been nominated and, again, felt very honoured.  Again, give you seven random facts, which I’ve done.  So now I need to nominate another 7 blogs.

  1. Colline’s Blog
  2. Aaron Cohen Photography
  5. The Future Is Papier Mâché
  6. stephanielane2012
  7. Nikita’s Blog~ New adventures

The last one, this one I received from NikitaNikita’s Blog~ New adventures.  I have to do the 7 random facts, and nominate 15 blogs.  Ok, the 7 facts, done, now for the 15 blogs.

  1. Mike’s Look at Life
  4. Just add pictures
  7. Outdoor Guy Photography
  8. Googsy’s Photography
  9. Life Voyage PhotoBlog
  10. Images of China through English Eyes
  11. A Traveller’s Tale
  12. Travel Photography by Dmitrii Lezine
  13. Shutterbug Sage
  14. the lazy photographer

Wow, that is all of them.  I feel really bad who didn’t get nominated, but if I ever receive anymore awards, I’m sure you will be nominated.  I’m sorry this blog is packed with this stuff, but I feel good that I have managed to reciprocate all of them.  It is a tough job nominating other blogs and to find 29 is also very hard.

There will be photos tomorrow, more photos from the weekend.

Dead Flowers Can Be Inspiring

Remember the sunflowers, well, they have well and truly died.  The petals are falling all over the table, but I refused to get rid of them until I had photographed them.  I hope you can tell that they are dead.

Colline over at Colline’s Blog has very kindly nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  It is so wonderful when people think your blog is worth being nominated.  So to Colline, “thank you, and I accept, sorry it has taken me so long to accept”.

So according the rules associated with this blog I have tell you seven random things about me.  I always find this part really hard.  Well here goes, 1/ I love corn cooked in its husk in the microwave and then covered in gravy.  2/ I love windy days, as a kid I loved to run in the wind.  3/ The weather and its destructive nature fascinate the hell out of me.  4/ I love to be able to have nanna naps in the afternoon.  5/ The first book I ever read was “The Folk of the Faraway Tree”, I was 8 years old.  6/ Both my daughters have red hair, total shock when they were born, neither my husband or I have red hair.  7/ I like to drive fast around corners.

Now I have to nominate 7 blogs that I find inspiring.

  • csd’s Daily Photo David and I are friends on facebook and he has been a great supporter and given me lots of advice and I’m sure I will ask for more.
  • Sorin Photography I like this blog because I never know what I am going to see from one day to another.
  • Wannabephotographer87 A new friend and someone I look forward to hearing from and catching up on what she is doing.
  • Magic Aperture Again, a new friend and someone who’s opinion I really appreciate.
  • Tricia’s Photo Blog Another new friend who I love to hear from and love to read her blog.  It is great this blogging community and the people you meet.
  • My Little Corner of Rhode Island I have known Marie for about a year and I love her take on life, her garden and she never fails to let me know what she thinks. Brilliant
  • Zelmare is in South Africa, and while not new to blogging, has just recently started doing it again.  Even though she is super busy she always takes the time to check in and comment.

The conditions said only 7, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to do only 7, there are so many more blogs that I would have liked to nominate.  I still have about another 3 or 4 nominations to respond to, so your turn will come.

I have also been playing more with the instagram on my phone.  I found a couple of other ones and they are a lot of fun to play with.  If you are friends with me on facebook you will have seen them.  I have been thinking about the copyright laws associated with instagram and I’m not totally happy with them.  I knew there had to be a way to produce my own effects, so take a look at the image below.

This image is the same image as the first one, I just played with lots of different things.  Might keep experimenting.  What do you think?

My Awards and Something New

There are lots of awards out there that you can nominate people for.  They are a great way to thank people, or support blogs that you like.  I have four awards that I need to accept and reciprocate, but then I got thinking, always dangerous, what about the people who support me.  I have some people who always take the time to make a comment or let me know that they have liked a post that I have written.

I really appreciate the support that I get from these people, and so I decided, that there needs to be A Thank You Award.  I have never seen one, so I am starting it.  The rules are, you just acknowledge all the people who support you, but please start by acknowledging the person who gave it to you.  For your supporters, there isn’t a magic number, it might be two blogs, or it might be 100, it is up to you.

All the awards have images and this is the image for this award.  Sunflowers, a friendly, sunny flower that always makes us feel better.  I was going to do chocolates, but it would be too tempting to eat them all.

So here are all the people I want to say thank you too.

There is a large list of people I wish to thank.  It has been great getting your comments and I do appreciate the time you take to let me know what you think.  I know there are people I have missed, but I hope to do this again.

You don’t have to do the same, but I think it is nice and it would be good if this could be another one of those awards.

Speaking about awards, I have never really shown on my blog what awards I’ve been nominated for, and thus have found myself being nominated for some more than one, so I do I accept it again, or can I only accept it once?  I have put an awards page up the top so that other bloggers can see what I have been nominated for.

Giving the Sunshine

There hasn’t been a lot of time for anything much in the last week.  I seem to have spent the week going from one thing to another.  When I was trying to work out what to do today, I decided that it was time to do something about an award I was nominated for some time again.

Xandré Verkes nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

I decided to give my own sunshine with the sunflowers.  More on those later.

Thank you Xandré for the award and thinking of me.  I know have to do some things. one of those is to answer 10 questions.

  • Favourite colour:  Purple, and black
  • Favourite animal:  That’s a hard one, my cat, Tiddles
  • Favourite number:  7, the date I was born on, though I like the number 3 as well.
  • Favourite non-alcoholic drink:  Water, I love water, and drink lots of it.
  • Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook
  • My passion:  Funny question for a photography blog, would you be surprised if I said photography?
  • Getting or giving presents?  Giving presents.  Getting presents reminds me of many disappointments growing up.
  • Favourite pattern:  I don’t really think I have a favourite pattern.
  • Favourite day of the week:  Monday, the day everyone leaves the house
  • Favourite flower:  Lily’s, I love the simplicity of them.

I also have to nominate 10 blogs.  I’m not going to nominate my 10 favourite because they are always changing, but rather new ones. I have nominated my other blogs for other awards, so this is an opportunity to let you know about some blogs that I have started following and really like.

I like them all for very different reasons.  Some because they leave me comments, and most because they support my blog as well, and all of them because I enjoy theirs.  So congratulations to you all, you deserve it.

As to the Sunflowers, they aren’t looking the best, but I was happy when I asked the woman in the shop from Ireland Burgundy Street Florist, if she had any flowers that were basically dead, and she said she had some sunflowers.  When I saw how droopy they were, I thought, yep, that is my mood exactly today, so you have droopy sunflowers.  I hope you like the image.  I will post more tomorrow.