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An Interview with Nikon

When I went to the US last year I was loaned some gear from Nikon Australia and part of the deal was that I would allow them to interview me when I returned. The interview was published this month and if you have an iPad . . . . . {Continue Reading}


Weekend Wanderings: Trip to the Zoo

The other day a friend suggested we take a trip to the zoo. They had a special opening for members, well it’s happening every Wednesday this month. We thought it would be good to see the animals early. We didn’t want to see too many, that is one of the wonderful things I love about being a member, you can go anytime you like and just have a quick visit is you want to.

We really only looked at about three or four things, but somethings were surprises. I love the gardens there too and must remember to take my macro lens with me next time. There are some exotic flowers there.

All the images were taken with the Nikon 28-300mm, as I said the other day it really hasn’t been off my camera since I got it. For most things in the zoo it was perfect. I know I keep saying it, but it really is a great lens, and the focal length is brilliant.  I must get some prices, see if I could afford one.

I’m just going to leave you with a few photos now.  I hope your weekend is going well. Mine is a little strange, my eldest daughter has moved out. I am not upset about it, a little worried about her, but I have always thought independence was great for them, so this is real independence. I know she will have a lot of fun.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

It has been a crazy week, but also a very satisfying one. I’ve been concentrating on getting the magazine finished and trying to finish articles for Digital Photography School. I got asked to write a post for someone else which was nice.  I was also interviewed, which was fun. So good week really.

Dynamic Range Magazine

Tsteavensons-falls-marysville-macro-morning-076he publishing date we have fixed for this is Novemeber 10th, so next Tuesday. Australian time of course. So I hope you are all ready to purchase the second edition.

I don’t mind saying that I think it is even better than the first one. We are still finding our way with the layout, but it is
looking really nice. It is looking very steavensons-falls-marysville-waterfall-morning-069spacious and the photos look incredible. We are hoping to get the cover page done today so we can start showing you what it is going to look like.

I also need to find out how to market it. It is not something I am very good at. It is one thing to produce it, but how to get word out about it, well that is another thing. I thought this blog would be good for that, but seems most people aren’t interested in the magazine, so I need to find another way of marketing it. If you have some ideas, love to hear them.

Dynamic Range Magazine on Social Media

We started a Facebook for Dynamic Range Magazine and if you are interested in following it, the link is also there.  You can keep up to date with what is happening there. I will get better at doing things on it.

We hare also on Instagram and you can follow us there on this link, DynamicRangeMagazine. We are hoping to encourage women photographers to #dynamicrangemagazine or put @dynamicrangemagazine with the opportunity of being black-spur-rainforest-trees-morning-059featured on the page. It is small now, but we hope it will grow. All I have to do now is work out how to share the photos on the page. I’m sure I will work it out.

Being Interviewed

I was interviewed by Nikon last week about my trip to the US, and my photography in general. I’ve never been interviewed like that before, actually I’ve never been interviewed before, so itblack-spur-rainforest-trees-morning-067 was quite exciting. I couldn’t sleep the night before, I was so worrried I would say something really stupid. I didn’t thank goodness. I think the interview is going to be featured in the Nikon digital magazine. Hopefully they won’t decide that I was too boring.

I am doing a podcast next week. I will give you more details on that then, but thought I would mention that I am being interviewed live about the magazine. Hopefully that will help with getting the word out there about how good it is.


That has basically been my week so far. Busy as always, but good busy. I have some older photos for you today. They were taken 12 months ago on a trip to Marysville. I haven’t been there in a while, so it’s been nice to look back. I hope you enjoy seeing them again.

USA Wanderings: Looking at Big Mountains in Yosemite

This trip has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life. I had initially thought that I would get to see a little of California and a lot of New York, but my friends have outdone themselves. I’ve seen things that I only ever dreamed about and Yosemite National Park is a place I never thought I would ever see.yosemite-california-national-park-9284

The sign as we came in.

I didn’t have any real expectations and, again, was happy to go with the flow and just enjoy it. We were there for such a short time, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do everything, so some things were better than nothing. For me it was just so exciting to go and be able to say that I had been, that was enough for me.


My first view of Half Dome. You hear so much about this particular one and I was so happy to see it for the first time. Though seriously everywhere you look you will see an amazing scene, so much so that many of the photos I have for you today were taken out the car window. I couldn’t stop.


On the way there we could see plumes of smoke and there was a fire somewhere, but also signs saying it was under control. The smoke provided some interesting effects, especially with the North Dome above. We think the fire was on the other side of this.

We were staying almost across the road from here, and to the right was Half Dome, we couldn’t believe how well we picked the place to stay in, Curry Village. ThoughI have to say that I had the worst meal I’ve had since being here there, and the cabins are so basic and not that great, but you pay so much for them. The place really was set up to take as much money as they could from the tourists. We also had no internet for over a day which was a shock. It was only for one night, so it was bearable.


Since we were so close we did some night shots as well. Mine didn’t turn out that well as the there is movement in the stars. Not sure what I did, but it gives you an idea.


The next morning we went out early to see what we could get. We were on foot, but we didn’t mind. I think what we got was great. Then we went back for breakfast and hit the road.  We stopped a few times on the way out to look at more mountains. Really a fantastic experience, and now I’ve been there.

I was shooting with every lens I had, the two Tamron ones and the Nikon ones. I used the D750 and the D800. I made the most of them all. They all performed well. I am really liking the kit I have with me. The Lowepro Pro Runner II AW has been fantastic. I can’t believe how small it looks, but how much I can fit into it. Shh don’t let the airlines know that it weighs a ton.

I am going to leave you with a gallery now of my photos. Again there is a lot. I’ve had a lovely day today just sitting around and playing with my photos. It has been really nice.

USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey

On my third day here Anne from SLOW SHUTTER SPEED picked me up and we went down to Santa Cruz and finished the day in Monterey getting a sunset. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Anne, she was a lot of fun.


The place we went to was the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Lots of games, rides and colours there. We didn’t go on any rides, but it was gorgeous place by the sea. The weather was stunning and in complete contrast to what we had the day before.

It was my first time to a broadwalk, it was a lot of fun.


We went down to the pier and walked along it and then went to see the sea lions underneath it. They were lying around resting around, they were fun to watch.

We went to Olitas for lunch and I had my first taco there, and they are nothing like what we get in Australia. I did put a photo of it on Instagram. I had a blackened fish taco and it was so nice, really good. I can’t believe, a taco and a beer for $6, best lunch ever. Olitas have that special every Tuesday and Thursday.


On the way to Monterey we stopped off at Capitola. A quaint little seaside town with colourful buildings. We didn’t stay long, but it was beautiful. Would have been nice to do a sunset there, but in the end we decided to go to Monterey instead. If I ever get back here this is one place I would like to see again and explore more.


We got to Monterey just as the sun was setting. We found this beach that was very rocky, but the rocks were really nice and sculptural. I liked taking photos of them. I was using the D750 but because I don’t have a remote shutter release for it I couldn’t really do any long exposures for it.

The above photo was taken with my  Nikon 24-70mm lens, while the rest of the images were taken with the Tamron 28-300mm. I am loving that lens, I love how versatile it is. I am finding myself favouring it quite a bit.

I’ve been using the Nikon D750 most of the time and finding it great, though not having the right cables for some things can be annoying, but that’s to be expected when you are only borrowing it. I have had trouble connecting the wifi and my phone so I can send photos to my phone to load up to Facebook or Instagram, but finally got it working yesterday so will try and see if I can get it working again today.

The Merrell shoes have been fantastic and have been on my feet everyday. I am so glad I got them for this trip and everywhere I go and tell people my shoes are Merrell they tell me they love their Merrell shoes as well. It is like we are a little club.

I also got a new camera strap from Joby and I’m really enjoying that as well. I like how it feels when I am wearing it and how it is easy to slide around to use the  camera.

I have a few more photos for you now. Theses are the photos from Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey.

USA Wanderings: Packing

Well I’m still not there, but I will be on my way tomorrow. So starting from today my posts are all going to be about my trip, at least for the next 4 weeks.

There is going to be one exception, and that will be tomorrow’s Monochrome Madness. I am ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1131going to do it a day earlier and then will start my posts on my trip when I get to the USA. I will be working on MM today, and so far the entries for Urban look fantastic.

I’m a bit nervous, but overall very excited and really can’t wait to get there. I feel all over the place today. Hopefully I can get what I have to get done done.


That is what I am planning on doing today. I’ve got a list, and I’m slowing adding things to the ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1027bag. It is almost full and almost everything is in it.

It is all the camera gear that I’m worried about the most. The Nikon D750 arrived the other day, along with a 35mm lens. I went out yesterday and played with it. I wanted to make sure everything was good with it before I went. I was rather impressed with it.

I was checking out the Joby website, they made the gorillapod I am taking and saw they had some rather good camera straps, so I am waiting today and hoping the one that has been sent to me arrives. I think it will be perfect for the trip.

My new Lowepro Pro Rnner II bag is filling up nicely. The two Tamron lenses are already in it, along with the D750 and the 35mm lens. I’m taking my 24-70mm as well. I have also decided to take my own camera as well . There are some things that I want to do and I don’t have the cables for the D750 to do them. They ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1282haven’t taken up a lot of room in the bag, which is good.

The gorillapod and my friends travel tripod will be with my check in luggage, along with my some of my Formatt Hitech filters.

My Merrell hiking shoes have been packed and ready for some serious hiking, I don’t know if I’m ready or up for it, but I will see.

Digital Photography School

I’ve had another article published. I did one on my favourite or my go to lens, which is my Nikon 24-70mm, most definitely the lens I can’t live without.

Here is the link to the article, Writer’s Favourite Lens – Nikon 24-70 mm F2.8.


The photos today, as I said were taken with the Nikon D750 and I had the Tamron 28-300mm ferry-williamstown-nikonD750-river-1465lens on it. They both performed rather well. So I thought I would show you a selection of the images. A friend and I did a ferry ride from Southbank to Williamstown. It takes about 55 minutes for the trip and the same back. We got off at Williamstown and had lunch there, wandered around a bit and then caught it back.

It was a great way to spend the day and I would really recommend it. The best thing was that you go to see some places that you wouldn’t normally see.

I going to leave it here now, I have to get MM done and finish packing.

UfD: Making Changes

While I am away next month the blog is going to be different. I am taking a break from the usual blogging that I do, but that also leaves me with the question, do I continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing when I come back?

One thing I’m thinking of doing is ditching the Up for Discussion Posts, (UfD). I had hoped lake-albacutya-fires-sand-dunes434when I started them that I would get lots of people wanting to guest post, but it never really happened. I had some people say they wanted to do it, but then nothing came of it. It is very hard trying to come up with a topic each week. I thought I could do tutorials, but they are very time consuming to do properly and one tutorial could take me a day to do. At this stage I think it is best to stop them.

I will probably still do some posts discussing something, but not every week. I have thought of not posting on a Friday, or perhaps looking at an image that I have done and discussing what I did to it and why. My motivation behind it. I used to do that a lot, but I somewhere a long the way I stopped, so I would like to get back to doing that as I did enjoy it.

lake-albacutya-fires-sand-dunes443As for the rest of the blog, I’m not sure yet. I think I will continue the Introduction posts, they always seem to be well received. Again, I just have to find people.

Monochrome Madness will continue, that is if people want it too.

I want to keep doing the Weekend Wanderings because it means I have to get out and take photos for them. I can be quite lazy, so having those posts means I have to go and lake-albacutya-fires-sand-dunes438take photos. I might do one as a quick one, with a few photos and then other more detailed. Not sure yet, will see how I go. I have some ideas, but I need to think on them some more.

At this stage my Bits and Bobs post will probably stay, I do enjoy doing that one as well. A great way for me to share what I’m doing. Basically my whole trip is going to be one of those.

Is there anything you would like to see me doing? I’m happy to listen, but will depend on what it is as to whether I will do it.

I still love doing this blog and love the friendships I’ve made through it, but things are getting lake-albacutya-fires-sand-dunes456busy, so I might need to streamline it a little. I want to continue doing it and enjoying it, I don’t want it to become something I have to do.

The photos today were taken almost a year ago in the Mallee around Lake Albacutya. I won’t be there next month, but hoping to get back to take a look before the year is out.

Before I go, I had some good news yesterday and had to share, Nikon will be lending me a D750 for my trip and a 35mm lens. It will be fun to try out a new camera while away.