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The Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Did I tell you that I went to Bendigo earlier in the week to take some photos of the above.  Actually I took photos of all the exhibits being unpacked and then being readied for the judges on Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday I went back and took photos of the judging.  It was an amazing experience to watch what happens.  I learned a lot and I know that I won’t be entering anything in it any time soon.

I have a heap of photos to show you.  They aren’t necessarily very good. They are straight from the camera, I haven’t done anything to them.  I don’t do this very often, so don’t cane me too hard.

The Wool show is also on tomorrow, so if you are in Bendigo go and along and check it out.

Decay on a Local Scale

After yesterdays post, I thought, what can I possibly put up today.  I was amazed at the response to the post, but in a really good way.  It was wonderful to find so many kindred spirits out there.  So, after thinking about it, I felt I had no choice, but to revisit another place.

Please Use a Different Entrance, This One is BlockedIt seemed only appropriate to go back to the photos I took of Larundel Mental Asylum and do some more images from it.  So here are another two.

The above image is what used to be the main building, I believe.  It looks like the one you would first drive up to.  I also think it may have been the building my friend was in when she was a patient there.  It looks like there has been a fire inside.

The image is a HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro.  The new one is similar to the older version, though I quite like the layout a little more in the new version.  The image was then processed in Camera Raw and I added only one blur layer really and played with the light.  The sky is pretty amazing, I didn’t do anything to that, well other than the gradient.  I enjoy playing with the light.

Seeing Through the RoofThis is in the same space as the other image I showed you a few weeks ago.  I think this one shows the state of the inside with some suggestion for what the place would have been like.  The windows are wonderful, I love windows like that.

When processing this image, I wanted to draw out the decay that is happening.  I couldn’t do anything about the graffiti, so I tried to blur it out more so it wouldn’t stand out so much.  Again, this image is also a HDR processed with Photomatix Pro.

I was going to try the images in Silver Efex and Color Efex, but time has got away from me today.  I ended up going to see an exhibition in Ivanhoe that is part of a new art gallery space in my local council, Banyule.  So I am running behind today.


I have a couple of articles you might be interested in.  They both affect us as photographers and artists.  I don’t know how they are going to affect us, but we should know about these.

UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now

Adobe kills Creative Suite, goes subscription-only

Both very interesting.

Being on Show

The Show at Brunswick Street Gallery opened last night.  I thought I would show you the images that I put in the show again.

The Church

The Shearing Shed


Those are the three images, they have been enlarged and are 50cm x 75cm.  They look great.

Like I said the opening was last  night.  I went along and had a look at the show.

This photo was taken the camera on my phone.  Not great, but it gives you an idea of how the work looks on the wall.

This is the spiel that went on the wall next to the work.  I don’t know if you can read it.

I don’t know if the show was successful or not.  Not many pieces sold, I think I only saw one red sticker, but there is still 2 weeks.  It would be nice to sell something.  I think my work stood out, but not necessarily in  a good way,  what people do and call photography is very strange, or may be it is just me.

Making an Exhibition of Myself

Well, not quite as the name would suggest, but still, I’m very happy to report that I put in some images to Brunswick Street Gallery and was accepted for  a Photographic Show.  My work will be on display at the end of January.  It is a group show and we all get so much wall space, either 3m or 6m.  I went for 3m.  Don’t want to get too carried away.

Here are the images I submitted.


The Shearing Shed

The Church


They are all images that you have seen before, well if you follow my blog.  Tessa at the gallery thought they would look good printed large.  I thought I might see about getting them printed with archival inks and on rag paper.  I have never done that before, but it sounds like it would be perfect for this subject material.  I will have to find out how much it is going to cost.

It is good to be exhibiting again and I hope this is the start of a lot of it.