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Looking at Flowers through a Macro Lens

Last week I spent a wonderful day at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. One of the things I love about going is the range of flowers that are there that you can photograph. The day was perfect for taking photos. The sun was shining and there wasn’t too much wind, sadly the weather didn’t stay that way.

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MIFGS and Catching Up

This past week has been a bit of blur really. I mean that in a good way, but it went so quickly and now I am finding I’m doing catch ups all round.

Dynamic Range Magazine

If you haven’t purchased your copy, then you can do it now at the Shop.


Work Experience

The week was also very busy because I had my first ever work experience student. It was certainly an experience for both of us I think.  It was great fun and I really enjoyed teaching her and showing her around. I loved how involved she got and was so interested to learn. It was funny watching her diving into Photoshop and getting hooked. I know that feeling.  I hope I will see her again in the future.


Digital Photography School

I have another article for you to look at. This one is a tutorial on stacking light trails. Here is the link:

Stacking Light Trails for Night Photography Special Effects

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Or to be more precise the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. It has been on this last week. I went in on Wednesday and had planned on going again, but the weather really took a turn for the worse. I enjoyed what I saw, and you will some of that as the photos today are from there.

I love how you can just go and take photos of the flowers and there isn’t any pressure to buy. There are always some very interesting ones to see as well.

If you are in Melbourne today it is the last day to see it.



As I said the photos today are from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. They were taken with the Tamron 90mm macro 2.8 lens and the Nikon 28-300mm lens. I was very happy to have had both those lens with me, it was like I had everything covered. We went around once, so I could take photos with the macro lens, then went back to take some photos with the other one.

It is a great opportunity to see display gardens, new flowers and what’s new for the garden. It is a photographers feast.

I will be doing some more work on some of the macro shots and will show them in a post soon.

I hope your weekend is going well. We have a few days of colder weather, rain and it has been lovely. So nice not having to turn on the air conditioner.

Weekend Wanderings: Trip to the Zoo

The other day a friend suggested we take a trip to the zoo. They had a special opening for members, well it’s happening every Wednesday this month. We thought it would be good to see the animals early. We didn’t want to see too many, that is one of the wonderful things I love about being a member, you can go anytime you like and just have a quick visit is you want to.

We really only looked at about three or four things, but somethings were surprises. I love the gardens there too and must remember to take my macro lens with me next time. There are some exotic flowers there.

All the images were taken with the Nikon 28-300mm, as I said the other day it really hasn’t been off my camera since I got it. For most things in the zoo it was perfect. I know I keep saying it, but it really is a great lens, and the focal length is brilliant.  I must get some prices, see if I could afford one.

I’m just going to leave you with a few photos now.  I hope your weekend is going well. Mine is a little strange, my eldest daughter has moved out. I am not upset about it, a little worried about her, but I have always thought independence was great for them, so this is real independence. I know she will have a lot of fun.

Weekend Wanderings: Kinglake and Back

On Friday I had another One on One Photography Session and this time we decided to do some landscape photography. First we headed out to Kinglake to see what we could see.

It has been nice to see the countryside here again, especially as spring is happening all around. The weather has been warm, and that also means the snakes are going to be waking up, so care has to be taken as well.


We were looking at lighting and how it can make your images more interesting. It was getting late in the day and we were able to get some great shots of back lit trees. Also trees that are blossoming with the season.


With spring are also flowers and they were everywhere. Lots of wild ones, well they were growing out in the wild, so I assume they are. They are small, most of the ones we saw, and very beautiful.


We were also looking at how the light was hitting certain things. Breaks through the trees and then the light hits some things singling them out. I love light like that and look for it when I can.


My client also wanted to see Banyule Flats and to do the sunset there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much of a sunset, but before it set we looked around some of the other places and got the late afternoon sun shining on the trees over the other side. It was so peaceful there and nice to see it in the late afternoon, I don’t tend to go there at that time very often.

I’m out today, escaping to the coast to get some photos. The weather here is getting warm and summer is definitely on the way, unfortunately. I miss winter already, hopefully there will still be some cooler weather. Still I’m looking forward to spending the day with my friend and seeing what we can find to photograph around the coast.

Here are some more photos from Friday. All the photos in this post were processed in Lightroom CC. I hope you are having a good weekend, and you will be going out to take photos as well.

USA Wanderings: Looking Around Central Park

Yesterday I got to spend some more time with Stacy before she left New York for her home. I felt very lucky that I got to spend a second day with her. She also understood that my feet were not the best and whatever we did had to be easy, so we decided to take it easy and stroll around Central Park.


Of course most people have heard of Central Park, and I’m sure it gets lots and lots of visitors each year, but it was my first time there and I thought it was fantastic. There are so many different parts to it, and each one very different to the last.

As you can see we went to see the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. I was very surprised by how many people were climbing over it, apparently it is the way the artist wanted it, but it made it very hard to get photos.

We had coffee at the boat house which was nice. One thing that I’ve been trying to do is to find places that I know have been in movies that I have seen. One of those places is in Central Park, the Bow Bridge.

central-park-new-york-6611Beautiful bridge that was featured in the movie Highlander. I know it was made 30 years ago, but I love it and have watched it many times since then. I really wanted to find the bridge and take photos of it.


We went to the memorial for John Lennon and saw this.

We left the park at this point and headed out to find somewhere to eat for lunch before having to say good bye. It is so sad doing that. I will go home at the end of next week and I might never see her again, but I encouraged her to come to Australia to visit, I thought that would be really nice.

I shall leave you with more of the images I took in the Park.

USA Wanderings: Mono Lake

After we left Bodie we went to take a look at Mono Lake. A big lake in California that is known for tufas, large mineral deposits I was told. They are quite amazing.

We got there at the wrong time of day, unfortunately and it was really hot, but I got to see it. I haven’t been too concerned this trip with trying to do everything right, I am happy to just go with the flow and see where I end up.

Of course it would have been nice to have got there for a sunrise or sunset, but I didn’t, but I saw it, and in the end that has to be just as good.

I only have a few photos and I need to get going so here are some photos that I took at Mono Lake.

USA Wanderings: Up in the Mountains

Did you know that if you go up to 7000 feet the oxygen is thinner and it is harder to breathe. You also need to keep hydrated, or things start feeling wrong. We arrived up at Lake Tahoe late on Saturday night and then yesterday I started noticing how hard it was to breathe, then I got a headache. I didn’t want to believe it was altitude sickness, which I hadn’t heard about before until Anne was telling us how she had it once. In the end I realized I was dehydrated so once I started drinking more water, a lot more water, then I felt a lot better.

I really didn’t want to miss some gorgeous scenery by being sick.


We went to Squaw Valley to see some big mountains. They were very big and nothing like I had seen before.  We took the tram up to the top to look around.


This was taken in the tram as it was taking off up the mountain. You can see where we were headed.


This is what we travelled in. They are small and there was a lot of people in it. It was hard to take photos with the glass and reflections.


There are chairlifts everywhere for the snow season. I can understand why they are there, but it was hard getting photos without them in it.


Here is the view from the top. Look at those mountains. It was breathtaking, literally breathtaking. It was so incredible to see all of these.


Of course we had to take some photos of the small wildlife going about their business on the flowers. We don’t get bees like this in Australia, so I couldn’t help chasing them. A lot of fun.

I am acclimatizing to the area, and looking forward to exploring more as we travel. I’m really looking forward to today, but tomorrow is going to be amazing.

Here are the above photos and more of the mountains.  Don’t forget you can click on an image to see a bigger version of it.