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World Records, Crowds and Photographers

I am not going to pretend, I’m exhausted.  Taking photos for hours on end and then coming home and having to work on photos to send, well, it has worn me out already.  It doesn’t help that I wake up really early and then can’t get back to sleep.  I am going to show more photos today and write less, hope that is OK.

Anna Meares, one of Australia’s most talent riders.  She is a sprinter and in this image she is about to do her entry for the Flying 200, which she did brilliantly by breaking the world record.  The crowd went wild, naturally, always great when the local girl does well.

Aussie Women’s Team Pursuit.  They also broke the world record, unfortunately the British then broke it again.  Oh well, that is how racing goes.  The track is said to be very fast.  Got to love it when world records are broken.  The girls went on to win the Silver Medal in the final.

As promised, a photo of the stadium/arena, not sure what you call it.  The velodrome maybe.  It seems like a full house, there are people everywhere.  It is amazing.  So good to see so many people here to watch it.

This was shot beside the crowd and the race headed around the first bend.  You can get a clearer picture of the crowds here.  Makes the whole evening so much more exciting when you have a large crowd.

I couldn’t resist these shots.  The yellow bibbed photographers, not one I get to wear.  Only the elite in the cycling world get to wear these, or so I thought.  Apparently there is a girl from China who is wearing the yellow and she is just a student.  Not really fair, if you ask me.

There they all are.  They are allowed down on the side of the track, whereas those of us in the red bibs have to find somewhere else to take photos.  There are not many places, only two really and they are on the outside of the track.

I don’t know if I would do this again.  It is too hard.  We are so limited with where we can take photos.  Drives me nuts when you do so much for certain organisations, like Cycling Australian, and then when something like this happens they don’t do anything to help you.  I think that is a relationship that needs to ends, or if they want photos they are going to have to pay for them.  I need to get serious.