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The Ones that Didn’t Make It

Wow, yesterday was a great day for the Monochrome Madness and with so many entries it was fantastic to see how many different images there were.  The MMC has been great for me, I am looking for black and white images everywhere.  I even go out to see if I can shoot one, rather than wondering what I have that I could convert.  This last week, I did more than one image.  I could leave them and show one each week, but then that would take away the challenge of doing an image each week.  So, I thought, I would show you the other images that I had prepared.

LeanneCole-city-5224-bwThis is one of the images I took last Saturday morning when I was the city.  I like the dark sky against the white building.  I did make the sky that dark, it was actually a beautiful blue colour.  It was a pretty gorgeous morning for photos.  You really couldn’t have asked for more.  I do need to head into the city for more early morning photography and with winter coming it should get interesting.

LeanneCole-gerbera-5264With all the talk about Macros and such recently I was reminded that I had a close-up filter for doing this sort of thing.  It is only a +2, but I thought it might be fun to try it on the 70-300mm that I have and see what I came up with.  It was harder to use than I remember and trying to get a shot that was in focus was a lot harder.  I will have to try it on some other lenses as well.

Recently I bought some Gerberas to take photos of, but never did, now they are pretty much dead, so I photographed them.  I like the way flowers go when they die and you get some interesting photos, and they are perfect for black and white.  I like the textures that you get.

LeanneCole-flower-5260I had some other flowers mixed in there as well, they weren’t gerberas, no idea what they are, sorry.  They were the flowers that I photographed with the macro lens when I first got the loaner from Nikon.  They have also died, but I really like the way they just droop like little lanterns.  Something very delicate about them.  I tried to bring out that delicateness while I was processing them.

Some fun, I am enjoying playing with black and white images.  It isn’t as straight forward as I thought, and you can do a lot to them.

I’m going away for the weekend with my girls, back up to the Mallee, so I am hoping to get a lot of images from there that will look great as monochrome images.  I will put the images into a gallery so you can see them individually.

Experimenting and New Things

This Saturday, I am teaching another class at Living & Learning Nillumbik in Eltham and the class is about learning to use your DSLR.  As part of the class I need some photos that show depth of field, so this afternoon I set up a still life setting to help show it, and while it was up I took a photo for here as well.

Table Set for OneI don’t really know about it.  I’m not totally sure it works.  The idea was for a breakfast setting, or such, set for one.  They are waiting for their toast.  I wish I did more images like this.  I love setting them up and trying to work out what to do.  Notice the cup and saucer, and the plate, they were from my great grandmother.  I love those trio things.

This image was taken with an aperture of f8, the depth of field isn’t too bad.  It is also a HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro.  I used my 80-200mm lens to photograph it.  I think for depth of field images it works best using a lens like that.

I think the image is okay technically, but it isn’t pretty, which is alright.  It is a funny thing, can still life be basic?  It is a very basic setting.  Nothing is really pretty in the image, or no fantastic, fancy china ware.

While I had the set up, I took some of the stuff off and thought I would photograph our cat.  Seriously, how hard could it be?  Well, it was really hard.  He just wouldn’t co-operate.  I have some photos to show you and will finish the post with a gallery to Tiddles.

Marsha, if you are reading this, see the blanket he is on, my mum made it especially for him.

Turning it Earthy

Adding Textures to my still life teaset today.

All EarthyTo read about why and a little bit about the how then continue reading here.

Bending Over Backwards

Bent Over
To read how this image was made and the mistakes please click here.

Quick Sunday

It has been a very busy day and I am running very behind.  Just a photo today.  This is from the Lily session I did a couple of weeks ago.I’ve been at the theatre all afternoon, the set is finished and I am looking forward to photographing the dress rehearsal tomorrow night.  Though, we have decided you won’t see them until after it opens on Thursday night.  Can I just say the set looks fantastic.


For my post today I thought I might try something different. I have never done anything like this before.  My post is called Joan because she was my mother in law and she died 10 years ago this last July.

I had this idea for a while, I thought I would go around my house and collect some of her possessions and put them in a nice setting.  I have included two images from her photo album, one as I knew her, and one from when she was young in the 50’s.  The dead Agapantha is because it is the flower I associate with her.  One of the first times I went to visit her she has some in a vase.

The print at the back is an etching she did from one of my daughters drawings.  She was also an artist and loved printmaking.  The little frame is also a print. She had some really interesting things.  The jewellery box, and the little antique purse. The crystal vase was also hers.  The gold ring at the front is her wedding ring, and behind it is her watch.

She has been described as a Jewish princess and I think that description fit her well.  Her grandparents had made a lot of money helping rich people get out of Russia during the revolution, and they ended up coming here.  Her parents had money but they spent big and it also ran out.  She married a Catholic, which was not great with her family.  Her and her husband had 3 sons, I married the middle one.

I wish I could say that I had a great relationship with her, but I didn’t.  We just never seemed to connect.  She was a highly critical person, and I am someone that can be crushed under that.  She never thought I was good enough and when I was around her I felt the same.  It is a shame because we should have been friends, we had very similar interests.

I didn’t do this image very well, I am not really happy with it, but it is a start.  I will probably do more of them, well at least one more.  I had the ISO up too high, which I didn’t realise until I had the images on the computer and saw how grainy they were.  I had packed everything away, but I do want to do it again.

Copy Cat from Ballarat . . .

. . . went to school and got the strap.

I don’t remember the rest, but that should give you an idea of what my blog is about today.

Since I had a go at trying my own type of instagrams yesterday, I thought I would have another go.  I am trying to copy the instragram technique.  I used the above image as the base image.

This was my first attempt.  I tried a bit of this and bit of that, no idea now, to tell the truth, but at the end of the post, I will give you an idea of what I was using.

This one is really burnt out, oh that gives me an idea, must write colour burning down.

I actually went and did it, so this one I did a colour burn, no a bad effect and one I must remember.  There are so many things on Photoshop, I forget about some at times.

This has layers on layers.  The more layers I put on it, the weirder it got, so I kept doing it.  I lightened the centre of the image as well.  The borders, I can’t do the borders that instagram has, so I have to make my own up.  If anyone can shed any light, then please, shed it.  The black seems to really work with this.

This was my last attempt.  I don’t mind this one.  They are all very weird.  You will have to tell me what you think.

There was no HDR in this post.  Just in case anyone thinks I’m obsessed with it.

So what did I use.  I got an image from a series I did some time again.  I cropped it to make it square, it isn’t exactly square, but not too far off.  I have used the hue/saturation layers, photo filters, channel mixers, and layers, and some filters.  I used a blur for the last one in one layer.  Everyone should have a play with this, it is a lot of fun.  Let me know what you come up with.

Also, you do this and the image is yours, you don’t have to worry about what instagram might do with them.

I am off to Aireys Inlet again tomorrow.  Off for a photo trip, that is what they are called, look at 1001 Scribbles, where KerryL29 does a guest post on preparing for a photo trip. I am hoping that tomorrows post will have some images from there for you.  Fingers crossed.  The weather doesn’t look good, but hopefully I might get some stormy skies over an angry sea.