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Weekend Wanderings – The Mornington Peninsula Revisited

It is almost two years now since I first went down to the Mornington Peninsula to take photos, and this coming November will be two years that I went down there to stay with my photography friends for a weekend of photography.  November, 2011, was also the month I started blogging everyday, just as a challenge for myself.  When it finished I couldn’t stop doing it and did it until just recently.  I still try to post 4 or 5 posts a week, sometimes 6, but it was a great challenge.  I will always think of the Mornington Pensisula and my photo-vember together, they are connected.


Haven’t been down there much since, I would like to, as there are places that I would very much like to visit again, like the place above.  I don’t know if I would stay down there again, or just go down for small trips.  I might have to get my daughter to drive me there.

I won’t talk much today, it is a big day.  I have a class on today, and also today is Election Day in Australia.  Everyone over the age of 18 has to vote.  Big day for my daughters as it will be their first time voting, so we are going as a family down to the voting booths.  No idea what the outcome will be, if we will have a new Prime Minister or not.

So I have all the photos from that weekend, plus a few extras.  Here they are in a gallery for you.  Have a great weekend.