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Getting Right Up Close

Yesterday a parcel arrived for me from Nikon Australia and in it was a Micro Nikkor 40mm DX Lens, macro lens.  I asked them recently if they would lend me a lens for my Still LIfe/Close Up class that I am running tomorrow.  I had intended that the class would be so that you could do them with what you have at home.  I did think though, that it would be fun to see if I could get a macro so my students could also experience what it would be like to use one.

So I had a quick play yesterday.

_LC20625My first impression, not as easy as I thought.  The depth of field seems to work very differently to what I am used to.  I also realised that the lighting wasn’t very good and I should’ve used my tripod, then again, I was just playing.

I am going out today to take some photos so I will try it out more today and see how I go.  It is a DX lens, and I can use it on my D800 but it crops the frame automatically, which is interesting.  I was told yesterday by Andrew, a friend, that the depth of field was very shallow, and it is so true.

LC3_3231I need to rethink how I do this, and see what happens.  I have a couple of weeks to experiment with the lens before I have to send it back, so it will be nice to see how it works and what I can.  I think you will be seeing a lot of my macro attempts over the never couple of weeks. I suspect at the end of the two weeks I will want one very badly.  My husband is going to hate me.

That was the other problem I had yesterday too, I couldn’t find anything to photograph.  The garden has no flowers as it recovers from summer, though I did buy a bunch of flowers the other day, so I used those.  I need to think about some set ups and uses for the lens.

I have the images that worked yesterday and will put them in the gallery now.  Before the gallery I would like thank Nikon Australia for loaning me the lens so I can share my experience with you and for my students to try it out.