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Wanderings from the USA: Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey

Things are taking longer to get back to usual that I thought, and getting out to take photos here at home hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Still with thousands of photos from the USA I still have lots to show you. I also realized that while I was away I showed you some photos of places, but from the same place there are still many more I can show.

I visited Santa Cruz, Capitola and Monterey on my third day in the US. I also did a post on it back there, USA Wanderings: Santa Cruz to Monterey, so today I thought I would go through the folder and show you some more of those photos.

I’m not going to talk about them, I think you can see what they are.  It is the weekend here, and things have to be sorted out. I need to get on with some stuff, so I hope you have a safe and productive weekend.

Weekend Wanderings: Cape Otway Lighthouse

It is hard to visit Apollo Bay and not take a trip to Cape Otway Lighthouse. At first Karen and I were disappointed with the weather as it was raining on and off, but once we got there we realized the white buildings were going to be set off really well against the dark brooding sky.


The lighthouse is the hero there, but unlike other lighthouses I really didn’t want to take photos of it up close. I like the surroundings it was set in and with the wet weather it really set it off.


If you have paid all the money to go in you should go up the lighthouse. It is quite amazing what you can see from it. There is the long path to it and one of the volunteers as they finish their shift in the top.


They turned on the light for us, though it is no long used, there is a newer smaller light in front of the old lighthouse now.


It was quite amazing watching the storm out at sea, you almost couldn’t tell where the horizon was. I love the way the sky morphes into the sea almost. This had just past, but it wasn’t long before more passed over us.

The weather wasn’t great, I think I said that already, but we were thankful that while it did rain, it wasn’t a consistent rain. We knew if we headed indoors when it was raining it wouldn’t be long before we could head out again. I have to say, and I know  you will agree, that the stormy weather really added a lot more drama to the images.

It feels like the weekend is over, but I know it isn’t. The last few days with Karen have been wonderful and now I feel like I could sleep for quite a while. I plan on taking things a little easy today and catch up on few things.  I hope you are having a great time where you are, maybe taking some photos.

Here is a gallery with the above images and some others that I took at Cape Otway Lighthouse. Don’t forget you can click on the individual images to see a bigger version.

Weekend Wanderings: Hanging Around Pearse Road Beach in Blairgowrie

A couple of weekends ago I spent the weekend in Sorrento and Blairgowrie taking photos around the beaches. It was great weather for the weekend and we managed to get to a few beaches. One we seemed to spend a lot of time at was Pearse Road Beach. It has some strange shelf type things in the water and we thought they would be great for some long exposures.

When we got there we realized the tide was coming in and we couldn’t do a lot. We ended up heading up the cliff and doing some shots looking down at the water and the rocks below  We also hung around for the sunset.

The next afternoon we looked at the tide charts and headed back there, but got there before the tide came in, so low tide. We still missed low tide, but got to see the shelf things, or rocks again.  We also did more photos from the cliff.  We didn’t do sunset here this time. You will have to wait for another post to see those.

I am going to put all the photos into a gallery for you now. I have written under some Friday Evening for the ones taken then, and then Saturday Afternoon for the return trip.

I’m away, I think I told you already, hopefully getting some great photos.  I hope you have some great plans for the weekend as well.

Weekend Wanderings: Another Trip to Flinders

As I mentioned yesterday I spent another morning at Flinders a few weeks ago for Social Snappers. It was a different morning and the sea was angrier.  There was no sunlight until later in the morning and definitely not while we were at the blowhole.  We went for breakfast and then down to the pier.


It was threatening rain the whole time and we did think we would get some, but we didn’t.  Windy was really how it was. There is such a mixture of colours over the rocks.


The waves were banging against the rocks and I was trying my best to get the waves as they exploded.


There was a heap of foam in the water.  I don’t know, it was really disgusting, but I don’t know what it was. Any ideas?


We went into Flinders for breakfast. While we were sitting out the front there was a big commotion out the front of the place we were at, in the main street.  It turns out a koala was crawling along the ground and then climbed up a tree. Not something you see every day in towns. I took this with my phone and put it on Instagram.


After breakfast we went down to Flinders pier, though we walked in the opposite direction towards this old pier, not much of this one left.  You can see the sky had cleared and the sun was out in little bits.  It did turn out to be a lovely day.

I’m off on another adventure today, exploring yet another part of my wonderful state.  Not sure if I will get a lot of photography done, suspect it will be more of a scouting trip, check it out for future trips.

I have all the above photos and a whole lot more for you to look at and will put them into a gallery for you. I hope your weekend isn’t as wet as mine.

Up for Discussion: Favourite Places to Take Photos

Can you believe it I’ve had a major computer problem and have to reinstall everything. I downloaded something and got a virus that we could not get rid of, and the only option was to start from scratch.  It is going to take me a couple of days get everything back to normal before I got the bug.  I just hope it is gone now.

So a short post today, and thought we might extend the post I did a few weeks ago where we talked about taking photos in your backyard, or around where you live, but I think we all have places that are not close that we love to go and take photos.I thought we could look at those places that we like to go and take photos, then maybe why.

If I had to tell you the places where I like to go and take photos, I think there would be three. I know these are places that I love planning to go to and finding new places to photograph.

The Mallee

The Mallee

The Mallee

This is the area I’ve been to a lot, and perhaps because I grew up around the area there is a special affinity to the place for me.  I find this once prosperous area fascinating, perhaps because it is such a harsh area environmentally.  The area is having big problems with salt and now the landscape is changing again.  It is quite interesting, though having my mum still up there means I can visit anytime I like, get accommodation and just take photos.

The City

The City

The City

I love going into the city of Melbourne and exploring what is there, taking photos.  It is great photographing the same things over, though they always seem different. Then there are the new discovers when you find some new area that you didn’t realize was there before.  I haven’t explored it nearly enough and I really need to do a lot more.

The Victorian Coast

The Coast

The Coast

The coast along Victoria is quite amazing really.  There are areas where it is really rough and other areas where it is calm and gentle.  The weather can change the mood of the sea and I like that I never know what I will get. There is a real unpredictableness about it.  I know that isn’t a word, but that is what I think.

They are in no particular order, but they are probably my three favourites places away from where I live.  I will travel to them, stay there, do what is necessary to take photos there.

Do you have favourite places that you like to go and take photos of? Why do you like them.

Sorry this is a quick one today, as I said, my computer is starting from scratch and I have a lot of work to do on it.  I also have to spend some time with my mum, she arrived yesterday.  So much to do.  I won’t be going to any of my favourite places today or this weekend.  Here are some photos from those places.

Quiet Thursdays: The Calm After the Mess

It has been a lovely week, and I’ve had plenty of time to sit around home and just enjoy being here.  I’ve been doing some writing, but not much editing of my photos.  We have had some rewiring done in our house, so limited internet, no big computer, so no access to my photos. It will be great when it is all done, but it means I haven’t been able to do everything. The network in the house will finally be much better as well.

I have been working on a couple of photos.  Not really sure about them, but I was trying out on them what I did to the flowers the other day.  I think these might need more experimentation.  Time will tell, will see what I get. I’ve had both photos on facebook, only the first on G+, but before I put the second one in this post I made some changes to it.

I’m off to clean up the house and get it sorted after the massive upheaval.  I also need to spend some time our cat Tiddles, who is very confused and frightened from everything.  He doesn’t like men, and having electricians in the house working has upset him a lot.  I hope you have a lovely day and maybe catch up some things as well.

Weekend Wanderings: The Pier at Flinders

Last weekend a friend and I had planned on doing some hiking at Cape Schanck, but when we got there it was raining, so change of plans.  The forecast didn’t look great and since we have only just started this, we weren’t so keen to start a walk and then get a certain point where it started raining and we couldn’t get back.  There were other places around there and we thought we might go and check them out.  One was in Flinders.  We had been to Flinders before, but found nothing there, then another friend asked if I knew about the pier there, so we went hunting for it.


As you can see I have another pier for you today, though this one was taken on the other side of the bay and there is no light house here.  It is a much different one to the one at Point Lonsdale, this seem more serious, with all the boats and there were a lot of people around around.  I really liked the way the sun was hitting the water and ground.


Here is the boat ramp again that I did the image of for Monochrome Madness this last week. I am fairly certainly it is really a relic now, but it makes a great subject for photos.


You have to love a pier you can walk under and take photos.  This one is so large, and with the old next to the new, it was an interesting one.  I love all the wooden posts and the marks that different tides make on them


One of the things that got us were the patterns in the sand. They were so beautiful and we kept taking photos of them.  It is not often that I see a shore line with sand that I just want to take photos, but here I did.  They were so sculptured and textual, just beautiful.  There will be lots more to see in the gallery.


There were some unusual rocks there as well, like this round one.  I know this would have made a great long exposure, but I had left my tripod in the car, next time.


We went for a walk along the pier too and photographed some of the boats.  It was so calm there, the water was beautiful, I seem to use that word a lot, but it was.

We walked around quite a bit, and though the area isn’t that big, when you divide the place up into smaller parts, and then the whole, you can end up with quite a lot of photos.  I was so surprised at how many I got, and the early morning light was just brilliant.  I think I like shooting early morning, such a shame these places are so far away to get photos.

I have got another map for you so you can see where we were.

Here is another gallery, lots of photos from around the pier.  After taking photos we headed into Flinders for breakfast, we found a lovely spot that was very busy, but had great food. I hope you are out and about this weekend.  It is raining here this morning, hopefully it will clear before I head into the city this afternoon for the first Sunday Social Snappers Excursion for the year. Take care.