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Weekend Wanderings – The Mornington Peninsula Revisited

It is almost two years now since I first went down to the Mornington Peninsula to take photos, and this coming November will be two years that I went down there to stay with my photography friends for a weekend of photography.  November, 2011, was also the month I started blogging everyday, just as a challenge for myself.  When it finished I couldn’t stop doing it and did it until just recently.  I still try to post 4 or 5 posts a week, sometimes 6, but it was a great challenge.  I will always think of the Mornington Pensisula and my photo-vember together, they are connected.


Haven’t been down there much since, I would like to, as there are places that I would very much like to visit again, like the place above.  I don’t know if I would stay down there again, or just go down for small trips.  I might have to get my daughter to drive me there.

I won’t talk much today, it is a big day.  I have a class on today, and also today is Election Day in Australia.  Everyone over the age of 18 has to vote.  Big day for my daughters as it will be their first time voting, so we are going as a family down to the voting booths.  No idea what the outcome will be, if we will have a new Prime Minister or not.

So I have all the photos from that weekend, plus a few extras.  Here they are in a gallery for you.  Have a great weekend.

Taking Lunch in the Park

It was back home and back to reality this afternoon.  The weekend of taking photos is over and now I have to work my way through what I got.  I took lots of images, though having said that the weather wasn’t fantastic so I had to make the weather work for me.  It is interesting, but we can talk about that another day.

Today I had lunch with my clients and we went to the Winery, Clyde Park at Bannockburn.  The views were worth the visit, though there was more to it than that.  Actually one of my clients asked me not to tell you about it because she doesn’t want it to be popular.

The View from the WineryTo see more photos and read about the winery continue reading here.


What a day.  I was starting to think it was going to be another day of not getting any photos.  It rained and rained this morning.  It was almost too heavy to consider taking photos, so we did a little shopping, had a lovely lunch of Yum Cha at Lucky Chan on South Bank.  By the time lunch was finished, so had the rain.  I had thought we would travel back towards the city, but instead we headed down river, I saw some stuff I’ve never seen before.

I have seen photos of this bridge, the Webb Bridge, but this is the first time I have seen it for real.  It was so amazing.  The lines, the curves, a fantastic subject to photograph.  It was great, the only thing that made it not great were the people walking around.  I want to go back another time and do some more photos, but perhaps at a different time of the day.

The above photo is not one of my art photos, I’m sure you have worked that out.  this image is more a record shot for me, it documents what I saw.  It is a 4 image HDR image that I did with Photomatix Pro.

I did play around with it.

This just wouldn’t work for me.  I don’t know what it was.  I think you will see this again on one of my Fridays of reworking.  I like the idea, but perhaps it was not the right image.  Maybe I am too tired and felt too rushed.  I probably should have prepared something else so I didn’t have to worry too much about today.

I think I might finish it there, if that is okay, I’m starting to fall asleep.  I did get lots of photos, so there will be more.


Thanks to James Ruff, sorry James I can’t find your blog, I have found what I needed to know so I can do the photo that I took in the hall the other day.

I am hoping you can see why I really wanted to do this image.  It was just a fantastic scene.  When I opened the door and saw this inside my insides sang.  I was so happy, did you get that.  It was so amazing.  This lounge suite was just sitting on the floor.  It wasn’t arranged in any way, yet it looked perfect.

So, the laws covering photographing private land, well, it seems if you are on private land and you are asked to stop taking photos then you have to stop, however, the photos you have already taken are yours and you can use them, as I have.  That is in Australia, I have no idea what the laws are in other countries, but it made it possible for me to take these photographs, so thank you very much James, I really appreciate your comment and link.  Having said that, if the owners would like a copy of this image, I have no problem with that.

It was lovely to finally work on the image, though I did so with some hesitation.  I really wasn’t sure what I was going to go.  I have started saving the different stages a little differently, I now save them as jpegs and as photoshop files.  That way if I need to go back to a different stage then I can go back to the psd file and I don’t have to do everything again.  It has made it all much easier.

There is the original image, I really wanted the end image to retain much the same feel, but I wanted to bring out the textures in the floor and the walls.  I tried to highlight the cracks in the walls.  The edited image is darker, but I like that.  I’m not totally sure about the mantle or the window, and when I do some more work on this, I think they are the areas I will work on.

I went to the Melbourne Art Fair today, I took lots of photos, so tomorrow I will work through those images and prepare some for you with my views on the Art Fair.


The title of this post is probably more about how I feel about this image, than the hardship that the cottage may have felt.  Sometimes, you see an image and think, yep this is going to be a great image, but when you start working on it, there is something that just makes it almost impossible.  Well that is this image for me.

This is from the stone cottage that I photographed in the Mallee, I put an image of it in a post called Stone.  We got to the cottage around 1pm, and I think it was the wrong time of day to get an indoor shot.  There was so much light coming through the window, and with how dark it was inside, it just didn’t work.  It doesn’t look that bad in this image, but when you see the original you will know what I mean.

The middle of the floor was really hard, the bright sun was hitting the middle of the floor and was too bright.  I had to do a lot of work to change it.  In the end I had to find the darkest one of it and mask it in.  It was harder than I thought.

I have also tried to highlight that chair in the corner and the chimney.  The processing is similar to what I did for the interior I did two days ago.  I didn’t push it as far this time.  I am glad that it worked more this time, though the golden glow is missing a lot more.

I woke up early this morning with the idea of going out to take photos, but when I got up, I realised, I didn’t know where to go, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do.  Then it started raining, so probably best that I didn’t go.  I do have some plans, hopefully tomorrow morning, will see.  I am going to see the Melbourne Art Fair tomorrow at the Royal Exhibition Building, so I might take my camera to that, maybe I can do a post on that.


This building provided me with my greatest disappointment when Marianne and Jonesy took me me out.  The side door was open so I went in and took, what I think are the best photos I took of the day.  Apparently I can’t use those photos.  The hall is no longer owned by the town and is now privately owned.  The couple that own it, well, he didn’t care, but she did.  I have to say, if you don’t want people to go in what looks like a public building, either put up signs to say it is privately owned, or put locks on it so you can’t just walk in.

This is the side of the hall, and that door that you can see was open.  I don’t know the whole thing about this, can I go into a building that I think is a public building and take photos if the door isn’t locked?  I didn’t do anything, just took some photos, I didn’t touch anything, and I made sure the building was left completely as I found it.

I will probably do the photos one day and maybe offer them one.  The scene inside was just perfect.  It was like my dream image for the day.

I will stop going on about it now.  So this image, I was trying to see what I could do to this.  It was an interesting building to do.  There is a certain amount of abandonment in it, yet there is also that element of a structure that is still standing and isn’t going away any time soon.

I don’t know what the new owners have planned, but I don’t know that I find the building very inspiring myself.  All country towns have town halls, and some are small, some are large.  Some are beautiful buildings, others aren’t.  I think this one is the latter.  The architecture isn’t that striking.

The small image is the HDR I did first for the image.  Well it was the first step.  I thought I would show that today rather than the original image.  There isn’t a lot of difference really, but with this one it was important to do the HDR.  The side of the building was in the shade, I didn’t want the sky and foreground to be too light or the side to be too dark.

As for processing the image, I did many layers, I tried to darken the image using the layers.  I also did more blurring, but tried to do it in stages.  I thought that might work, and I think it did work better than the image from yesterday.  The image was desaturated as well.  I like the way the light hitting it now gives the impression of very late afternoon, I hope that is when you thought it was taken as well, it was actually taken around 2 in the afternoon.

Hoping to get out this weekend to get some more shots.  I want to get out early in the morning, but will depend on whether or not I can wake up.  Hope you all get fabulous images this weekend.   Happy Shooting.


The Mallee gave me so many fantastic images, and there are still more to go, but I am starting to run out.  It is a shame, though I suppose it means I will just have to go back sometime.  I spent about 4 hours on this, and I think I went too far.  I remember having a tutor at Uni that used to say that sometimes you have to do that.  I like aspects of it, but I think it is probably too much.

This is the other room in that house from the post called Home.  I did the main room in it last week, I think, and this room is from that room.  It had a lot more light in it, and was much more a junk room.  It took me ages to work out what that was hanging over the old stove, can you work it out?

There is the original.  It is the first image of the bracketed shots that I did the HDR for this image.  I had to do a lot of fixing, I don’t know what I was thinking when I shot the photo at this angle, very strange.  I didn’t like it, so I straightened it and made it more natural.

I have done lots of layers, I did an extra blur layer, and I don’t know if it was a good idea.  I also added a detail layer and then used the mask to get rid of quite a bit, so that only the rubbish on the ground is detailed.  It doesn’t look like a photo anymore, and I don’t know if that is good or bad.  I am undecided about this one.  I think I did go too far with the processing this time, maybe I need to sleep on it and look at it again tomorrow.

I have been asked by a few people about doing some tutorial type posts, however, I don’t know how many of you are really interested in that.  I probably won’t show exactly what I do, but I am happy to do some simple things, and maybe a few of the steps that I do.  It isn’t that I don’t want to show you how I do what I do, but more because I do things differently each time.  So hands please, put your hand up if you would like me to do some lessons, though I would like to know what you would like to learn.

So here is a poll so you can tell me what you want.

So for those of you who can’t figure out what that is in the middle, it is an old bed, one of those old fashion ones, I remember those, vaguely.