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Remembering: George Weaver

This is the first time I have ever done one of these posts. I’ve known other people who were bloggers and they have disappeared, some have died, but this is the first time that someone I felt like I knew had died. She was a friend to me and it with a very heavy heart and eyes filled with tears that I write this post.


This will always be George to me. I have the memory of her wanting to know how to process a photo of herself with the camera, similar to this one. She couldn’t work out how to do something and wanted to skype with me so I could show her. We skyped a couple of times, it was lovely to talk to her.

She had two blogs, She Kept a Parrot and the Fuzzy Foto. I am going to miss her photos, though, she hasn’t posted anything for quite a while.

She knew she was dying and made an announcement of what was going to happen on her blog. This is what she said:

I have a terminal illness.  I am neither afraid of it nor unhappy about it.

I am seventy-two years old.

I have finished my work here.

I will spend my remaining months doing whatever suits me.

I suspect that is exactly what she did.

So now we say good bye.


Good bye George, I know my life was much richer for knowing you.  Thank you for being my friend as well.

 Please forgive me for posting this earlier, but it seemed important to do now rather than later.I have downloaded a heap of photos for you to look at. I will put them into a gallery, but first something that George said about her photos:

Occasionally, someone asks whether I sell photographs.

No, I don’t sell photos.

However, if a photo here makes you smile, please download it.

That will make me smile!


 I hope you are smiling George.

Introduction: Sally Wood Photography

Today I have someone for you that I’ve wanted to Introduce to you for quite some time, but we haven’t been able to get ourselves sorted until now. Sally Wood Photography is a business, but what I am interested in is the other photography she does, Sally Wood Nature Photography. I love her birds and she inspires me to photograph them more.  Shall I show you what I mean?


How could I resist a small bird in the snow, it is so tiny. I can’t imagine how something that small would keep warm. I like how many of the birds that she photographs are so small. I find them so hard to do, but I am feeling very inspired to try more.

I asked Sally where in the world she is:

I live in the state of Virginia, in what is called Northern Virginia , just about 24 miles south of Washington DC.  I grew up in Minnesota but have lived here for the past 25 years.


It would be a mistake to think that her nature blog is all about birds, as there is more there. You can see landscapes, and some other animals as well.  I love the daffodils here because we will be seeing a lot of these ourselves soon.

I asked Sally how long she had been taking photos and why.

I got started in photography when my 2 sons were in school, taking photos of their sporting events.  Now I do baby, children, family, engagement and wedding photography, as well as nature photography.   I love to photograph flowers and birds.  Many and most of the bird photography is from my own backyard birds.


Sally also likes photographing flowers and there are lots of beautiful ones on her site. They are photographed well and look beautiful. I love flowers like this, they are light and full of life.

My last question was about her gear.

I use Nikon gear.  I have a D4 for my main body with a D700 as back up.  My two go to lenses are a 24-70mm2.8, and 70-200mm, 2.8.   I have a 2x teleconverter I use with the 70-200mm for many of the bird shots.

I also have  60mm and 200mm macro lenses, along with a 50mm and 85mm prime.    I utilize Lightroom for 95% of my editing, with a bit of Photoshop when I need it.

I would like to thank Sally for letting me show her work to you.  I am sure you will all go and take a look at her nature blog, Sally Wood Nature Photography. She also has another site for her other photography, Sally Wood Photography. I am going to put a selection of her images into a gallery for you now.  Please enjoy.

Introduction: Art in Entropy

Today I would like to introduce you to a blog that I’ve been watching for quite some time.  I found this blog in the reader and then started following it to see if it would be a good blog for me to introduce you to.  The blog is Art in Entropy and it is full of images that most photographers wish they had in their folders. They are those sort of images that I find myself thinking, “I wish I had taken them.”


Abandonment is a big theme for many photographers, and those that don’t do it feel like they should.  I suspect nearly every photographer out there has had at some stage taken photos of an abandoned building, even me, and those that haven’t are looking for one.


The colours are amazing, almost desaturated, but there is still that pop of colour here and there in the photos.  The overall colour is like a sepia photograph, giving the impression that the scenes are very old.  It works really well.


There is something very dramatic about them as well.  It is almost like they were staged, set up.  I don’t know if they were or not, but like the distribution of artifacts all over the floor. It gives it a sense of theatre, like a story is about to unfold, but we don’t know what that story is.


Then in other images there is an ordered chaos almost.  There are things all around, but it almost like they were merely placed there, like they were being stored or something.


Most photos are taken indoors, but there are the old few, with the same theme, but taken outside.  There is the abandoned feel to nature, what is left behind and forgotten until a photographer stumbles upon them.

There is a definite style to the work here, and they all look like they belong to the same person.  It is a wonderful body of work.

I did have permission to feature the work here and I would like to thank Art in Entropy for allowing me to showcase their work.  I’m sure you will all like it and I do hope you will go and visit his blog, Art in Entropy, where you will find even more amazing work.  I have a gallery for you now.

OMG, I’ve been Freshly Pressed

I received an email a couple of days ago to tell me that I was going to be Freshly Pressed.  I was so shocked, I can’t lie, I thought that it was something that would never happen for me.  Then after the email I waited and waited, and nothing happened.  I even thought maybe it was a joke someone was playing on me.  Then this morning it happened, and so now I can wear the badge of honour that says I’ve been freshly pressed.

The other surprising thing was the post that they decided to press, it was the one I did on myself on Monday.  I thought I was being so cheeky doing that.  I was brought up not to brag about myself, not to go on about myself, that sort of thing, and then I do it and I get rewarded for it.

A few people have been telling me how important it is to talk myself up.  I am just not good at it, but I think it is something that I am going to have to try to get better at.

So it seems the number of followers you have isn’t a requisite, or they don’t take that into consideration, it really is probably more luck, that you do great posts that catches the editors eye.

I won’t go on today, but before I go, can I say thank you to WordPress for Freshly Pressing me, but most of all I wanted to say thank you to all my followers. You have been the best support and I appreciate all of you.  You really are what drives me to make this blog the best I can.

Introducing – Paula’s (mom)ents

For today’s Introduction, I went back through my list of blogs that I follow, a very big list, and found Paula.  It hadn’t been the first time I had thought of doing her blog, but now seemed like a good time.  Paula’s blog (mom)ents covers a few topics, but one subject that does stand out is all the close ups of flowers.

dsc_0521She does many images like this.  These beautiful flowers standing very still and the backgrounds blurred perfectly.  There are some gorgeous background colours too.  There are also many with insects doing what, insects do.

I did ask Paula why she takes photos, I loved her answer, it is something I think we can all learn from,

“I began taking photos because I wanted a hobby when my children left home. Now I take photos because ‎it reminds me to slow down and look more closely at the details.”


While her blog is predominantly flowers, she does throw in some other things as well.  You can see some of the places she had been, and there are images of her trying things as well.  I have to say, I wish I was there in the top photo, though I have heard that Niagara Falls has frozen over at the moment.

For any photographer inspiration is important and where they get that from.

“In my photos of family events, my inspiration is simply to capture a memory. With my macro photos, it’s all about the details in the moments‎. The first time I captured a lady bug on a flower, I was hooked on the details in the smallest things. My son is an entomologist and so the little things are big in his world.   And my daughter is all about slowing down and appreciating the moment you are in.  ‎I like to find quotes to pair with my photos and sometimes I find a quote and then try to shoot a photo I think will be a good match.”

There have been some fantastic quotes.

dsc_1368I asked Paula if there was anything special about the way she worked,

“‎There’s nothing special about how I work. I don’t process my shots much and I find winter a tough time to photograph as I prefer to shoot flowers and bugs. I visit indoor gardens in the winter months. I often take a few hundred shots and pick only one or two that I like.”

Though we can see from above that she does or has taken some photos in winter.  You all know I love snow and ice, we never see anything like this here.  I find it so fascinating.  I love how she has captured the branch, the new growth is trapped inside the ice.

1149281_10151698141647949_194967781_oPaula is also a cyclist and tries many things, I am often suprised at her adventures. I see she has now started another blog for those, (mom) @ (mac), this one will be about her adventures as she returns to University.  All the best for that Paula.

Paula said she uses a Nikon D3100 and I asked her if she uses a Macro, but she said that she had “a Sigma APO DG 70-300 mm lens with a macro setting‎. I sometimes just throw some inexpensive magnifying filters on my Nikon 18-55mm but that requires me to get so close that it doesn’t work for insects especially!”

I am going to prepare a gallery with a selection of her work in it.  I hope you enjoy it.  I would encourage you to go and look at her blog (mom)ents, as I have only selected some, there is a lot more there to see.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Paula for allowing me to showcase her work here on my blog.

Christmas from Around the World – 9 days to go

It has been an interesting week.  I have nearly done all the images for the City of Melbourne, just a few left, and it is almost time for me to start thinking about Christmas here, what to get my girls and husband for Christmas.  So tough.  However, today is not about me, it is about other people and I have been sent emails with links and have some Christmas photos for you from other people.

Mary from Sublime Days sent me a link to some photos she posted last Christmas. This is what she said to me, “last year while I was living in the city of Lowell it was so gorgeous to my eye during Christmas time that I wanted to capture it exactly as I saw it. The photos that I sent to you are the ones I thought really did capture it.”

Then I received an email from Thomas at THETOMPOSTPILE and he wrote,

“Thanks so much for your faithful blogging. Your energy and persistence (and skill and beautiful work) are inspirational. I have taken your comment about “only one person sent pictures” to heart, and hereby send you some Christmas photos from my part of the world, in this case, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.”

Robert from FINISTERRE also sent me a link to his blog and some of hit Christmas photos.  His were a little different, it was Christmas in the office, which is often fun.  Not something I get to do because I work from home, I suppose I could have a party on my own.

Then I received an email from Dani at Henry Arthur Photography with some more Christmas photos, these ones had snow.


I also received an email from Laura from LAURA MACKY who inspired me to write the post about taking night photos, I knew she was about to go and get some and I have to say I think she did a great job.

I had to include some Christmas photos from one of my oldest blogging friends, Marie  from My Little Corner of Rhode Island.  We have been following one another almost from the time I started blogging, and I have enjoyed our friendship ever since.  So here are some of her photos.

Then when I got up this morning I found an email from Ingrid with a link to her blog, Road Tripping Europe and some of the photos she had taken at a Christmas market in Brussels.

It is so nice to see Christmas from around the world and how people celebrate it.  I haven’t said where all these people are from, but you can go to their blogs and find out for yourself.

The weather is starting to heat up here, we are expecting 40°C on Thursday, so no summer at all, then it hits us suddenly, not really good.  Though with the weather warming up, I am hoping I can get out more and take lots more summer Christmas photos for you.

There is one more Monday before Christmas, so if you have some photos, please, please send me an email, my email address is, I would love to show more images next Monday.

Christmas from Around the World with 16 Days til Christmas

It’s Monday, and as I have previously said, my Monday posts are for you, to show your Christmas photos.  I wish I could say the response had been overwhelming, but it hasn’t.  I have only had one person send me some photos, so today I am going to show you photos from Squaw Valley, and they are from my wonderful friend Nia, her blog is Nia Simone, Author.

SONY DSCI love the images, they are so different to our Christmas here.  For one, there is snow, we never get snow.  I want to thank Nia so much for sending me these images, otherwise, not totally sure what I would have done otherwise.

There is still next Monday if you would like to email,, a link to some Christmas photos on your blog, that I can copy a couple of, put them up here with a link to your post about them.  I was just reading Nia’s post, and she said something I hadn’t thought of, remember, Melbourne Australia is further ahead in time to most countries, and for the US, especially, your Sunday is our Monday.

I look forward to seeing more images.

I am going put some more of Nia’s images in a gallery now, but please go and look at her blog, she talks about the images there, Nia Simone, Author.