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Tuesday’s Bit and Bobs: The Day Has Arrived

We have been working very hard and I’m really happy to say that the magazine is finally ready for release. I feel like I’ve done nothing else for the last couple of months, well since I returned from the US. It has been all systems go to get that done.

Dynamic Range Magazine - Issue 2, Nov 2015 - cover pageHere is the cover again for those of you who didn’t see it before. The image of the cover in the sidebar is also a link to the products page.

We have more articles this time and a couple of new things that we hope we will continue in the future.


You can now purchase it. It is the same price as before, AUD$5. Someone asked why Australian dollars, and I said that it was because I was in Australia. It works out really well for the rest of the world, $5 Australian is only $3.50 US, so even more of a bargain for most of you.

You can still only purchase it with PayPal. I know a lot of you were hesitant about that last time, but seriously, PayPal is the best way to buy anything on the internet. They have the best record for protecting the buyer and they do look after you. You don’t have to open an account. You can just purchase with your credit card. I took a screen grab for you.

When you go to PayPal and get the description on the right you can see I have circled a section. If you don’t already have an account then you click on Pay with a credit or debit card. It is optional to open an account, you don’t have to do that.

I hope that helps people work out how to pay for it. Unfortunately, because I am in Australia I can’t give bank details or that sort of thing. It really is the best way to pay for it.


Very easy to do, just go to my website and click on the Add to Cart and go from there.

To find where to do that follow this link.

Purchase Dynamic Range Magazine.

We are so excited about this issue and worked so hard on it. I’m sure you will find it really interesting too.  We have had one review so far, and I was given permission to share it with you.

Congratulations to you and the contributing & editorial team on your second issue of Dynamic Range.

I wanted to just say that the bit I loved most about the first issue and also this one, was the section on the history of women in photography. I never realized that image of HC Andersen on the commemorative stamp was made from a photo… and even less that it was made by a photographer who was female.

History doesn’t recognize enough, the contributions of women. Photography is no different in this regard. Thank you for calling attention to this with your mag.


Charlene Winfred

I will stop going on about it now. As you can tell no other news really. I’ve been so concentrated on getting it done.


Now that I have the second issue out of the way it is time to get working on my book. I have a lot photos to go through and I’m really looking forward to working out which ones to put in it. I can concentrate on that now for the next month or so.


The photos I have for you today are from a trip I did to Eildon about 12 months ago.  It was one where we just drove around and stopped to take photos when we saw something we thought would be good. One of my favourite ways of taking photos.

UfD: Photographing With Company

There seems to be this idea that if you are a serious photographer that you should go out on your own to take photos. I have never believed this or thought I was any less of a photographer because I don’t like going out by myself. It’s not that I don’t, I just prefer to have company when I do. Maybe I think I’m a boring person and talking to myself all day wouldn’t be that great.

I do understand why some people prefer to go alone and I know that who  you go with is very important.  I thought I could go through why I like company, beyond just having someone to talk to. Perhaps I will do it in a list.LeanneCole-melbourne-williamstown-20140531-9916

1- Gives you Inspiration

I find when you go with someone else that we almost feed off each other, making suggestions to one another. I know that I have many photos that I would never have taken if I hadn’t been with another photographer.

2 – Gets Me Out of the House

I have a terrible habit of talking myself out of going to places when I am on my own. Before I am supposed to go somewhere the excuses start about why I shouldn’t go, and usually I just don’t. If I’ve made a date with someone to go abbotsford-convent-gardens-flowers-macro072then I do. I don’t like disappointing people so I just pack my gear and get ready to go. For me this is a massive advantage.

3 – It is Safer

We go to some places that if I hurt myself I may never be found. Yes, I’m being a little over dramatic, but I could be there for a long time. Knowing that someone else is there means that if one of us hurts ourselves then the other can go and get help. Phone reception is often non-existent in many country areas and if you get into trouble you can’t phone for help.

4 – Someone to Scout for Locations

It isn’t safe to drive and look for places to take photos so having a passenger makes it much easier, and safer. LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6203-3hpm

5 – More Fun

I just think it is so much more fun when you have someone to laugh with. I enjoy laughing and it is good to have someone to have one with. It is so boring when you are on your own and having someone with you means that you can entertain one another.

Picking the Right People to Go With

This is also very important. I don’t like going with my husband or daughters because they aren’t interested in eildon-lake-water-country-farms-8photography and they just want to leave. I feel rushed to get my photos. The best thing is to find some people that you enjoy going out with and want to spend time with.

It is best if they enjoy the same sort of photography as well so you will want to take photos together. There is nothing worse than going out with someone to take photos and you don’t want to photograph the same things. If you are both there to capture the same thing then you will have a lot more fun.

It is also nice to have someone to have a coffee with and just relax. I like being with others when I go to eat at restaurants, it is much nicer.

I have been very lucky and I have a number of people to go out and take photos with. I have built up quite a few LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5288friendships through teaching and through this blog. It has been fantastic meeting people through WordPress and then having the opportunity to go out and take photos with them.

It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer to go on your own or with other people, the most important thing is getting out to take photos.

All the photos in the post today are from excursions where I went with other people.  Speaking of company I’m hoping to be out with Chris and Chris today exploring more of the Victorian countryside.

Weekend Wandering – Day Trip to Eildon

Really what it should have said was Weekend Wandering – Day Trip to Eildon with a quick stop in Marysville, but then it wasn’t so quick.  It was a Social Snappers outing and it was decided that we should go to Marysville and Steavensons Falls.  It was good for me because I had the Cokin Filters with me and my tripod, which I didn’t have last time.


I hope you aren’t getting sick and tired of seeing these falls.  We hoped we would get there before the sun got on them, but we weren’t so luck.  It was interesting, I put my ISO down to 50, and my aperture to f/22 so I could get as slow a shutter speed as I could, but I could only get silky water by using the Cokin ND8 filter.  It is such a big waterfall.  You can walk all the way to the top, but we decided that it really was for another Social Snappers Excursion, the whole day at Marysville, so we moved onto Eildon.


We did the back road again.  It is so nice.  We found quite a few places to stop to take photos.  I love the hills, they are so bare, almost like mounds of dirt.  Still quite green, though I am sure it won’t be long before that changes.  We were talking to a woman about her garden and she said that you can see the top of the hills are starting to turn golden.  She said soon the whole country would be golden for summer.  I loved the way she said it was golden, sounds so much better than brown.  So as I was driving up to the Mallee yesterday I noticed the countryside up here has already turned golden.


I know they are photos of cows.  They were so friendly. We were trying to take photos of them in the paddock and then they slowly came up to us.  It was so funny.  I loved the way they were checking us out.  Possibly hoping we had a treat for them to eat.  I love the portrait of them.


This is one of the photos I took in the woman’s garden.  It was just taken with my 24-70mm lens, as were all the photos in the post.  I loved the back light and how soft it looks.  I don’t photograph roses much, so it was nice to see some, and some with great lighting.

It was a beautiful day for wandering around the countryside of Eildon and we had a great time.  Must remember my hat though, I keep forgetting to take it.  It is so different there to where I am now.  The Mallee is very dry, and golden.  It is a busy time of the year, the crops haven’t been great and harvesting has started early.  I will have to see if I can get some photos of the activity that is going on.  I have my first workshop for the weekend today in Swan Hill.  It filled up, so a full class.  It is going to be fun.

I will leave you now with a gallery of the above images and more that I took.  They are working on the mobile phone tower here, so my internet connection can be a bit iffy, but I will do my best, they said it would be fine on the weekend, I hope so. On that note, it would be great to get your Monochrome images now.  I don’t know if I will be able to do the post much during the week.  Well update it anyway.   I hope you have some great things planned, perhaps a workshop.



Weekend Wanderings – Eildon

This past week we did have a couple of beautiful winter days, I know I was complaining about the weather yesterday, but days like those really do stand out this winter, we haven’t had many.  We headed off to Eildon, a town about 2 hours from here, and known for the dam and lake that is there.  The Lake is massive, probably because it is dam that they call a lake.  I have to admit I don’t know a lot about the place, but I used to spend a lot of time there when my daughter was cycling.  I never really had time to go and take photos then, so it was nice to go back for the day to do just that.

eildon-lake-water-country-farms-4This is a very typical scene around the area.  When we first got there it seemed like the clouds were very low, so I don’t know if the background is clouds or mist, but it gave a lovely ending to the photo, if that is the right way of putting it. Everywhere you look around this area you see a lot of this, beautiful green paddocks with cows in them.

On this trip we decided to do something, that I do sometimes but should do more, boot photography, or the overseas people, trunk photography.  All our gear was in the boot of the car, and we drove along the road and when we saw something we liked, we stopped and took photos of it, so we photographed near the car all the time.  Eildon is one of those places that you can do that.  I heard American photography, Moose Peterson talking on KelbyOne about how you don’t have to go for massive hikes or that sort of thing all the time, sometimes you can just drive and see places and take photos.  It was good, I like that advice and that could be the type of photography that I like best.  It also meant I didn’t have to worry about how much gear to take because I wouldn’t have to carry it, and it was so much easier to change lenses all the time, and I did, I changed my lens about 5 or 6 times, so unusual for me.

eildon-lake-water-country-farms-5We also saw a lot of this, winter trees and lots and lots of water.  All around Eildon there is just water everywhere, we could see it on the ground everywhere, however in some cases it made rather nice images.

eildon-lake-water-country-farms-17We were taking photos around the Goulburn River, at one of the gates to let water out for the dam, and in the gallery you will see those photos. Lots of weird grass or plants in the water, but as we were walking we saw some birds in the trees. I am trying to get better at identifying them, and I think this one is a King Parrot, but I could be wrong.  It was just sitting in the tree, I had my 80-200mm on so was able to photograph it closer.

eildon-lake-water-country-farms-18This was taken at the top of Mount Pinniger over looking Eildon, on the left, you can’t see it, and then looking at part of the Lake.  It is huge and this is only a small part of it.  I would love some time around there to really explore the place.  The problem is, I know areas of it because of the cycling, but exploring isn’t something I did before.  So I am finding new places that I want to go. We found one area we didn’t know about, the place where my MM image was taken.  We were trying to go somewhere else.  I do want to go back and find other places there as well.  It would be good to spend time just exploring.  It is picture perfect country.

In the gallery you will also see some photos of the big power lines going over the lake and up the nearby mountains.  We were under where they went over Mount Pinniger and I was so surprised at how much noise comes from them.  We tend to think of electricity as quiet.

eildon-lake-water-country-farms-29More of that water.  We thought we were done for the day and were getting ready to head back to the city when we saw a massive pool of water next to the road.  It was really big, and so still that it was like a mirror.  It was incredible.  Though very hard to photograph.

We didn’t hang around for the sunset, but as we were heading home we could see that the sunset was going to be really nice, so we pulled over to an observation deck thing near Kangaroo Ground and watched, oh and took photos of it, of course.  We could see the city from there, and tried to get some shots, but some power lines were badly placed.  I really wish companies would think about views when they are putting up things.  Still, you will see the photo in the gallery.

Speaking of the gallery, I’ve talked enough, and time for the photos to do the talking, any questions, please ask and if I can answer them I will.  I hope you all have great plans ahead for the weekend, lots of snapping.