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A Thank You to My Sponsors

For my trip to the USA I was loaned and given many wonderful things. It was fantastic to get so much support. I think it is time to go through what I was given and talk about how I found them.

Private Sponsor

Of course the first person I need to thank is the wonderful person who made the whole trip possible. I know they want to remain anonymous, but I can’t do a post like this and not say thank


Tamron 15-30mm

you with all my heart. I was given such an amazing gift and experience that no words will ever be able to say enough. I hope they felt that I took the most of it and enjoyed the photos that I took a long the way.

Tamron Australia

I have had a lot of support from Tamron over the last year and when I told them about my trip it was no different. I was asked what lenses would I like to borrow and was allowed to use both. I chose the 15-30mm 2.8 lens and the 28-300mm lens.

The 15-30mm is an incredible lens and so good for doing architecture. I know that I would not have been able to get the image of the ‘Freedom Tower’ like this one if I had not had it. The wide new-york-city-tourist-7696angle makes it perfect for architecture. I didn’t use it a lot, but when the situation arose where it would be good I was very happy that I had it with me.

The 28-300mm was my go to lens for the whole trip. If I was heading out the door and only wanted to take the camera with one lens it was the one that was put on the D750. I loved the versatility of it. How I could do a bit of wide angle, but also so I could zoom in. It was with me everywhere. Without a doubt the best focal length lens I had for the trip. Now I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t get the lens for myself.

If there was one thing I didn’t like about it, that would have been that you got vignetting at the 300mm end. It wasn’t bad, but noticeable. I just learned to work with it, or crop it out.

So my thanks go to Tamron for allowing me to use their lenses on my trip. It was a great experience and I never felt that I wasn’t covered with the lenses.


I was given a Lowepro Pro Runner II AW 350. When I first got it I thought it was small. How was I going to fit what I needed into it? However once I started packing it I seemed to find space for


Tamron 28-300mm, JOBY GorillaPod

everything, with some left over. I took two camera bodies, 4 lenses, my laptop, and various smaller items with me. It all went in that bag.

I weighed it just before I left and it hit the scales at around 8 kilos. It was heavy, but when I was wearing the bag it didn’t feel like that. It was such a comfortable bag to have on your back, that the weight didn’t seem an issue. It certainly was the right bag for my trip.

Thank you Lowepro for allowing me to use one of your bags for my adventure.


I was loaned a gorrillapod from JOBY and I loved the flexibility of it, what I could use it for and where. You really can use them anywhere. I had it wrapped around the top of rail to take photos


Tamron 28-300mm

of a sunset one night. I had the camera on it for the Flatiron building. You can put it anywhere. I started just taking it with me, just in case. It is something that I want to have permanently in my kit now. I can’t believe I have been doing photography for all this time and haven’t had one before.

I also used a UltraFit Sling Strap while I was away. It was fantastic. I’ve never used a strap like this and it was so easy to swing the camera around to take photos. Very simple and I didn’t lose any hair while using it. The current strap on my D800 often pulls my hair out when I’m trying to take photos.

Great products and I want to thank JOBY for making me aware of them and I know I will be looking for future items.


My Merrell Moab Hiking shoes were just fantastic. They were great in California and I think they saved my feet in New York. I had an idea that I would be walking a lot in NYC, but I don’t really think I had any clue on how big the city really was. It is so big and you walk a long way all the


Tamron 15-30mm

time. My feet just weren’t used to it, I wasn’t used to it. If I had had any other shoes I know my ankles, knees and my whole legs would have really suffered, so I was so grateful that I had very good hiking shoes for the trip.

I love Merrell shoes now, and have just purchased another pair for summer. I think there will always be Merrells in my wardrobe now. Thank you Merrell for looking after my feet while I was away.

Nikon Australia

The last sponsor I need to thank is Nikon Australia. It was a last minute sponsorship, but we got there. They loaned me the Nikon D750 camera and a 35mm lens.

The D750 was fantastic to have. I really enjoyed how easy it was to adjust to and use. It is a little smaller and lighter than the D800 so it was nice to carry around. I love a camera that feels good in your hand and it certainly was.

There were two things I really liked about it, one was the tilt screen. It was nice to be able to adjust the screen in some situations so you could see what you were getting. Like holding the


Nikon 24-70mm

camera up high to take photos of something. It was great for using the camera in positions where you couldn’t see through the viewfinder.

I loved, loved, loved the WiFi on the camera. Being able to connect the camera to my phone so I could use those photos for Social Media was a such an advantage. It took a while to get it to work, I have an android phone, but once it was sorted out, I never had another problem. Most of the photos from New York that I put on Social Media were taken with the D750.

I didn’t use the 35mm lens as much as I thought I would. I liked it, but I think I am a zoom girl. I like lenses that have more choice. I know a prime or fixed lens has superior quality, but in the end I didn’t like that I couldn’t use it for many things. It has a lot more limits.

It was a surprise that Nikon would lend me the camera and I was so grateful to them for it. I really enjoyed using it, so much so that my D800 was used very rarely. It was a great camera, and definitely something to consider if I decide to get another one. Thank you Nikon Australia with letting me borrow the camera.


As I said, such an amazing experience. It was fantastic to do it with so many people wanting to sponsor me and support me while I was there.  Fantastic really. All the photos I’ve shown before, they were all taken with the Nikon D750 with the lens at the caption.

USA Wanderings: Saying Goodbye to New York

It is hard to believe that this trip was in the planning for over a year, but here we are at the end of the end of it. This will be my last blog post from New York, or from the USA. I have met some amazing people and had such a great time. I have seen so many wonderful things, and well, I’m looking forward to getting home and looking at the over 8000 photos that I have taken on my large computer screen.

My last day started early as we were going to go somewhere, but I had to take the sunrise from the balcony, as I have done nearly every morning I’ve been here.

We were up early with plans for a trip to Riverside Park to do some long exposures that I found when out with Robert last Saturday. The plan was to do some long exposusres, and it was nice to try the filters while here.

Back home for breakfast before heading to the subway.

My last trip on the subway. I am not sure I will miss this aspect of the trip.

We then headed to Central Park one last time to just look around and relax. We met up with another WordPress blogger, Sherry.

It was a lovely way to spend time on my last full day here.

I have enjoyed the experience of travelling here, and I do really need to thank so many people. First of all my sponsor who made the whole trip possible, then the friends that allowed me to stay with them while I was here. It has been so good to get to know them so much more.

I also have to thank Merrell for my walking shoes, they really helped me out and they were so good to wear here.

Tamron Australia for lending me the two lens. I found the 28-300mm a great all round lens and really was the first choice of lens in nearly every situation. The 15-30mm was great for architecture and some big city landscapes.

Lowepro bags, that bag, the Pro Runner AW II, was comfortable to use and seemed to carry so much gear, it was a great asset on this trip.

Joby Gorillapod and Camera strap, well I didn’t use the gorillapod as much as I thought, but it was great in some situations. I might have to get one I think. The camera strap was on the camera the whole time, and was comfortable to use and never pulled out my hair, bit bonus. It will be something I will continue using.

Lastly I have to thank Nikon Australia for lending me the D750 and the 35mm lens. I haven’t used the lens as much as I thought I might, but nearly every photo I have taken here, around 7000, probably more, were taken with the D750. I finally got the wifi working and being able to download photos from the camera to my phone meant I could use great photos for social media like Instagram. I am really going to miss that when the camera is returned to Nikon next week.

My bags are packed, well almost, just a couple of last minute things to get in the bags. I’m checked in and all set to head home tomorrow. It is going to be a long trip, but I hope it will be much better than the trip getting here, I really want to sleep this time.

I would also like to thank you for following me along on my trip. I have loved hearing from you and I hope when I get back to Australia you will enjoy following me on my trip there.  I will talk to you when I get back home.

USA Wanderings: San Francisco

Some much needed sleep has been had and I am feeling so much better now. I slept for 12 hours the other night, it was great.  When I woke the following morning I felt more myself and ready to get out to take photos.

I had prearranged with Dan Shehan to catch up with him and take photos in San Francisco on the third, the Wednesday when I arrived. So into San Francisco I went to meet him. I love meeting people that I have known on the blog, it is fantastic.

I have to admit the only thing I really wanted to see while there was the Golden Gate Bridge. Dan had asked me how I wanted to see the city, as a tourist or a photographer, and I said definitely as a photographer. So he picked a few places for us to go and see the bridge.


My view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I took this out the car window.  Not a great shot, but I kinda like it.  I can’t do too much processing here, the laptop I have with me is very small and it is hard to see exactly what I am doing, so I will have to wait until I get home and my 27inch monitor.

I used the Nikon D750 for most of the day, I think the last night shot I have to show you was taken the D800.


Perhaps having the fog or low cloud is not what a lot of people would like to see, but I loved it. For me it said welcome to San Francisco. I couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to get something like that.  This was taken with the Nikon D750 and Dan lent me his 28-300mm Nikon lens, it will be good to compare it with the Tamron one, which I also used a lot. The Tamron 28-300mm is most definitely the lens I seem to be using the most here.

We took lots of photos of the bridge from different angles, but I won’t bore you with them all now, I do have more for the gallery, but not many. I will bore you with them over the next couple of months.

There are things that I want to do here, and one is to try foods that I’ve heard about, but we don’t really get in Australia. So I asked Dan about an American Cheeseburger, and he suggested we go to Mel’s Diner.


A Diner, such an American thing to me. I loved it, and the cheeseburger was fantastic. I felt like I was in the movie Grease. It seemed a bit like stepping back in time and our waiter really fitted the image I had. Brilliant experience.

We did drive around the steep streets and I saw a cable car, well a couple really. We didn’t go on them, we just looked. We went to the most crooked street in the world. though it was really hard to see it.


Dan took us to the Palace of Fine Arts. I tried the Tamron 15-30mm there on the D750 and it is a great lens. Also a beautiful place to take photos. We were getting the late afternoon sun coming through it and it was giving lovely shadows. Dan and I changed lenses again and I tried taking photos with the Nikon 28-300mm as well.

Then we went down to Crissy Field to see if we could get a sunset image behind the bridge.


We got a little colour, but not a lot. It was because I was there, really. I never seem to get really amazing sunsets. I did like the image above with the container ship heading out to sea.

Our final destination was to take some night shots of the Bay Bridge.


I used the D800 and my 24-70mm for this, as I wanted to do a 4 minute exposure and my intervalometer won’t go on the D750. I was pretty happy with this.

I guess one of the challenges when you are travelling is knowing that you may only get one chance to take photos so you have to take as many images as you can, but at the same time enjoy the experience as well. I think you have to be content with what you get, you might get the perfect conditions, but chances are you won’t, so go with it, it will be your experience of the place.

The time went so fast, and it was sunset before we knew it. It was a great day and I want to thank Dan for showing me around his place. I can tick the Golden Gate Bridge and a cheeseburger off the list now.

I used a lot of the gear that has been loaned to me. The Lowepro Pro Runner AW II is working out well. The Tamron Lens was brilliant and the Joby camera strap I’m trying out has been amazing. I can’t forget my Merrell hiking shoes which were a godsend and kept my feet comfortable all day.

I am way behind in approving comments and responding, but I will get to them. Sorry for the delay.  I’m off again today to Santa Cruz, so another day of taking photos.  Here are the above images and a few more from yesterday.

USA Wanderings: Packing

Well I’m still not there, but I will be on my way tomorrow. So starting from today my posts are all going to be about my trip, at least for the next 4 weeks.

There is going to be one exception, and that will be tomorrow’s Monochrome Madness. I am ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1131going to do it a day earlier and then will start my posts on my trip when I get to the USA. I will be working on MM today, and so far the entries for Urban look fantastic.

I’m a bit nervous, but overall very excited and really can’t wait to get there. I feel all over the place today. Hopefully I can get what I have to get done done.


That is what I am planning on doing today. I’ve got a list, and I’m slowing adding things to the ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1027bag. It is almost full and almost everything is in it.

It is all the camera gear that I’m worried about the most. The Nikon D750 arrived the other day, along with a 35mm lens. I went out yesterday and played with it. I wanted to make sure everything was good with it before I went. I was rather impressed with it.

I was checking out the Joby website, they made the gorillapod I am taking and saw they had some rather good camera straps, so I am waiting today and hoping the one that has been sent to me arrives. I think it will be perfect for the trip.

My new Lowepro Pro Rnner II bag is filling up nicely. The two Tamron lenses are already in it, along with the D750 and the 35mm lens. I’m taking my 24-70mm as well. I have also decided to take my own camera as well . There are some things that I want to do and I don’t have the cables for the D750 to do them. They ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1282haven’t taken up a lot of room in the bag, which is good.

The gorillapod and my friends travel tripod will be with my check in luggage, along with my some of my Formatt Hitech filters.

My Merrell hiking shoes have been packed and ready for some serious hiking, I don’t know if I’m ready or up for it, but I will see.

Digital Photography School

I’ve had another article published. I did one on my favourite or my go to lens, which is my Nikon 24-70mm, most definitely the lens I can’t live without.

Here is the link to the article, Writer’s Favourite Lens – Nikon 24-70 mm F2.8.


The photos today, as I said were taken with the Nikon D750 and I had the Tamron 28-300mm ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1465lens on it. They both performed rather well. So I thought I would show you a selection of the images. A friend and I did a ferry ride from Southbank to Williamstown. It takes about 55 minutes for the trip and the same back. We got off at Williamstown and had lunch there, wandered around a bit and then caught it back.

It was a great way to spend the day and I would really recommend it. The best thing was that you go to see some places that you wouldn’t normally see.

I going to leave it here now, I have to get MM done and finish packing.