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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

This last week has been great, not a lot happening around here, but as we run up into Christmas I’m sure that could change.  December already, and I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas a lot more.

New Macro Lens

Well I was at the grant presentation last week for my grant and got my envelope, so the next day I ordered my new macro lens.  It arrived on Friday and the two of us have been out a couple of times now.  Part of the grant was for a Nikon micro 105mm lens, so that is what I had to get.



The lens arrived in  a lovely gold box, as all Nikon lenses do.  My first impression of it was that it was cold, the metal around the lens was cool to the touch and then it was heavy, it felt good, it was a good weight in my hand.  The next test was to take it out into the garden and see what I could get with it.  There isn’t much left in the garden to photograph now, as we are heading to summer the flowers are disappearing and the plants are conserving what they have for the summer ahead.  Still I found a few things, and was photo bombed by a bee when I was photographing one of the flowers on the raspberry plants I have.  I will include some of those photos in this post.

On Sunday morning my daughter and I went to Bulleen Art and Garden Centre to look at some plants, and of course I took the macro with me and took some photos of the flowers.  It was hard as the sun was out and it was hot.  We’ve had a few


Bulleen Art and Garden

days of heat now and humidity, I don’t like humid days.  I will include some photos from there as well.

Social Snappers

The last two excursions for Social Snappers is on this week, one on Thursday and then another on Sunday.  It is unusual that both are doing the same thing, but we will be this week.  The excursion is into the city and we will be taking photos of the Christmas decorations before and after sunset, which should be great.  I love doing this, but marketing them is proving to be challenging.  I think I am going to have to start thinking of different ways of doing it.  This blog, facebook, and social media



really aren’t doing anything, unfortunately.  Hopefully they will pick up next year.

Teaching Photo Editing

After being asked about Photo Editing in all my classes I’ve decided to try teaching it.  I am going back up to the Mallee in March, on the long weekend, to do more workshops and a big component of those is going to be teaching people about putting their photos on the computer, organising them and then how to do some basic editing.



I love editing, and it is one area that I think I know quite well, so I feel it is something that should do a lot more of.  I would like to offer some classes down here, but I will need to find somewhere to teach them, so I will be looking into that soon.

Facebook and Privacy

It seems Facebook is doing the rounds again about what they can use of your information and such that you put on there.  Everyone is in an uproar, though I have to keep wondering why, as this has all happened before.  Basically if you put your personal information, photos, videos, etc up then you give them a royalty free license to use it as they wish too, however, you still own your images.  Those are the conditions you agree to when you sign up to it. People have been putting notices up, saying they don’t give FB permission to do that, but it is hoax, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Bulleen Art and Garden

I have made the decision to put a massive watermark across any images I post on Facebook, that way if they use the images and try to remove it, then they are tampering with my copyright, which I am fairly certain is illegal.  I also read

Facebook adds, “[t]his IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

So I would think if you continued to delete your photos after they have been there for a while then Facebook can no longer use them, that is how I read that.  IP refers to Intellectual Property.  It is something I have been doing, going through and deleting all my old photos, not easy, there are a lot on there, but if it helps to protect my work then I will.

I think that is enough for today, I hope you have a good Tuesday and there is a lot going on in your world right now.


Weekend Wanderings – Thinking of Mum

Tomorrow it is Mother’s Day in Australia, and I think in a lot of other places around the world as well.  I know I should be doing this post tomorrow, but I’m a mother too, so my post will be about something else.  For this post I organised to go to my local Nursery, Bulleen Art and Garden, so I could wander around and take photos.

LeanneCole-baag-7092One of the things that makes this nursery so great for shopping is that there is a real sense of the artist here.  Everywhere you look you find something artistic.  I’ve been wanting to go there and take photos for quite some time and Mother’s Day just seemed perfect.  My mother loves her garden and she would love this place I must remember to take her there the next time she comes down.

LeanneCole-baag-7152They have lots of fun things too so if you go with children they have lots of fun looking at the sculptures.

LeanneCole-baag-7174It is primarily a place to buy plants for your garden and there are lots there.  This one didn’t come out as well I had hoped, but I still like the effect.

LeanneCole-baag-7225One of the best things about the Bulleen Art and Garden, and really any nursery, is that there are flowers everywhere.  I didn’t take the extension tubes with me, and most of these photos were taken with my 24-70mm lens.  It still gets me in nice and close and discovering that I could do that with the lens has been fantastic.  I also took the 70-300mm but it didn’t get me any closer because of how far away I had to be to begin with.  It would be wonderful to go back with a macro one day, as nurseries like Bulleen Art and Garden have so many exotic flowers.

LeanneCole-baag-7128Bulleen Art and Garden also have a gallery for local artists to show their sculptures, it is called Bolin Bolin Gallery.  It is a great idea, and it is one thing about Bulleen Art and Garden that is great, they do support local artists and there is a huge display of things that are for sale.  It is a great place to buy gifts, but also to get something a little unusual for your home or garden.  I love having sculptural pieces in my garden, not that you can see anything but weeds right now, something I need to change.

I think it is a great place to go and get your mother a gift if you live in Melbourne.  I should get something from there for my mother, she loves all those sorts of things in the garden.  I am going to put a heap more photos into a gallery now.  I really do love photographing things close up, someone suggested yesterday that if people following this blog all put in some money you could all help me, it was a lovely suggestion.  I hope these brighten up your day and I would like to thank Bulleen Art and Garden for letting me come and take photos. The sunrise shot was taken near my home.