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Reception – Through There

Another very early morning today.  Not as early as last Saturday, but still had to be in the city before 7am, that’s early.  I might even get used to it one day.

I was in there again to take, perhaps for the final shots, of the Manchester Unity Building.  Today it was all about the first floor, and the reason for the early morning start was to try and get images done before it got too busy.

Outside ReceptionAs with most parts of this building, this is another area that is really beautiful.  The first time I went there I just wanted to stand around and look.  Today, I was really there just to take a few photos of a couple of things, but I went mad and took so many photos.  I have so many things to try now.

The image is the main area and behind me are what used to be all the little shops that were on the first floor, now they are offices for Smile Solutions.  I have done quite a bit of work on this image, but I think I might do more, not sure.  I do love the way your eye goes from one thing to another.

It is going to be sad when my work is done on the building.  I have enjoyed the experience so much.


I wanted to say a little about your comments, nothing bad, but I feel bad that I don’t respond to them anymore, so I wanted you all to know that, as I moderate the comments, which has turned out to be a great thing, I read each and every one.  You should hear a silent thank you after you write it, because I do say it silently after each and every one.

For those that need to hear it,

Thank You.

When They Aren’t Racing

Before the post starts, can I just say this is my 150th post, find that hard to believe.  Wow, that is a lot.

The Cycling is almost over, just tonight to go.  Tonight is the Madison, and if I am lucky I will get some great shots and of course you will have to see a couple of them.

I thought today I would show you a different side to racing.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that with track racing there is a lot of sitting around.  They race for 10 minutes, or 4 minutes, and then what?  Not too mention before the race.  They get there a couple of hours before they race and then they prepare.  It is serious stuff.

Bikes have to be prepared and made legal to race.

The right gears have to be put on.

They can’t race unless they warm up correctly.

Then there is always the sitting around, waiting for their race, getting into the zone.

Many listen to music to help get into the right zone for racing.

Then after racing it is back on the rollers.

Love the red faces of the riders after they have raced and are cooling down.  They do this on the rollers to help their muscles, otherwise they stiffen up and it makes it hard to race again.

Of course, all around the riders are the officials doing what they can to be fair and make the races happen.

This is just a small insight into what happens behind the scenes.  It is nice to recognise and the last couple of days I have enjoyed photographing the non racing.

And They Go Around, and They Go Around, and . . .

. . .they go around and around and around.   That is what track racing is all about.  Today pursuits. last night was points races and elimination races.  Tonight, scratch races, TT and some sprints.  It has been an interesting couple of days.  Not over yet, but it has been nice.    I have to be back in an hour, so I just wanted to put up something quickly today.

This is Glen O’Shea, great rider to watch.  Rides for South Australia and, at the time of writing this, was leading the Men’s Omnium.  I took this shot this afternoon.  Low shutter speed.  No idea have fast he was travelling, but it would have been fast.  I like it when you can get a shot like this and the face is in focus.  I tried to get a close up of his face towards the end, but just could get a good one of him gritting his teeth.  I will get details, if you want them, and put them in another post.

Tomorrow night Madison.  Have I mentioned how much I love the Madison.  It is one of my favourite races to photograph.  Looking forward to trying some new stuff and seeing what I come up with.