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Excuse me for a moment, but I have to have a small whinge.

I’ve been doing WordAds on this blog since 2012 and while I’ve earned money from it, I have to say not much. I thought having it would be good, earn a bit of money from the blog while doing it. Seriously though, unless you are getting huge stats you really don’t earn much.

I wonder how many people start doing it, then realise that they won’t see a cent until they have earned more than $100. Do you know how long it can take to earn that $100? At the moment I’ve had money pending for 9 months.

Some months I earn $15, or there abouts, then other months I earn $5, but this last month had to be the worst. I was paid 94 cents, yep, for 2 and half thousand impressions, whatever an impression is. That is like 3 cents per impression. Mind you the stats were the same for the previous month, but got 1/8 of the impressions.

I find myself asking some questions. One, is it worth it? No, it isn’t and I would like to get rid of them, but I am so close to the $100, but if they are only going to pay me 94 cents a month, it will take another year to get that 100 dollars.

Do they think we are stupid? Seriously the adds are there, so why aren’t I getting paid accordingly as my audience is annoyed with them.

Would I recommend WordAds to others? NO WAY. Unless you have a huge following, are getting thousands of hits a day, then all you will be doing is sitting around and waiting.

They now have a plugin so if you have a self hosted site you can use them on there, OMG, you have to be joking right, as if. As soon as I get my $100 I’m outta there, no more WordAds for me, I just hope I don’t die of old age waiting.

Garden Update

Just to keep you informed of my garden and how it is going, well, most of the work is done now.   So a couple of photos to show you what I’ve been doing.

Presents and all good things

It’s Christmas time again.  The presents have been opened and I don’t think anyone is too disappointed.  Everyone got something they wanted and stuff they weren’t expecting.

Leading up to today, presents were thought about, then purchased.  Christmas cards printed with linocuts made last year and then made into lovely cards.

Now all there is to be done is to cook lunch and enjoy spending the day with loved ones.

So to all my readers, I hope you have a great day and get to spend it with people important to you.

Merry Christmas