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The Same Sort of Theme

Since this week we seem to have been looking at Black and White Images, I thought I would go through the images I took up in the Mallee and see if I could find some more that would make good Black and White images.  Though I suspect I did the best ones the other day.  I don’t know, I couldn’t seem to make these ones work.  It could have been because I was tired, but you take a look and see what you think.  I will put them in a gallery for you.

Some of them you have seen before, so if you want to go back and see the originals you can.  They aren’t completely black and white and there is a little colour in all of them, but I do like that and think it adds to them, but I have to admit one thing I am learning is to be careful about which colour.

Short post today.  Getting ready for a cooler weekend, and hopefully a chance to get out and take more photos, or work in the garden, not sure which just yet.  Take care everyone.

Weekend Wanderings – Revisiting Inverleigh and Lorne

Back in February this year I took a trip to Inverleigh with a friend and we stayed with her cousin.  I showed you the images on the blog at the time, but it was also the same time that I was trying the self hosted blog.  The photos were posted on that blog, and when we were changing that to make a new website for me, well, all the images and posts had to be deleted.  I didn’t realise that images would then be basically deleted from this site as well.  So today I thought I would redo one of those posts, actually it might be a couple, and put the images up again.

sclorne-3hpm6348We went on the Saturday and stayed overnight, returning on Sunday.  We did go to Lorne for lunch, and we got some photos of some amazing skies I do remember that.  It was the wrong time of day to be taking photos, but the clouds were too amazing to ignore.

scinverleigh-3hpm6026We saw some fantastic ideas for what to do with tree stumps when trees are cut down. These were amazing.  I can’t remember which town they were in, sorry, they were on the way to Lorne from Inverleigh.

scinverleigh-3hpm6516There was lovely sunset to enjoy, before getting ready to get up early to take photos in the morning, then more photos at the Winery we went to for lunch.  There are so many beautiful spots around Inverleigh.  I was there again recently, just briefly, to photograph the Inverleigh Hotel, but I didn’t really get a chance to go out and take other photos.

I am going to put all the ones from that weekend in a gallery for you to enjoy now.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am off to teach some classes today, should be great and relaxing.

Weekend Wanderings – Kyneton

Last Wednesday I went for a trip with my photography friends and we decided to head north to Kyneton.  It is a beautiful country town, with many old buildings and some fantastic little features.  With it only being about a two hour drive up the Calder Freeway, it is a very doable day trip.  We didn’t do much in the town, but rather headed out the Malmsbury Road to photograph a bridge I have photographed quite a few times.

LeanneCole-kyneton-20131002-8487It is a disused bridge that is alongside the road.  I find it quite fascinating.  Every time I go back there is something different, and this time it was the water, it was up so high.  We have been having a lot of rain lately.  Actually we almost didn’t go because of the weather.  It was very windy, I mean very windy, and we thought we would get rained on.  Which we did, but not until we got to town.

kyneton-20131002-8582_4hpmWe discovered a way to get to the other side of the bridge, which was really nice, and I suppose technically trespassing, but no one came and said get out, so we took more photos.  It was nice to take a walk in the paddock and see the river more.  Can you tell what the weather was like?  The river was behind this tree, over near the other ones, but it was so wet and soggy I couldn’t get close to it.

kyneton-20131002-8732_4hpmThis a photo from in town.  We had lunch there and had planned on wandering and taking photos, but the rain set in so we headed home.  I couldn’t believe the footpaths, look at them.  We think it is bluestone blocks.  I haven’t see footpaths like these before.  I thought they were amazing.

I have more photos for you to see and will put them in a gallery.  Enjoy your weekend.

Weekend Wanderings – Trentham Falls

This morning it was an early start and a day trip to Trentham with the “L” plates on.  If you go on the freeway it is only an hour and a half from Melbourne.  It is a good drive for my daughter, and I think we are both starting to love Trentham, it is a great little place.

One place I wanted to check out was Trentham Falls.  I have seen photos of it and they are great, but the reality was a little different.


It was running really fast, but you can’t really get near it.  I was hoping that you could go down near the bottom, but there are signs everywhere telling you not to.  Apparently people do, but they risk a lot as it is very steep.  I don’t understand why Parks Victoria don’t build stairs to go further down and have viewing platforms further down.  It is very hard to get images from above.  I was told it would be easy to do, so I don’t know why they don’t do it, it is what everyone would like.  Might have to try going back another time.  This was the best image I got.

On a positive note, I found a fantastic place for Victorian Costumes today.  There is a wonderful woman who has been collecting them since the 80’s and has the most amazing collection.  She isn’t too expensive and I have to say, it is worth it just to go into her store, Mr Ed’s Victorian Emporium, near the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  I am hoping to work with her on some for my photos.  Thanks Kate, lovely meeting you today.

I did get some fine art images done and if you are on my facebook page then you will already have seen one of the images.  I couldn’t wait to work on it.

The Point of Lonsdale

As most of you know I went away last weekend.  I went to Ocean Grove to stay with two friends who I have been helping learn photography, or to take better photos, not that I have to do much now, but I still get asked the odd question.  On the first early morning we went to Point Lonsdale.  I have to confess I love Point Lonsdale and it is fast becoming a favourite place for me to photograph. To the End 1It is the first time I have been back since this jetty was opened and now all the work is done on it.  It does have that new look, but I am sure it will age with the weather.

We were there for sunrise, but it wasn’t much of one, though the clouds got some good colour in them.  It was great to be able to work out onto the jetty and take photos and make the jetty the focus of some photos rather than trying to avoid showing the work being done on it.

Near the end of the post I am going to put a gallery with a number of images.  The images in this part are the reasonable straight images, meaning I have processed them basically, but the ones in the gallery have all been through Color Efex or Silver Efex and have been given treatments with those.

At the End 1The sun had come up a lot more and I was almost at the end here.  I love the light in this image, it could be morning or evening.  I have enhanced it quite a bit.  Behind me, the sky was full of clouds and the light wasn’t so good.

Back to the Point 1This is a image I strived to get for some time, one with the jetty and the lighthouse all in the same compositions.  I know the light house is in the middle, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do this, and perhaps it’s something I will have to go back and try sometime.  I just to play, though I wonder if it wouldn’t be a better image when the sun is going down, it would go down behind the lighthouse somewhere.

Through to the Point 1

I was tying to be more creative with this one, what do you think?  I like the idea of the jetty framing the lighthouse, it almost becomes two images.  The nice clean lines of the jetty, then to the white lighthouse with a stormy sky behind.  You know, I like it.

I have the gallery for you now.

There are some interesting conversions there, take a look and see what you think.

Etsy and Red Bubble

I have been adding more images to both accounts, I hope you will all take a look at them.  I have been trying to work out which ones to put up, but am not quite sure, so if you have any ideas, then let me know.

Here are the links for both

Etsy Shop

Red Bubble

Marysville then up Lake Mountain

My trip to Marysville on Sunday was hot, hot, hot.  It’s hot here, and it’s going to continue all week.  Though, the weather isn’t what I wanted to talk about.  I wanted to take some photos of Marysville, but I didn’t really get a chance.  Though I did notice that it is still like a construction zone with new things going up all the time.  I think it will be evolving for a long time.

Marysville Road The countryside is so lovely around this part of the state.  After some things that have happened, I thought I would never want to go back to this area, but all I could think about was how much I wanted to take photos.  I am thinking that I might have to do some early morning trips up there to check it out.  Winter is wonderful there.

Lake Mountain TreesGoing up Lake Mountain is like entering a world for giants.  The trees are so tall.  They are still recovering from the fires, but you can see the regrowth.

Lake Mountain GiantsThis is from the same spot, only looking up more.  The trees should provide a lovely cover, but you can see it is still very sparse.

Regrowth and DeathThere is so much regrowth here, but you can also see dead trees, in the foreground and in the distance.  It can take places like this many, many years to recover.

Winding Up the MountainHere is a cyclist riding up the mountain, a tough ride, and you can see what I mean about the trees.  It was quite solemn seeing it all.  I haven’t been up the mountain for a couple of years, and I think I expected it to be greener.  I was surprised because it seemed the same as when I was there last time.  I took some photos from one place that I had taken photos from once before, so if I can find the older ones, it might be good to do a comparison.

One day, slowly, those dead trees will make way for the new growth that is growing up from underneath, and one by one all those tall dead trees will fall down and provide nutrients for all the new trees growing.  One day the fires will only be a memory.