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Rehearsing Plays at Heidelberg Theatre Company

Today is my quiet day, thought I would show you the latest photos of the play I have been taking down at Heidelberg Theatre Company.  I told you about the play a couple of weeks ago, it is called Little Murders, and you can go to the previous post if you would like more information about it, Murders with Some Drama.

I am just going to add some photos now.

Murders with Some Drama

Well, not real murders of course.  I have been back to Heidelberg Theatre Company to photograph rehearsals for a new play they are doing.  The director is Paul King, and for those that have been following me for a long time will remember that I have worked with Paul before and I photographed his play Summer of the Seventeenth Dolls around 2 years ago.  He has asked me to come back and do the same thing for his latest production, Little Murders.

I stole this from the website, I’m sure Paul won’t mind.  This is what the play is about.  Little Murders is a pitch-black comedy about an everyday dysfunctional American family trying to survive in the urban jungle of late 1960s New York. This is a city where random shootings, garbage strikes, air pollution, power failures and obscene phone calls are the norm. When daughter Patsy brings her new boyfriend home to this embattled atmosphere to introduce him to the family, his passivity in the face of danger leads to more conflict – and comedy. The play was written by Jules Feiffer.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9569It was nice being back and seeing a cast make it’s way through the dialogue and trying to work out where they were going to go or move.  The director trying to keep his head as a million ideas are thrown at him.  This was taken at the beginning, I think it was the first time they were doing this scene, so Paul was talking to them about what he wanted.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9612Sometimes the director just has to get up there and talk to them as well.  Help explain what he wants them to do.  You will notice with most of these images the actors have their noses in their scripts for most of it.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9563One of the things that I also enjoy is watching the set come together.  Slowly over the next few weeks this will evolve into a lounge room with a dining room up the back.  Walls will appear, some will have windows in them.  The furniture will change. By the time the play starts it will look like a real room,

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9614One of the things I was really excited about when it came to taking photos was getting to see how the Nikon D800 would handle the crap lighting in a theatre.  When I’ve photographed plays before I had my D300s, and while it was a good camera, it was terrible at low light and the noise in the images was shocking.  I have to say the D800 handled it like a trouper.  It was so good.  I hardly had to do anything to them to get rid of any noise.  I started at ISO4000, but ended up at ISO2000.  Now that I have seen the images, I will probably do things a little different next time.  The above image stood out so much when I started going through.  It was so crisp and sharp, I had a look and saw that I had taken it with the 50mm.  I think I love how that lens takes photos.  It is fast becoming my new favourite lens, well for some things.  Maybe I need to consider getting the 35mm.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9656I forgot how much fun rehearsals can be.  There is a lot to laugh about, especially as some things are done over and over.  You do sit there and just laugh.  Sometimes I get so caught up in what is happening on the set that I forget to take photos.

Paul wants me to continue going back to get photos of the play.  At this stage I’m not sure whether I will do posts on it every week or every second.  I will try and include information about photographing the play and how I do it, where I can.  Here is a gallery with some of the images I got.

Rehearsing All Dressed Up

Last year I told you that I was hoping to take some photos of the play August: Osage County at Heidelberg Theatre Company.  Well, I got to take some, but I didn’t get to take photos of the rehearsals and show you the play developing, I was told that I wasn’t needed, or something like that, whenever I asked.  This post is very hard to write, I’m afraid.

sc20130428-0466It is a massive play and the set is huge.  It was also, from the ones I’ve shot last year, the hardest play to photograph as I had no idea what was happening.  I have seen the play before, but it was a few years ago.  I never remember them that well, so I missed so much stuff because I didn’t know it was happening or where on stage.  It is probably the worst experience I’ve had photographing a play for that reason.

sc20130428-0176It is a good play, don’t get me wrong, I love it, and I know quite a few of you out there feel the same about it.  It has a strong cast and regardless of my feelings about photographing it, it is well worth seeing.  

sc20130428-0188Like I said the set is massive and takes up the whole stage, I don’t know how many other theatre companies would be able to stage such a massive play.  

Here are a heap of photos that I have processed for you, there are a lot I’m afraid.  

I am still trying to work out how to do these galleries and the photos are sort of backwards.  

Apparently there are still tickets available so if you go to the Heidelberg Theatre Company website you can book tickets online.  The play starts this Thursday.

I’m not sure what happened with this play and I think it will be my last play with Heidelberg.  I know they wanted me to do this so I could advertise the play for them, but I do feel a bit used.  I am quite hurt by the whole experience. So I will do it this time, but it won’t happen again.  I was really upset when I was there the other night and it seems quite obvious they don’t want me around, except when it suits them.  I could be wrong, but I can’t keep letting this happen.  So I know some of you enjoy the plays when I do them, but for now they will stop, unless I can find another theatre company who will let me do this.