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Weekend Wandering – Day Trip to Eildon

Really what it should have said was Weekend Wandering – Day Trip to Eildon with a quick stop in Marysville, but then it wasn’t so quick.  It was a Social Snappers outing and it was decided that we should go to Marysville and Steavensons Falls.  It was good for me because I had the Cokin Filters with me and my tripod, which I didn’t have last time.


I hope you aren’t getting sick and tired of seeing these falls.  We hoped we would get there before the sun got on them, but we weren’t so luck.  It was interesting, I put my ISO down to 50, and my aperture to f/22 so I could get as slow a shutter speed as I could, but I could only get silky water by using the Cokin ND8 filter.  It is such a big waterfall.  You can walk all the way to the top, but we decided that it really was for another Social Snappers Excursion, the whole day at Marysville, so we moved onto Eildon.


We did the back road again.  It is so nice.  We found quite a few places to stop to take photos.  I love the hills, they are so bare, almost like mounds of dirt.  Still quite green, though I am sure it won’t be long before that changes.  We were talking to a woman about her garden and she said that you can see the top of the hills are starting to turn golden.  She said soon the whole country would be golden for summer.  I loved the way she said it was golden, sounds so much better than brown.  So as I was driving up to the Mallee yesterday I noticed the countryside up here has already turned golden.


I know they are photos of cows.  They were so friendly. We were trying to take photos of them in the paddock and then they slowly came up to us.  It was so funny.  I loved the way they were checking us out.  Possibly hoping we had a treat for them to eat.  I love the portrait of them.


This is one of the photos I took in the woman’s garden.  It was just taken with my 24-70mm lens, as were all the photos in the post.  I loved the back light and how soft it looks.  I don’t photograph roses much, so it was nice to see some, and some with great lighting.

It was a beautiful day for wandering around the countryside of Eildon and we had a great time.  Must remember my hat though, I keep forgetting to take it.  It is so different there to where I am now.  The Mallee is very dry, and golden.  It is a busy time of the year, the crops haven’t been great and harvesting has started early.  I will have to see if I can get some photos of the activity that is going on.  I have my first workshop for the weekend today in Swan Hill.  It filled up, so a full class.  It is going to be fun.

I will leave you now with a gallery of the above images and more that I took.  They are working on the mobile phone tower here, so my internet connection can be a bit iffy, but I will do my best, they said it would be fine on the weekend, I hope so. On that note, it would be great to get your Monochrome images now.  I don’t know if I will be able to do the post much during the week.  Well update it anyway.   I hope you have some great things planned, perhaps a workshop.



Past Views

I had planned to go out tonight to take some photos, but needless to say it didn’t happen, so for you today I have some photos from a trip I took to Eildon in Victoria last July.  It was winter and cold.  I remember those cold times, seems to long ago.

This image was taken beside the Goulburn River, and that is the weir that lets water out from the Eildon dam into the river.  This images was taken around seven o’clock in the morning and, as you can see, there is mist on the water, it was cold.

I wish I had known how to do HDR images back then, I think this would have been a much better image then.  There is far too much difference between the sky and the trees on the side.  If I wanted the depth of the clouds then I lost the detail in the trees.  Hard one.  Of course now, I would just take the bracketed shots.

This is taken on the back Eildon road.  I had seen this view so many times and always said I would stop and take photos again, so this time I did.  I think the frost and the mist just add to it so much.

Would this image have been better as a HDR?  I don’t know the answer to that.  I have seen some HDR winter images and I have to admit, they are among some of the best photos I’ve seen.  I do look forward to winter and having a go to see if HDR do make better winter shots.

A tree on its own.  Not a fantastic image, but I like the green grass, the water everywhere.  When I was up there the year before, there was no water anywhere and it was so nice to see the place with water everywhere.

If you look at this image it is also a good example of using the thirds rule.  The tree was more in the middle but I cropped it so that it was more on thirds line.