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Spilled Cherries

One idea I’ve had for awhile is to repeat or try to copy still life paintings from some of the great masters.  One image in particular has stood out for me and one that I really wanted to see if I could reproduce.

A Spilled Bag Of Cherries by Antoine Vollon

I think “A Spilled Bag of Cherries” by Antoine Vollon is gorgeous in its simplicity.  It is one of my all time favourite still life paintings.  I tried to find out where the painting is and if it is hanging in a gallery, but the internet is littered with sites where you can buy a print of the image.  It was really disappointing.  I need a book on him to find out what year the painting was made.

So I bought some cherries, they were really expensive, though they were not red like the ones above.

The cherries here are a dark purply colour, so the colour is wrong.  I can’t copy it exactly, but I tried my best.  I did it as a HDR as I like the depth you can get with them.  I probably need to do more.  I had to darken another of my new backdrops so it would work better.  It took me quite a while to get this shot.  It was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be.

I did one of them a little closer and I don’t mind this, though it is like a zoom in of the original or a cropped version of the original.  Still, I think the other works a lot better.

My first attempt at imitating the great masters of still life, I think I would like to try more, but I might give the dead fish a miss.

Is Painting Like Reading a Book?

This morning I was trying to work out what it is that stops me from painting, I have talked about it before, but I realised that I do the same thing with books.  I think a book will be interesting, but I am always hesitant to start.  I delay it, what if I don’t like it and am totally disappointed with the story.  That happens, it happens a lot.  I also know, that once I make a start and force myself to begin, that it will be hard going and that I have to keep going until I reach that point where the book is interesting enough that I can’t put it down and I want to continue reading till the end.  There are those books that it doesn’t matter how many times I pick it up to read I just can’t get into it, until eventually I just stop picking it up.

So I suppose I think painting is the same.  It takes me ages to start and then I have trouble going back to painting until it reaches a point where I just can’t stop painting until it finished.  So to start I need canvas’s to be made up and prepared.

The the planning starts, what am I going to paint.  I showed some ideas in my last post.  I went through lots of things before I settle on what to paint.

I narrowed it down, and whilst I haven’t used any of these, doesn’t mean I won’t one day.  I really like some of the ideas behind some of these.

The first coat of paint has been applied, so I don’t have to start on a blank white canvas.  I thought I would give them all a brown coat.  Once the paint was dry and decided on what images I am going to use, they were put on to the canvas’s.  

Then it is time to actually start painting.  I just need to fill it in so that I can do some more to the background.

They don’t look great at this stage, but a start is a start and I have to keep picking up the brush until I get hooked and need to keep painting.

I am glad I have started and am looking forward to the paint drying and adding more.