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Weekend Wanderings – My Backyard through a Macro

Earlier in the week I mentioned that a very good friend of mine, perhaps the best photography buddy I have ever, had lent me her Canon 600D and 60mm Macro lens.  I have been playing with it on and off this last week, and today I thought I would give you a macro view of my backyard.  Though, some really is my backyard, I also mean in the area I live, so this morning I went out to the park and got some photos of it as well.


LeanneCole-macro-20140530-0011As I was getting into the car I could see that we were going to have a beautiful sunrise and I ummed and ahhed about whether or not I should try and capture it.  In the end I decided that I had the wrong camera, or really, the wrong lens with me, and by the time I got into position it would be gone.  So I decided not to worry about it, but when I got to where I wanted to take photos I decided to try one with the macro lens, and this was the result.

LeanneCole-macro-20140530-0028I think we forget too that a macro can also be used as a normal lens.  This is a little spot I recently discovered and it is one I would like to return to.  My own little waterfall to experiment on.

LeanneCole-macro-20140530-0050I got a bug, at least I think that is what it is.  I don’t really know.  I took the image and didn’t realise that anything was there until I got it on the computer.  I was experimenting with a smaller depth of field.

LeanneCole-macro-20140530-9944I also picked a few flowers from the garden and tried photographing them inside.  It was so hard doing it outside without a tripod.  It good inside, so much better.

LeanneCole-macro-20140530-0005I picked some dandelions as well, sprayed them with water and took some photos.  Then I thought, what would happen if I put them in the freezer and the water froze on them.  Quite a great effect, but I have to warn you, the stalks don’t cope and they go all limp, and fall over.  You have to be quick.   I love dandelions, the little stalk things are like the illustrations they show you of the neurons in our brains.  I wonder if that is why we like that.  Just saying.

I am going to leave it there, and just leave the gallery for you to enjoy.  Some of the images are a bit fuzzy, sorry. I had to use manual focus, and well, my eye sight isn’t as good as it used to be.  Happy clicking this weekend.

Weekend Wanderings – Sunrise Over the Flats

Every morning I have been waking up and looking outside for signs of fog, or checking the temperature to see if it is cold enough for a frost.  I haven’t been lucky so far this winter, in fact, there have been no frosts really and only two foggy mornings, and both of those were on days I couldn’t get out. I knew I had to go out this morning as I had a post to do, but I was hoping for something a little exciting, and then when I did my usual checks, I thought, oh no, nothing much this morning.  The I read the weather forecast, early morning storms.  Ha, there were almost no clouds in the sky, a storm was coming, I thought, what are the chances of a great sunrise. I quickly chucked on my gum boots and headed out.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-9463-4hpmIt seemed the chances were very, very good indeed.  I headed down the road to Banyule Flats and headed for the spot I’d recently discovered to see if I could get a good sunrise.  This image was a bit later on, but I wanted to show it first. This is a HDR and I have done some of the treatments to it that I have seen Trey Ratcliff do.  I love the effect, and wanted it to be the first image I showed.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9333This is pretty much how it was when I first got there.  The sun was making an appearance slowly.  There was a slight mist on the water.  I love the way the sunrise is reflected in the water.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9398Then the storm clouds were atarting to come from behind.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9418The water was so still and it was so nice to see the colours and clouds of the sunrise reflected in the water.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9433I thought the sunrise was basically over and then I noticed some colour behind me. I love this tree, it is so gnarly.  You can see the storm approaching here.

I thought the sunrise was over and was getting ready to leave, then I looked back at the swamp.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9463It seems we were getting an encore, a second sunrise.  The new clouds that were approaching put on another show for me.  How lucky was I?

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9485I hadn’t planned on taking any photos here.  I wanted to find somewhere else, but as I was walking past I noticed how incredible the clouds were and I knew that I had to go in and take some photos.  The water was so calm and the reflections just made it so much better.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9550I had really wanted to head down the road to get some other images, but as I was heading back to the car the storm hit and it started raining.  I did see the rainbow in the sky and decided to go and take some photos.  It was starting to rain quite hard when I took these, and it put an end to my adventures in my backyard today.  I will get more images though of other places.

First of all, can I say thank you to everyone on the lovely comments about the new theme for the blog, so glad you like it. The white background seems very popular.  I also like that when you go to the gallery the background is black, so you can see them on both black and white backgrounds.  Speaking of the gallery, I have more images and will put them in there now.  I know some seem similar, but they were all taken at different times.  All the images, bar the HDR at the start, were all processed in Lightroom.