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Up for Discussion – Black and White Photography

You know how it is sometimes, it is the start of the day and you think, what am I going to post about today.  Then I had a thought.  I thought I might do a post on black and white photography, then I thought, I’m not an expert at it.  Then the light bulb went off, ting.

What if I did a post on the ways I do black and white and then open it up to everyone to discuss how they do it.  There are people out there who know a whole lot more than me on this topic.

So this is how it will work.  I am going to tell you quickly how I make a black and white image.  Then I want you to tell me how you do it.  You will leave it as a comment and I will approve it.  I am probably not going to comment on them, unless I think something is really cool, or I don’t understand.  Do you get what I am talking about?  I will explain it again at the end.

2014-03-10 08.32.24This is a shot I took yesterday on City Link. I was on my way to Williamstown with a friend, she was driving, and I got my phone out quickly and took this.  I can’t believe how well it came out.  I put it up on g+ and FB and someone asked me how long I had to wait for the blue car.  I didn’t wait at all, didn’t even realise there was a blue car there until I was looking at the image afterwards.  It was a lucky shot taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3, out the windscreen.

So I loved all the lines and wondered what it would look like in black and white.

2014-03-10 08.32.24-bw1I did this in photoshop.  I used the black and white adjustment layer.  I like the way you can play with the colours in the image and change the tones of individual ones.  It can be a great way to get a dark sky, make the blues and cyans darker.  Though you have to be careful because if your image is grainy, it will show it up more.  Then I upped the contrast a little.  Not a bad effort.  Though, I do think it looks better in colour.

2014-03-10 08.32.24-bw2The other way I do black and white is with Silver Efex from the Nik Collection.  You can’t control the individual tones, but you can choose from a range of presets and then do minor changes.  I used the low key preset for this image.  That was pretty much all I did to it.  I should probably have upped the whites a bit, it is looking a little grey.

There are two different ways that I do black and white.  I thought since we have the Black and White challenge tomorrow that it might be a good discussion to have right now.  The comment section is open, though I do moderate cooments, but I will try and approve comments as quickly as I can.

In your comments you can tell us how you do your black and white, or you can ask a question, and maybe someone will be able to answer it.  You can comment on what other people have said. The only real restriction is that it has to be polite.  Anyone saying anything mean or horrible will not be approved.

I have never done anything like this before, so I don’t know if this will work, but I know lots of people out there want to do black and white photography but aren’t sure how.

Here is a gallery of the images so you can look at them individually.

On the subject of tomorrow’s challenge, if you want to put something in, you don’t have much time left.  Remember you have to email your entry to me.

At this stage it is looking like this challenge is going to be called Monochrome Madness, something that Laura and I came up with together and we love.

The Challenge of Black and White

Recently I have been doing a lot of black and white.  Challenging myself, trying to see what works and what doesn’t.  I have never been a believer that every image is better in black and white.  I always felt that you should take it image by image, however, that doesn’t mean that some images don’t just cry out to be black and white.

I was talking to Laura Macky the other day and we were both talking about how we don’t do it enough.  That we really should push ourselves to attempt more.  I have always found this blog to be great for pushing me.  So we thought, let’s challenge ourselves. So today’s post is our first.  Of course the biggest hurdle to overcome was the time difference, she is in the US, so she will do her posts on Tuesdays, and I will do mine early on Wednesday morning.

LeanneCole-rialto-1This is my image for our first challenge, the building is the Rialto Towers.  For many years this building was the tallest in Melbourne, it has been surpassed now, but it is still an amazing landmark.  There was an observation deck up there as well, but I think it is has closed now.  Possibly due to the one now on Eureka Tower.

I did this image as a HDR initially, but I have also added other parts back in, then made it black and white.  I do have two versions of it, as there was something in the colour one that I really liked, so maybe I will show that another time.  The image was taken the same morning as the train ones, I have to say that the high ISO was annoying, so I might try going back.

Laura has sent me her image as well, and if you want to read the post on it, then you can go here Lines and Patterns and Cars, Oh My.

lines-web3Different images from each of us, but they both have very similar themes, lines and shapes.

We thought we wouldn’t restrict this challenge to just ourselves, and invite you all along to join us.  If you like you can email me a link to your post, or email me the image, I will feature your image with a link to your page.  I will do this unless I get 100’s, then I might have to rethink.

If you want to participate you must email me, or I will lose your comments on the blog or forget where they are.

Remember the time difference, in Australia we are 10+ hours GMT, or it might be 11 at the moment as we have daylight savings.  So for most of you, if you do your posts on Tuesday, then mine will come out first thing Wednesday morning, my time.  It is so confusing, we will work it out.

Here is a gallery with the images so you can see them a little better.