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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

It is Tuesday again and as I start writing this I see WordPress have changed the editor yet again. Seems we now all have to start learning yet another new system. I am getting a little tired of always finding these little surprises as I go to use the system. It is so time consuming and who has the time to keep learning. I want to learn things about photography, not how to post a blog over and over.

Dynamic Range Magazine

We have had the magazine out for a week now. I wish I could say the Dynamic Range Magazine - Issue 2, Nov 2015 - cover  pageresponse was overwhelming, I wish. It seems this blog is not my audience for it, so I am going to have to start looking elsewhere. I have to learn how to market it. I am starting conversations with some others now. It seems the main thing I am hearing is that I should be concentrating my efforts where my market it. It is something to consider.

For those of you interested in the magazine, don’t forget you can order it from my website, the link is Products.

Instagram and Facebook for Dynamic Range

patchewollock-mallee-fowls-179There is also an Instagram account now and a Facebook page. We are also going to start doing the Newsletter again. The email will have some extra information that won’t be in the magazine or on this site. It won’t be massive, but will accompany the magazine nicely. The first one will be sent out soon.

1on1 Photography Lessons

I’ve been spending time with another person teaching her how to take photos with her camera. It has been wonderful getting out with people taking photos and seeing the light go off as they work out aspects of their cameras.


These are the ads on the bottom of the pages. I’ve been doing them for awhile, but what they pay you is so bad, I am thinking of getting rid of them. They won’t pay you unless you make a $100, but it takes forever to get to that one hundred. I get a few hits with my blog, but I really have no idea how others go. I can’t help thinking the whole thing is a bit of a scam. It think it is time to stop.


There was something else, but I can’t remember. I will leave it there today. The photos are from Patchewollock up in the Mallee. I love seeing these sculptures of the Mallee Fowl again. I was there about twelve months ago and took these shots then.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

It has been a crazy week, but also a very satisfying one. I’ve been concentrating on getting the magazine finished and trying to finish articles for Digital Photography School. I got asked to write a post for someone else which was nice.  I was also interviewed, which was fun. So good week really.

Dynamic Range Magazine

Tsteavensons-falls-marysville-macro-morning-076he publishing date we have fixed for this is Novemeber 10th, so next Tuesday. Australian time of course. So I hope you are all ready to purchase the second edition.

I don’t mind saying that I think it is even better than the first one. We are still finding our way with the layout, but it is
looking really nice. It is looking very steavensons-falls-marysville-waterfall-morning-069spacious and the photos look incredible. We are hoping to get the cover page done today so we can start showing you what it is going to look like.

I also need to find out how to market it. It is not something I am very good at. It is one thing to produce it, but how to get word out about it, well that is another thing. I thought this blog would be good for that, but seems most people aren’t interested in the magazine, so I need to find another way of marketing it. If you have some ideas, love to hear them.

Dynamic Range Magazine on Social Media

We started a Facebook for Dynamic Range Magazine and if you are interested in following it, the link is also there.  You can keep up to date with what is happening there. I will get better at doing things on it.

We hare also on Instagram and you can follow us there on this link, DynamicRangeMagazine. We are hoping to encourage women photographers to #dynamicrangemagazine or put @dynamicrangemagazine with the opportunity of being black-spur-rainforest-trees-morning-059featured on the page. It is small now, but we hope it will grow. All I have to do now is work out how to share the photos on the page. I’m sure I will work it out.

Being Interviewed

I was interviewed by Nikon last week about my trip to the US, and my photography in general. I’ve never been interviewed like that before, actually I’ve never been interviewed before, so itblack-spur-rainforest-trees-morning-067 was quite exciting. I couldn’t sleep the night before, I was so worrried I would say something really stupid. I didn’t thank goodness. I think the interview is going to be featured in the Nikon digital magazine. Hopefully they won’t decide that I was too boring.

I am doing a podcast next week. I will give you more details on that then, but thought I would mention that I am being interviewed live about the magazine. Hopefully that will help with getting the word out there about how good it is.


That has basically been my week so far. Busy as always, but good busy. I have some older photos for you today. They were taken 12 months ago on a trip to Marysville. I haven’t been there in a while, so it’s been nice to look back. I hope you enjoy seeing them again.

Quiet Thursday: Social Media Images

On Tuesday I mentioned what a busy week it is has been and it would seem that it isn’t slowing down. I’m away again this weekend and I have to get posts ready before I go. I also have articles to write and articles to read, as ones for the magazine start to come in. They are looking good.

I should have mentioned the other day that Merrell did agree to sponsor me for my trip to the US and a new pair of hiking shoes have arrived. I wore them to Bonnie Doon the other day and they were great. I love that they are waterproof and because it was so wet and foggy I really didn’t have worry about my feet getting wet in the long grass. It amazes me how my feet stay dry.

I have tried some other companies, Sandisk never got back to me. Three Legged Things, tripod company said no to me. I suspect I’m the wrong gender for them as all their tripods are named after men. They tried to tell me it wasn’t true, but they aren’t doing much to show that they support women’s photography. I also never heard back from Nikon, I’ve sent two emails now and got no response from either.

There is another company here too, CR Kennedy, they are distributors and I’ve dealt with them before. The first guy I dealt with there was fantastic, but the guy I have to deal with now is horrible. He is so dismissive of me. I really dislike it. He accused me of being unAustralian once, because I didn’t want to pay over inflated prices for what I was buying. That if I’m Australian I should support the local industry and pay double for everything, be happy about it. Silly really. Then when I asked if they would help me out on my trip he said they only support Print Media, like magazines. I asked why don’t they support blogs and he said they do, but he just said they didn’t. It was very confrontational and I really hate dealing with him. I don’t think I will deal with CR Kennedy again. I never know how I will be treated, oh I do know, like I’m a pain in the butt and not worth the effort. Thankfully other companies are much better to deal with, though I’m sure it is just this guy and not the company.

I just have Instagram photos and a couple from Facebook for you today all taken with my phone, I hope that is okay. I’ve been away a bit and here are some photos from some of my trips. I’ve been to the coast again, but some of these photos are from trips into the country, one of which, as I said, was to Bonnie Doon where it was a very foggy day. We took advantage of the fog and you will see some in the photos.

I will be spending today trying to get more blog posts done. I hope you are planning some great photography trips.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

This last week has been great, not a lot happening around here, but as we run up into Christmas I’m sure that could change.  December already, and I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas a lot more.

New Macro Lens

Well I was at the grant presentation last week for my grant and got my envelope, so the next day I ordered my new macro lens.  It arrived on Friday and the two of us have been out a couple of times now.  Part of the grant was for a Nikon micro 105mm lens, so that is what I had to get.



The lens arrived in  a lovely gold box, as all Nikon lenses do.  My first impression of it was that it was cold, the metal around the lens was cool to the touch and then it was heavy, it felt good, it was a good weight in my hand.  The next test was to take it out into the garden and see what I could get with it.  There isn’t much left in the garden to photograph now, as we are heading to summer the flowers are disappearing and the plants are conserving what they have for the summer ahead.  Still I found a few things, and was photo bombed by a bee when I was photographing one of the flowers on the raspberry plants I have.  I will include some of those photos in this post.

On Sunday morning my daughter and I went to Bulleen Art and Garden Centre to look at some plants, and of course I took the macro with me and took some photos of the flowers.  It was hard as the sun was out and it was hot.  We’ve had a few


Bulleen Art and Garden

days of heat now and humidity, I don’t like humid days.  I will include some photos from there as well.

Social Snappers

The last two excursions for Social Snappers is on this week, one on Thursday and then another on Sunday.  It is unusual that both are doing the same thing, but we will be this week.  The excursion is into the city and we will be taking photos of the Christmas decorations before and after sunset, which should be great.  I love doing this, but marketing them is proving to be challenging.  I think I am going to have to start thinking of different ways of doing it.  This blog, facebook, and social media



really aren’t doing anything, unfortunately.  Hopefully they will pick up next year.

Teaching Photo Editing

After being asked about Photo Editing in all my classes I’ve decided to try teaching it.  I am going back up to the Mallee in March, on the long weekend, to do more workshops and a big component of those is going to be teaching people about putting their photos on the computer, organising them and then how to do some basic editing.



I love editing, and it is one area that I think I know quite well, so I feel it is something that should do a lot more of.  I would like to offer some classes down here, but I will need to find somewhere to teach them, so I will be looking into that soon.

Facebook and Privacy

It seems Facebook is doing the rounds again about what they can use of your information and such that you put on there.  Everyone is in an uproar, though I have to keep wondering why, as this has all happened before.  Basically if you put your personal information, photos, videos, etc up then you give them a royalty free license to use it as they wish too, however, you still own your images.  Those are the conditions you agree to when you sign up to it. People have been putting notices up, saying they don’t give FB permission to do that, but it is hoax, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Bulleen Art and Garden

I have made the decision to put a massive watermark across any images I post on Facebook, that way if they use the images and try to remove it, then they are tampering with my copyright, which I am fairly certain is illegal.  I also read

Facebook adds, “[t]his IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

So I would think if you continued to delete your photos after they have been there for a while then Facebook can no longer use them, that is how I read that.  IP refers to Intellectual Property.  It is something I have been doing, going through and deleting all my old photos, not easy, there are a lot on there, but if it helps to protect my work then I will.

I think that is enough for today, I hope you have a good Tuesday and there is a lot going on in your world right now.


Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

This last week has been so crazy, that I am not sure I have a lot to tell you. I suppose there is always going to be weeks like that.  I feel like I am just in a no go zone right now.  It has been so quiet, with no classes and people not wanting to do any classes with me, I’m trying not to take it to heart, and am hoping it is more about the weather and as the weather improves the inquiries will start.

Planning Trips and Workshops

I am planning my next trip to Woomelang and am hoping to run another workshop there on night time photography.  It would be great to actually do a class in Woomelang, perhaps around the shearing shed and silos.  There are so many things around there that would be interesting, and of course we can also try some light painting as well, which would be great fun.  I need to get some details put together and a poster.  At this stage I’m thinking of Wednesday the 24th for the scharrietville-9002workshop. The cost will be $30 per person.

I will also be doing a workshop in Swan Hill, well the lakes between Swan Hill and Kerang.  It is going to start in the afternoon, with some landscape photography, then onto the sunset, hopefully we will get one.  Then off for dinner and back to take photos of the night skies and some more light paintings, should be fun.  Ten places available, so if you live in the area, and want to do some photography with me, let me know.  The cost will be $50 per person.

My Blogs

I love doing this blog, and I love where it has gone just lately and it has been great to hear how much everyone loves some of the posts.  I do enjoy hearing how people are connecting with one scharrietville-9031another through MM, it is fantastic.  However, on the other side of this, I find showing more artistic work is not really possible.  I also find that I would like do more posts on frustrations and me learning what to do or how to do some things.

A decision had to be made and if you are interested in that sort of thing more, then I suggest you keep on eye out on the News Blog on my website, or maybe I should call it my art blog.  I have done various posts on different things, such as today how I found it hard to photograph the rainforests that I visited in Apollo Bay.  If you would like to check it out, here is the link.

Flickr and other Social Media

Last week I told you how I had started a Flickr account and a few of you stated how, though there were too many things, and I thought I might talk about what I do or what I use.

So, why did I start Flickr?  Well because I have had so many scharrietville-9024people telling me how they have got work from it.  It can’t hurt and it means that I also have a nice portfolio of images that I can send people to to look at if they want to see some of my work.  It is one thing about the blog that I find is hard, there are images all over the place, so how do people actually see them?  It seemed like a good way of doing it. So Flickr was started.

There are other sites like it, such at SmugMug where you have to pay to use it.  I decided it wasn’t for me, as I have a photocart which I have already paid for, and I should update it and get it sorted scharrietville-8729to showcase my work as well. Though, the downside is that the only people who will look at it are those that know about my work.

Then there is also 500px, I started using it, but it is designed by photographers for photographers, which is great for showing off your work, but if you are trying to get attention from outside the photographic world, is it really of any use?  There also seems to be something about having to put time in there, you have to like work to get people to like yours. There is only so much time to spend on social media and I am not sure 500px is for me.  I might try it some more, but not right now.

Facebook is something that seems to be a must, I do use my page a lot, and use it to try out images, and make announcements, it is good for that.  I also do Google+, though I have to admit my reasons for G+ is to help with my SEO.  I have scharrietville-8757-2read, several times that putting images on G+ and using it, helps with your rating, so I want to improve that as much as I can.  I actually quite enjoy it and find many of the images on it quite inspiring.

I will leave it there this week, hopefully more happens this coming week.  I’ve been learning some new things and so I thought it would be nice to look at some old photos that I took in Harrietville last year.  If you haven’t seen them before, I hope you enjoy them, and if you have seen them before, then I hope you enjoy seeing them again.

Up for Discussion – Phones with Cameras

Last week I did my first Up for Discussion and I learned so much about black and white photography.  I like this idea of having areas where people can discuss things.  I couldn’t think of what to do today, then as I was going to the hospital this morning for my Physio session I looked up at the outside of the hospital and I saw something and thought, “I have to take a photo”.  Of course I didn’t have my DSLR with me, but I did have my phone.

20140318_080719So I got it out and composed my image and pressed the shutter button.  There was my image.  Is it great, well, it’s not bad.  Would it have been better with my DSLR? Possibly.  Would I like to go back with my DSLR?  Damn straight I do.  Will I? Who knows.

Phones with cameras have come a long way since they first came out.  I can remember asking for a phone that didn’t have a camera.  The photos used to be fairly useless, and if I remember correctly very hard to get them off your phone.  Now Google uploads them to my Google+ albums, doesn’t publish them, but it does mean they are there if I want to use them.  I do find that convenient.  Dropbox does the same thing.
So what are we discussing here?

Good point, I get asked often when I am teaching if I think a camera in an android or iphone will replace DSLRs.  I don’t think they will, you don’t have enough control on the images you take with the phone.  So for the immediate future I can’t see it happening.

1922438_788456054498776_741938710_nOne of the things I do love about my android phone camera is the convenience of it, because I always have my phone with me, then I always have a camera with me.  Let’s face it, not every image has to be serious, and I think the phone camera is great for spontaneous fun shots like the image above.  After taking photos of the sunset in the Docklands, my friend and I put our cameras away, and then we had dinner.  As we were walking back to the car we saw this guy sitting in a shop window.  What a great mannequin/doll.  We both wanted to take photos and without even thinking about it, we got out our phones.  This sort of thing was perfect for the phone.

20130828_165129I often use my phone as a way of letting people know where I am. (The above image was taken inside the National Gallery of Victoria, looking outside through the water wall.) You can take a photo and upload it to facebook or g+ instantly, and then people who like you or follow you know where you have been.  I use it to give people an idea of what photos I might be putting up soon.  I now put most of my images up on google+.

There is definitely a place for this sort of photography.  I know that photographers are out there that use the phone exclusively and have worked out the best way to use it.  I know you can take great photos with them, but I wouldn’t like to be relying on only it.  I have heard of photographers showing up to weddings with just an iphone to take the wedding.  That is very scary.

There are issues that come up with the camera on the phone as well.

20130420_082621Bright light is not your friend with the camera/phone.  You don’t seem to be able to compensate for it.  So you have to try and make it work, I usually just give up and don’t worry about it.

IMG_20120526_132442Instagram is another thing which is great on the phone.  Being able to take photos and play with them a little on the phone, that is apply filters is fun.  It is great to see what you can do to an image.  You can then share them with social media.  I don’t use it as much now as I used to, but I like to play with it every now and then.

I use my the camera on my phone for fun, not much else.  I wouldn’t consider any of the photos I take with it as being great.  Sometimes you might get one that is great, but I usually don’t try too hard.  Though I have to say, the phone does a pretty decent job with a sunset or sunrise.

So do you have a phone with a camera?  How do you use it?  What do you like about it?  What don’t you like?  

Here is a gallery with more of my “fun” images.

Quick reminder, Monochrome Madness Challenge is tomorrows post, so you have only a few hours to get your photos in if you want to be included in this weeks post.

To find out how to submit your image and what size it needs to be, please look at last weeks post.

With This Ring

Most of you know that a couple of weeks ago I photographed a wedding.  It isn’t something I normally do, but Sasha and Bianca saw my portrait shots and wanted me to take some wedding photos for them.  I wasn’t the main photographer there, and I tried to make sure that I didn’t get in his way, but I also managed to get some wonderful shots myself.  They have approved the photos and now I can show you a selection of the 1300 photos I took that day.

LeanneCole-sashbee-20131013-0302-2This one is probably my favourite from the whole day, though there were a lot more that came pretty close.  I put this image up on Facebook on Saturday and was amazed at how many people liked it.

LeanneCole-sashbee-20131013-0857-2I also put this image up on Sunday and again, so many said that they thought it was beautiful.  In truth, it was a beautiful wedding.  A lot of things didn’t go as planned, but we went with it and just did what we had to do.  I managed to get some amazing photos and I do feel really privileged that I was asked to take photos for them.

LeanneCole-sashbee-20131013-0337We tried lots of things, and some worked and some didn’t, but the great thing was that they trusted me and were willing to let me try many things.  The ones that did work were brilliant.  I think having the two photographers worked really well, the other one ended up doing the photos that the groom wanted and I concentrated on the bride and helped her to get what she was after.  Then while he was doing the family photos I went into the reception area and photographed all the little details that I thought she would want, as a reminder of what it looked like on the day.

LeanneCole-sashbee-20131013-1018-2I think you can tell from this image, that the day was crap, it rained on and off, and this was one of the very last photos I got in the city.  As soon as we got into the cars after this it really rained.    Though, it turned out to be good because if it hadn’t rained we would not have got the first photo I showed you.

They were such a beautiful couple and so wonderful to work with.  She kept saying she was being a bridezilla, but really she wasn’t, it was just really easy to see how much it meant to her for the day to go well.  She was never rude, or angry, in fact I thought she was a fantastic client.  I love it.  They wrote me a wonderful review on, what more could you ask for.

I am going to put a lot more into a gallery for you now, and you can browse through them.  I hope you like them as well.  I never thought I wanted to do weddings, but if I could do more like this, I would be very happy.