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Weekend Wanderings – Looking Back on a Couple of Other Visits to Lorne

Since yesterday I looked back at Inverleigh and Lorne, I remembered that at around the same time I went to Lorne on couple of mornings, very early, to take some photos of the sunrise.  Of course both mornings the sunrise was not great.  That is one area I very rarely get lucky, sunrises and sunsets.  So you do what you can.

sclorne-5hpm8073-3You can see there were no clouds, so the sun just came up.  Now I have shown these images before, and like yesterday’s post, many of them disappeared, or rather, were deleted from the blog when the upgrade was done (read yesterday’s post).  So as we were looking at Lorne yesterday as well, I thought we could look at it again today, early morning ones.

I am not going to talk too much today, just show some photos and hope you have a great Sunday.  Relaxing one for me I hope, well until the younger daughter wakes up and says “where are we driving too today?”

The photos are from two early, early morning trips, one done in February this year, the other in March.  So it was 3.30am wake up to get to Lorne before 6am.  We photographers can be strange people.  LOL

Weekend Wanderings – Revisiting Inverleigh and Lorne

Back in February this year I took a trip to Inverleigh with a friend and we stayed with her cousin.  I showed you the images on the blog at the time, but it was also the same time that I was trying the self hosted blog.  The photos were posted on that blog, and when we were changing that to make a new website for me, well, all the images and posts had to be deleted.  I didn’t realise that images would then be basically deleted from this site as well.  So today I thought I would redo one of those posts, actually it might be a couple, and put the images up again.

sclorne-3hpm6348We went on the Saturday and stayed overnight, returning on Sunday.  We did go to Lorne for lunch, and we got some photos of some amazing skies I do remember that.  It was the wrong time of day to be taking photos, but the clouds were too amazing to ignore.

scinverleigh-3hpm6026We saw some fantastic ideas for what to do with tree stumps when trees are cut down. These were amazing.  I can’t remember which town they were in, sorry, they were on the way to Lorne from Inverleigh.

scinverleigh-3hpm6516There was lovely sunset to enjoy, before getting ready to get up early to take photos in the morning, then more photos at the Winery we went to for lunch.  There are so many beautiful spots around Inverleigh.  I was there again recently, just briefly, to photograph the Inverleigh Hotel, but I didn’t really get a chance to go out and take other photos.

I am going to put all the ones from that weekend in a gallery for you to enjoy now.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am off to teach some classes today, should be great and relaxing.

Weekend Wanderings – The Mornington Peninsula Revisited

It is almost two years now since I first went down to the Mornington Peninsula to take photos, and this coming November will be two years that I went down there to stay with my photography friends for a weekend of photography.  November, 2011, was also the month I started blogging everyday, just as a challenge for myself.  When it finished I couldn’t stop doing it and did it until just recently.  I still try to post 4 or 5 posts a week, sometimes 6, but it was a great challenge.  I will always think of the Mornington Pensisula and my photo-vember together, they are connected.


Haven’t been down there much since, I would like to, as there are places that I would very much like to visit again, like the place above.  I don’t know if I would stay down there again, or just go down for small trips.  I might have to get my daughter to drive me there.

I won’t talk much today, it is a big day.  I have a class on today, and also today is Election Day in Australia.  Everyone over the age of 18 has to vote.  Big day for my daughters as it will be their first time voting, so we are going as a family down to the voting booths.  No idea what the outcome will be, if we will have a new Prime Minister or not.

So I have all the photos from that weekend, plus a few extras.  Here they are in a gallery for you.  Have a great weekend.

Weekend Wanderings – Cape Schanck

During the week my photography friend and I took a day trip down to Cape Schanck.  Cape Schanck is right down past the Mornington Pensisula on the Victorian Coast.  It is easy to get to from most parts of Melbourne and is only a one and a half to two hour drive from my place.  I’ve been down there a few times.

LeanneCole-capeschanck-7625Cape Schanck is known for its rock formations, or what is left of them.  There are rocks everywhere, dark black rocks.  Not much sand really.  You also have to be careful if you start climbing around on the rocks, make sure you know what the tide is doing as it would be pretty easy to get cut off.

As you can see it was wild when we went.

LeanneCole-capeschanck-7401We were so surprised that it wasn’t raining, it had been earlier, but it was still very windy and the ocean was really rough.  There were some great waves crashing on the rocks.  It was really windy, and I mean really windy, blow you over kind of windy.  I got blown off a rock I was standing on, and I know my tripod would have been useless, it was too windy for that.  It was hard standing there against the wind to get photos, definitely a day for a fast shutter speed.

LeanneCole-capeschanck-7764If you look on the right of this image you can see the walk way we had to walk down.  It is a long way down, and it isn’t a place for the faint hearted.  It is a big climb back up, but I have some advice, and it worked well for us.  DO NOT stop on the way down, look around and think of places you want to photograph, but go straight down.  On the way back up, stop and photograph all the places you saw as you were going down.  That way you get little stops on the way up.  The first time I went I stopped on the way down, and then had to climb all the way back up, it was hard work.

I have selected some images for you to look at.  They are in a gallery, sorry many of them seem the same, but the waves and water were a little different.


Weekend Wanderings – Revisiting Aireys Inlet

This past week has been busy and I haven’t been able to get out and take photos, well not the type of photos that I normally do for these posts.  I thought I would do another post on looking back at some older images.

It is almost two years since I first went away with a couple of my friends for a photography weekend and we have been away quite a few times since.  We are going away again in about 3 weeks, back to Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, so I thought it was appropriate today to have a look at some photos from the first trip and a subsequent trip we took there.  We have been to Aireys Inlet twice now.

20110827-0007mnOne of the nice things about Aireys Inlet is that it is only about a 2 hour drive from Melbourne so you don’t have to stay there if you just want to take a few photos.  Though staying is good, and you can go to many surrounding places as well.

20110827-0047mnThe lighthouse is one of the highlights here, and like many lighthouses you can see it in all different directions.  This lighthouse is quite different to many along the coast, you can actually get up close to it without having to pay money.  Most that I have seen you can usually only see them from a distance and if you want to look up close to them, then you have pay some fee.

20110827-0135mnYou can’t go inside, but it is nice to be able to get a shot like this.

I was going to show the photos that I took the second time I went, but when I went back to look at them I was horrified to see that they were all HDR’s and not very good ones.  I sincerely hope I have got a lot better at doing HDR’s since then.  So I went back and just processed them as normal single shots.

LeanneCole-ai-3454It was nice to revisit the images I took.  If you love the ocean then this part of the Great Ocean Road is fantastic.  You often get to see the ocean in its very angry mood.  I love the coast in winter, it really gives you something different.

Here is a gallery with lots more images for you.  Some you might have seen before, and others you may not have.

I have my first client for my fine art portrait session this afternoon, hopefully it won’t rain.  It should be a great experience.  Enjoy your weekend.


Weekend Wanderings – Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove

Our weekend started in Ocean Grove, that is where we were staying, but we didn’t really take any photos there, surprisingly.  We seemed to head more for Barwon Heads, except for the one morning at Point Lonsdale.

We booked our accommodation with  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays.  They were fantastic, and did what they could to help out, especially when it turned out the place we were booked into had an unexpected problem and we had to stay in other accommodation.  The other accommodation wasn’t great, there were issues, but nothing to do with  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays and hopefully they have spoken to the owners about that.  I would definitely recommend  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays if you were looking to stay down there.

Beach DunesI have already shown you photos of the first night we were there, and the second night we went to the same place.  It was different again.  One of the problems we found with this area is that is seems to be largely beaches and finding really interesting places to go and photograph was hard.  We didn’t know the area enough.  We did try google maps to see if we could find places, and found some, but they weren’t really what we wanted.  It is hard when you go to a place for the first time and try to do this, you really need to go on multiple occasions drive around and just see what there is.

The above image, and most of those today were taken on the Ocean Grove side of the river, looking over towards Barwon Heads.

Reflections and Pink CloudsWith a place like Barwon Heads, it isn’t that far away that you couldn’t drive there during the day and spend some time looking around for places to photograph.  We should have done that during the first day, but we were so tired, that we ended up back at the town house and slept or read.  That’s our fault really and I think the next time we go away I might make a point of going up early on the first day, just so I can do that.

In the above photo you can see a white building on the left side of the image.  I have photographed that building before, though from the other side.  The building was made famous by the Australian television show “Seachange”, and was Diver Dan’s shed.  They have made some extensive renovations to it now and it is a restaurant called the At the Heads.  We ate here twice, once for breakfast and then for dinner.

It is a great place to eat, you can sit and watch the ocean and the river.  The staff are friendly and well, the food was brilliant.  They don’t offer the usual breakfast fair, but it was great to be given some different options.  For dinner two us shared a seafood platter, one of the best I’ve ever had.  It was great because it didn’t have so much seafood that you felt guilty for not eating it all, we did eat most of it, and the price was good for it.  I love watching people’s faces when they see a platter like that bringing brought out.  So if you go to Barwon Heads try At the Heads.

Sun Sets on Another NightAnother place we ate at was Barwon Orange.  It isn’t the first time I have eaten there, and hopefully won’t be the last.  We ate there another time when we went for a day trip to Barwon Heads.  The food is fantastic, and while they seem to specialise in pizzas, the mains were to die for.  I recommend booking though, or you might be disappointed, it is a popular place to eat.

We did have breakfast at a place called Annie’s, it is a farm store.  I didn’t like my breakfast.  I ordered poached eggs and they were really well cooked, I like soft yolks. The plate was too small for what I got and the bacon was, well, there wasn’t much of it.  I was very disappointed with mine, though my friends really enjoyed what they had.  It was an interesting shop and seemed popular, so maybe my meal was just an oddity.  I wouldn’t go back to eat though.

I have a heap more photos, so I will put them in a gallery for you to look at, and then will give you some conclusions.

It was a good weekend and I got some nice images, but I haven’t come away thinking oh wow, what a great weekend.  I think we need to do more research before we go somewhere.  I do love Barwon Heads though, and I know I will go back.  I might see about contacting some people before I go again.  Do some research.

If you just want to go for the day, then the areas around the river and bridge will give you plenty to photograph.  Try and get there for the sunset or, if you do it, the sunrise, both give you different light and different things to see.

Trips Away and Weekends

I am so far behind today.  I had to teach a class this morning, and then I had daughters wanting me to take them here and then there, it has been hard.  Thankfully I had got my photos ready earlier, and I just have to write it.

Coming into the Light

Back to Point Lonsdale and the Saturday morning photography session.  I took a lot of photos on the jetty that morning and then I went down on the rocks and sand and took others of the lighthouse and jetty.

There was a rainbow out and I was so surprised to see that I actually captured some of it.  This is probably the best photo I took on the beach, or rocks.  The rest were hard.  I am not sure I like Point Lonsdale early in the morning, it is good for some stuff, but I would like to go back late in the day.  Or if I go back, get there really early.

I have some more images, but I will just put them in a gallery for you.  You can flick through them if you like, they weren’t quite what I was after, and I am not sure about them.  I think the above image was, by far, the best.

Trying New Stuff

For the last few months I’ve been trying to find new ways of working my blog.  One of the things I’ve been trying is doing posts on the weekends about things you can do, but more things you can photograph around Melbourne or for trips away.  Sort of like a guide to photographing where I am.  Are you still with me?

I tend to just show some photos, but I would like to do more.  I am still trying to figure it out, but at this stage I am thinking, I will go to places, take photos, and then report back here on a Saturday or Sunday telling you how it was, how much it cost, was it worth it?  I might start a new page at the top with references to the posts I’ve done.  

So, I think what I want to do is to start a new section on the weekends that gives you ideas of where you can go to take photos and how to do them, if you think you need that kind of advice.  

I have no problems with people suggesting places for me to go, or what sort of place, in fact I would welcome it.  I was told about a place today that I really want to check out.

So if you don’t mind, tomorrow I will do a round up of our trip to Ocean Grove, where we stayed, where we ate and how it was for taking photos.  Of course, there will be photos with it as well.