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I Had a Dream Last Night

I don’t know if it was a dream or a nightmare, but I did mention that I’ve been learning some new things with Photoshop and my just swims at night.  Then early this morning I had a dream and I woke up so inspired to try something.  After I got up, I couldn’t get the image of what I was trying to do out of my head, so, while I couldn’t do what was in my head, it was a scene from Sydney, I decided to try something different.

Elizabeth StreetI took this image on the same day as the image on Tuesday.  It was taken very early in the morning.  It is a HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro and beyond that,  I haven’t done a lot to this, I just got rid of all the people, a couple of cars, you know that sort of thing.

I just loved those Victorian building all in a row.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this image, but then, you know, I had the dream, and well, things had to change.  Could I turn this image into a deserted city?

Elizabeth Street Long AfterSo I played around with 3 images.  I don’t think it is perfect, but I like it.  It is always great when an idea starts to come together.  The foreground came from an image I took up in the mallee, as did the sheep.  I had to make the sheep a lot smaller, and they probably should have been made even smaller.

I had to do a bit to the image to get it to look abandoned.  My skills are getting better, but I still need to do some more learning.  It would’ve been good to have made some windows broken, or things falling down.  Maybe some cracked paint.  This is definitely a direction I want to go in.  The image is probably too dark, but I like to think the world would be dark without us, maybe that is a dream too.

Elizabeth Street Long After with a textureThis is the same image, only I added some textures to it.  Well, one really, it was a granite, I think.  I am not sure about it, but thought I would give you the option.

It is an interesting thing to do.  The sheep are there because my husband thought they should be in the shot.  He thought it added to the effect, and of course he likes to take the credit.

My daughter got her drivers license the other day, so I may never see the car again, so I guess that means I can spend lots of time on the computer, because it doesn’t look like I will be going anywhere.  LOL  Not quite true, I have a one on one session tomorrow in the city, so that should be exciting.  I am really looking forward to spending a whole day taking photos in the city.  What could be better?

My Awards and Something New

There are lots of awards out there that you can nominate people for.  They are a great way to thank people, or support blogs that you like.  I have four awards that I need to accept and reciprocate, but then I got thinking, always dangerous, what about the people who support me.  I have some people who always take the time to make a comment or let me know that they have liked a post that I have written.

I really appreciate the support that I get from these people, and so I decided, that there needs to be A Thank You Award.  I have never seen one, so I am starting it.  The rules are, you just acknowledge all the people who support you, but please start by acknowledging the person who gave it to you.  For your supporters, there isn’t a magic number, it might be two blogs, or it might be 100, it is up to you.

All the awards have images and this is the image for this award.  Sunflowers, a friendly, sunny flower that always makes us feel better.  I was going to do chocolates, but it would be too tempting to eat them all.

So here are all the people I want to say thank you too.

There is a large list of people I wish to thank.  It has been great getting your comments and I do appreciate the time you take to let me know what you think.  I know there are people I have missed, but I hope to do this again.

You don’t have to do the same, but I think it is nice and it would be good if this could be another one of those awards.

Speaking about awards, I have never really shown on my blog what awards I’ve been nominated for, and thus have found myself being nominated for some more than one, so I do I accept it again, or can I only accept it once?  I have put an awards page up the top so that other bloggers can see what I have been nominated for.