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A Lily in Black and White

While the Monochrome Madness Challenge has been great in getting me to do more black and white, I have to say I have done some before as well.  Okay not lots, but some.  Recently I was looking through something and I found an image that I had done some time ago, perhaps two years ago, and I had forgotten how much I liked it.

sclillies-2129-bwI loved how close and person you got with the tip of the lily.  I also really liked how you could see the textures on the flower too.  I just have always really like this composition and making the image black and white really seemed to suit it.

sclillies-hpm2023bwI am pretty sure this is the same flower, but from a different angle.  Again the black and white did just suit it.  It is one thing I do like about black and white, the way you just look at shape and texture, even mood.

My lilies in the garden are slowly recovering from the hot summer and I hope I will be able to start picking some soon and doing some photos with them.  They are such a beautiful flower to photograph.  If I ever get my extension tubes it will be fun seeing what else I can get with those.

This was meant to be a quick post today, I’m a bit tired, it has been a very busy seven days.  I am looking forward to do nothing, though I need to start working on some images from the Pink Lakes, which I am excited about.  It is also going to be a very foggy morning tomorrow morning, so I want to get out there with my camera, and capture some foggy images, maybe one will be perfect for MMC9.

Next Up for Discussion Post.

On Tuesday I am going to do a post on HDR photography for my Up for Discussion post.  I know many people have questions about HDR photography, so I am happy for you to submit your questions to me and I will put them at the end of the post, so hopefully some other people can give you answers, especially if I don’t know the answer.  If you have a question, email it to me and put HDR in the subject line.

As usual the gallery so you can look at the images individually.

Weekend Wanderings – Getting Close to Como house.

Today I took the macro that Nikon Australia has lent me to a National Trust Property in Toorak, Come House.

LC3_3243Part of the reason for going was that the house has lovely gardens and I thought I could do more macro photography there.  There were flowers there, but it’s really the wrong time of the year.  Australia, summer and flowers don’t really go well together. However with Autumn now coming and winter, flowers will start growing again.  That isn’t to say there weren’t any flowers.

LC3_3259There were lots, but just not as many as we would have liked.  It was a lovely day to walk around the gardens, and the house is rather spectacular.

LC3_3301There were lots of views of it and the fountain was really nice.

LC3_3265I took quite a few photos of this from different angles, and I am afraid you will see them in the gallery.

LC3_3263I think the time there was really about taking photos of things as close as I could get to them.  I did take the advice that people had told me to do, and I used a smaller aperture so I could get a larger depth of field.  (for my students reading this I used a bigger number, so more depth of field).

LC3_3308Once we had finished walking around we headed to the coffee shop there, The Stables, and had coffee and cake, in my case, a pastry.  I had to try taking a photo of it.  I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I think I like food photography, so I might try doing more of it over the next week or two while I have the macro lens.  My friend was horrified that I wanted to do it, but I just had to.  It was also a very nice coffee and the pastry was very good.

It was lovely wandering around with the macro.  I do wish that I didn’t have to get so close and I did have trouble at times.  It is so different to what I am used to.  I think I really want a 105mm, no money at this time.  Oh well, maybe Nikon will give me one, haha, wouldn’t that be nice.  Not likely, but nice idea.

Here is the gallery for you.  Every image in this gallery was taken with the macro. Interesting thing, it is good to realise that the macro can be used as a normal lens as well.

Playing with the Macro

I told you how I bought a new Canon Compact Camera on the weekend.  Though I have to say we were completely deceived by the staff at the Canon stand.  They didn’t tell us that what we were really buying was an obsolete model and the reason it was cheap was because they wanted to get rid of the stock.  I don’t like being lied to, and probably still would have purchased one if I was told the truth.


I have been playing with it a fair bit and don’t mind the macro setting on it.  I can’t believe how close to some things you can get.  I have been around my garden taking photos of the things that are out in flower.  Still not a lot and we did get a lot of rain yesterday, so everything was very wet.

IMG_0119I know I will do a lot more exploring with it, it is very small and quite cute.  I will have to try taking it out on walks as well.

On another note, I went and took a look at a place today where I can run my photography workshop early next year.  I want to run a whole day workshop, starting with how I work, then planning the shoot, then models who people can dress up, and then looking at editing.  I thought I would provide morning tea and lunch, make a whole day of it.  So I need to work out how to find 10 people who would like to do this.  Any ideas?

I have a gallery for you now of the macros I took in my garden since I got the new camera.  I haven’t done anything to these images, they are pretty much straight from the camera.


The Lilies of Ages

Would you be surprised if I told you I had been doing more experimenting?

Well it is true, I have been.  After doing the ones from the beach and the coastal areas it got me thinking, and I wondered what else I could apply it to.  I wondered whether or not it would work for lilies.  So I picked a few from the garden and took some photos.  I chose to use a white background, well almost white, so the colours in the image wouldn’t be too dark for the processing.

LeanneCole-lilies-20130901-8376I think this one worked the best.  I did 7 of them, and with each one I treated them differently.  I don’t record what I have done, but I save all the layers so I can go back and see what I did to them.  It is an interesting process, seeing how somethings can come together so beautifully, like the one above and with others, no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

LeanneCole-lilies-20130901-8379Like this one.  I like aspects of it, but I don’t think it works as well as the first one.  Actually I know it doesn’t.

I did a few of them, so I am going to put them all into a gallery and you can see what I mean.

I don’t know if I am going to keep doing images like this, but there are definitely aspects of the processing that I like, that I might try along with some other things.  I don’t know yet.  Interesting times ahead, I hope.  How is your experimenting going?

Weekend Wanderings – Flowers on Footpaths

Last weekend I took a couple of photos of some flowers, and since I don’t have anything else to show, thought I might show them here.  I have been trying to work out some posts to drop and I think the Sunday one is one that I might stop doing.  If I do keep doing it, it won’t be much.

Leanne Cole - Orchid 1I love these flowers and as we were walking past this florist in Flinders Lane I couldn’t resist taking some photos.  I might have to buy one one day and take some extra special photos of it.  I have seen some fantastic ones.

Leanne Cole - Orchid 2A close up of one of the flowers.  They are so delicate and beautiful.  I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

I don’t know what the etiquette is when it comes to taking photos like this.  I figure, why not, until someone tells you to stop, or maybe take some and buy a bunch of flowers.  I often think if you give some service back then why not.  People usually don’t mind.

I have been spending the weekend learning more photoshop skills and working on the photos that I took yesterday of Alannah.  It was great and she really enjoyed it, which is even better.  I have posted two of the images on my facebook page and they are getting some great  reactions.  I think this shoot is probably my best so far, though with each one I continue to learn more about what I need to be doing.

I have added them to my website as well, I have also added another link as well.  It was suggested by 87004 photography that I should push the artist aspect and the fact that I do have a Fine Arts degree, so I have now included my artist’s CV on there as well.  I think it is important to let people know that I am an artist and photography is my choice of medium.

I think it is Fathers Day in some countries, so Happy Father’s Day to those that are fathers.  Enjoy your Sunday.

Death Flower

When I went out on the weekend to take photos, I had hoped that I would have a weeks worth of images, I don’t.  I didn’t even have enough for one day, as it turned out.  I have had to rethink what I am doing and what I will show this week. So this morning I was looking out my window at my garden and decided it was time, it was time to go and pick some of the lilies I have growing in my garden and photograph them. Strange that they are referred to as the Death Flower.

I love how abstract they can be.  When I started taking the images, I kept saying to myself, just one more, but I took so many, I just couldn’t stop.  I love it when you put the images on your computer and you don’t know which one to start working on first.

I made this one black and white as a tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe.  I can remember seeing his work and loving it so much.  I am so happy with how this one has come out.  I also have it in colour, you can decide yourself which one you like more.

The colours are subtle, so it was hard to decide to make it black and white, but I felt I had to do it.  I like both.  I love the softness of the flower.

I also had to have a go at doing some of my other processing, but with a delicate subject, I knew I had to be careful.

All I have done really is add some detail, and then added a layer of blur with a mask to bring out the edges and some other parts of it.  I didn’t want to do much else, I thought it would ruin it.

One of the things I am really happy with is the lighting in this.  It turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  I did do a 5 image HDR with it at first, but I don’t know that it was absolutely necessary.  There was a lot of light coming from the window that was behind on the right, and to put some light in the left, I had a flash  remotely located that was set off with the built in flash on my camera.  I do think it worked really well.

I think I am going to add this to one of the galleries on my website.

I know this is quite different to what I normally show you, but I needed to do something beautiful today, and will show some more later in the week as well.  I’m hoping to do a post on how I approach photographing architecture tomorrow.

Dead Flowers Can Be Inspiring

Remember the sunflowers, well, they have well and truly died.  The petals are falling all over the table, but I refused to get rid of them until I had photographed them.  I hope you can tell that they are dead.

Colline over at Colline’s Blog has very kindly nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  It is so wonderful when people think your blog is worth being nominated.  So to Colline, “thank you, and I accept, sorry it has taken me so long to accept”.

So according the rules associated with this blog I have tell you seven random things about me.  I always find this part really hard.  Well here goes, 1/ I love corn cooked in its husk in the microwave and then covered in gravy.  2/ I love windy days, as a kid I loved to run in the wind.  3/ The weather and its destructive nature fascinate the hell out of me.  4/ I love to be able to have nanna naps in the afternoon.  5/ The first book I ever read was “The Folk of the Faraway Tree”, I was 8 years old.  6/ Both my daughters have red hair, total shock when they were born, neither my husband or I have red hair.  7/ I like to drive fast around corners.

Now I have to nominate 7 blogs that I find inspiring.

  • csd’s Daily Photo David and I are friends on facebook and he has been a great supporter and given me lots of advice and I’m sure I will ask for more.
  • Sorin Photography I like this blog because I never know what I am going to see from one day to another.
  • Wannabephotographer87 A new friend and someone I look forward to hearing from and catching up on what she is doing.
  • Magic Aperture Again, a new friend and someone who’s opinion I really appreciate.
  • Tricia’s Photo Blog Another new friend who I love to hear from and love to read her blog.  It is great this blogging community and the people you meet.
  • My Little Corner of Rhode Island I have known Marie for about a year and I love her take on life, her garden and she never fails to let me know what she thinks. Brilliant
  • Zelmare is in South Africa, and while not new to blogging, has just recently started doing it again.  Even though she is super busy she always takes the time to check in and comment.

The conditions said only 7, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to do only 7, there are so many more blogs that I would have liked to nominate.  I still have about another 3 or 4 nominations to respond to, so your turn will come.

I have also been playing more with the instagram on my phone.  I found a couple of other ones and they are a lot of fun to play with.  If you are friends with me on facebook you will have seen them.  I have been thinking about the copyright laws associated with instagram and I’m not totally happy with them.  I knew there had to be a way to produce my own effects, so take a look at the image below.

This image is the same image as the first one, I just played with lots of different things.  Might keep experimenting.  What do you think?