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Getting the Magazine Out There

It has been a very crazy week and most of it has been taken up with trying to get this magazine out and get people to buy it, support it.

One of my images that are in my article on Long Exposure Photography

The main problem has been the products page and it not displaying the images correctly. I am sure many have gone to the page and been confused about what to do. I’ve put a note to help, but I know that many people, me included, don’t always read instructions.

We have decided that the best way to do this is to try using a different ecommerce plugin. There is now a shop page at the top, you can click here for it.

shop page.png

It seems to work okay, except you have to give it a lot of information. I don’t have access to this information, but I will try and find out how to stop it.  Though I suspect you only have to do it once. I’m not sure, we are still trying to work it out. It would be great if people could try it out and see how they go.

This is still all new and I’m so glad that many of you have supported us and continued to buy the magazine.

So now taking some advice from Melissa and her article on Marketing in the latest issue:



New Blog

If you would like to follow me then please follow this link to my new blog.

Something for Friday

Some decisions have been made recently and one of them is to do my posts on two blogs. This one and the one on my website. I would like the one on my website to become my main blog, and in time I hope everyone will find their way there.

Some other changes are going to happen as well. I plan on cutting down on how often I blog. I think I will go to four times a week, and see how that goes. I need to find some time to do some other things, which I am excited about. My posts on Friday are going to combine my Bits and Bobs post as well as looking at images I have put up on Social Media.

Social Media seems to be a very important aspect for any photographer these days. With that in mind I’ve been trying to use it a lot more and putting more photos on certain platforms. I have been building up Instagram and trying to put one or two photos up there each day. It has been good going through all my older images and seeing what I can put up. I have also worked on some new images. I really like how my Instagram account is looking. I hope you enjoy the new and old photos.

There have been some people who have asked that I show some images of what the inside of the magazine looks like. Here are four samples of pages that can be found in the latest edition. If you haven’t got your copy yet then here is the link.

Dynamic Range Magazine.


Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

It is Tuesday again and as I start writing this I see WordPress have changed the editor yet again. Seems we now all have to start learning yet another new system. I am getting a little tired of always finding these little surprises as I go to use the system. It is so time consuming and who has the time to keep learning. I want to learn things about photography, not how to post a blog over and over.

Dynamic Range Magazine

We have had the magazine out for a week now. I wish I could say the Dynamic Range Magazine - Issue 2, Nov 2015 - cover  pageresponse was overwhelming, I wish. It seems this blog is not my audience for it, so I am going to have to start looking elsewhere. I have to learn how to market it. I am starting conversations with some others now. It seems the main thing I am hearing is that I should be concentrating my efforts where my market it. It is something to consider.

For those of you interested in the magazine, don’t forget you can order it from my website, the link is Products.

Instagram and Facebook for Dynamic Range

patchewollock-mallee-fowls-179There is also an Instagram account now and a Facebook page. We are also going to start doing the Newsletter again. The email will have some extra information that won’t be in the magazine or on this site. It won’t be massive, but will accompany the magazine nicely. The first one will be sent out soon.

1on1 Photography Lessons

I’ve been spending time with another person teaching her how to take photos with her camera. It has been wonderful getting out with people taking photos and seeing the light go off as they work out aspects of their cameras.


These are the ads on the bottom of the pages. I’ve been doing them for awhile, but what they pay you is so bad, I am thinking of getting rid of them. They won’t pay you unless you make a $100, but it takes forever to get to that one hundred. I get a few hits with my blog, but I really have no idea how others go. I can’t help thinking the whole thing is a bit of a scam. It think it is time to stop.


There was something else, but I can’t remember. I will leave it there today. The photos are from Patchewollock up in the Mallee. I love seeing these sculptures of the Mallee Fowl again. I was there about twelve months ago and took these shots then.

Quiet Thursdays

Actually I don’t know that today will be quiet. It is always a nice thought, but I did have a lovely day yesterday.

Today we are putting the finishing touches on the magazine. We hope that today it will be all put together and that we just have to fine tune it after today. It is quite exciting. I’m as excited about this one as I was was for the last one. I love that. I have the cover ready to show you.

I think it looks great, and I hope you do to. If you go to the Dynamic Range Page on my website you will see a list of all the articles and what they are about. I’m sure there is something there to interest everyone.

I also have a massive favour to ask, would you please copy and paste the cover photo and share it on your social media sites. It would be wonderful if we could get the word out to everyone, well nearly everyone, that the magazine will be available for sale next Tuesday. Thank you.

I also have a link for you today. My friend Melissa does a lot of marketing for women and she has written a blog post on using Instagram. It is all about how to increase your following. I have been doing a lot of what she said and I’ve managed to double my following since. I also get to see some amazing photos. Not all photos on Instagram are taken with phones. Her blog post is:

5 tips to grow your Instagram following

So for those of you that wanted to know how to do it, Melissa explains it very well.

That’s it for today, a quick post. It is raining here today, very heavy rain too. I’m not complaining as it might be the last rain we get for months. I hope you like the weather where you are.

Tuesday’s Bit and Bobs: Getting in the Swing of it

This last week has been very busy and it looks like the following week is going to be even busier. That’s not a bad thing, but it is always a little crazy when it is like that. I will be going out to take photos on a couple of those occasions, so that will be relaxing.

Dynamic Range Magazine

All the articles are nearly finalized and it is about time to start putting it together. I have a new person doing that with me and we don’t know a lot, but I know with determination we will get melbourne-sunset-night-river-buildings-105there. We hope to have the front cover for you to see soon.  It is going to be another great edition.

We are also working on a new logo, which a dear friend is doing for me. So far I love what she has done.


I’ve had a few people ask me about subscribing to the magazine. I’m not offering that as yet. I wanted to make sure that I could do the publication and get it out to people. I know the first few are always going to be the hardest. I do hope that early next year we can offer that service for melbourne-sunset-night-river-buildings-118those that want to do it. I will have to figure out how to get it to work.

Book on Banyule Flats

I’m still working on that. It is a major project and I don’t think I was quite prepared for it. I have been rethinking some things about it, but nothing major. I want the book to be special, so I really need to research how I go about doing it.

Feeling Down After the Trip

I think I am finally starting to feel a lot better and life is getting very busy again. I do want to do a more in depth post about the trip, I know I keep saying that, but it will take me a bit of time tomelbourne-sunset-night-river-buildings-120 do it and there hasn’t been a lot of that. I will try and see if I can get it done this week. I think it will be good for me as well.

Digital Show

Last weekend they had the Digital Show here in Melbourne. Lots of the big companies in the photography industry were there and I went in. It was great to put some faces to the names of people that I have been dealing with at Nikon, melbourne-sunset-night-river-buildings-121Tamron, Lowepro and Joby. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future as well.


Today’s photos were taken last year at this time. They are from a later afternoon spent in the city and then into the evening. I love night shots of Melbourne and I knew you wouldn’t mind if I showed them again. It is lovely to revisit my old photos.

Here is a gallery with some of them. I hope you are busy too.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Things Returning to Normal

Whatever normal is these days. It has been a strange time. This isn’t going to be a long post, not a lot has been happening around here.

Travelling and Strange Side Effects

I’ve been home for just over two weeks now and I have to say it was such a great adventure.  I coast-8998really enjoyed travelling around parts of the USA. I saw some amazing things and I intend to do a wrap up post at some stage. I was surprised at well I seemed to adapt to everything and it never seemed a problem. I just went with it. It was all good until I got home.

Home has been another story and one of the things that I’ve found difficult is the depression, I guess that is the word for it, that I have felt since arriving back. I had an amazing experience and now it is almost like it never happened. I’ve been told by many people that it is a very common thing. I had no idea about it and it seems to be something that people don’t talk about until you are experiencing it yourself. Having the magazine to come back to has been good.

Dynamic Range

It has been funny working on it again. We didn’t plan it, or intend it to be like this, but it seems the next issue is going to have a bit of a travel flavour. Not all the articles are about travel, but coast-8850-3hpmabout half. Don’t get me wrong the other articles are still very interesting.

We are still finding our way with the magazine. We have a new editor, so there are three now. It is nice to see the team growing. I’m also learning InDesign so I can help or do the layout if necessary.

Not everything has been great and there are definitely parts that I haven’t enjoyed. I suppose it will be like that with lots of things. I had to deal with something that was not pleasant and got blamed for something that was beyond my control, however, it is sorted now.

It is still on track to be published early in November.

Merrell Shoes

I purchased some new shoes from Merrell today. It is a sign I think, of what I will be doing a lot of this summer, or hope to. The shoes are the women’s Maipo waterpro shoes. You can walk in coast-8832-3hpmthe water with them so will be perfect for taking photos down at the beach to take photos. I won’t have to worry about my shoes getting wet. I am really looking forward to trying them out and with the weather we’ve been having I won’t have to wait long.


Today’s photos were taken almost two years ago on a special day when some visitors from the US were here and I took them out to see some of our coastline. We had a great day and it seemed appropriate to look back on those now. As we head into summer, and now that I have my new shoes, I will be visiting many of the places in these images again.