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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: A Slow Week

There’s no point pretending that it has been a busy week, it has, but not really in the ways you would normally expect. I’ve been spending more time writing for Digital Photography School. I think I just had a few days too where I just wanted to relax and not take much in. I was feeling quite lazy. Let’s see what I’ve got to tell you.

Trip to the USA

I’ve been trying to see if I can get some sponsors for the trip. I will be borrowing a couple of Tamron Lenses, and I have a ripponleal-20131011-8956Lowepro bag to try out on my trip. So I decided to see if I could get some other sponsors.

One thing that I thought would be good would be a travel tripod.  I sent an email to Gitzo to talk to them about the possibility and got nothing back, never heard from them.  I sent an email to Manfrotto and got some generic email back saying if they were interested they would let me know, needless to say I didn’t hear anything back. Then I sent an email to Right Stuff, and they were quick in their response, they couldn’t help me, but at least they responded.

I have to wonder if I am in a good position to get things like this. I did try sending an email to Merrell about maybe lending ripponleal-20131011-8905me a pair of hiking shoes for the trip, but I did only send it today, so who knows. I do love their shoes, well, I’ve only got one pair, but I wear them everywhere these days when I’m going to take photos. I can’t believe how comfortable they are.

It seems that I’m set for the trip and today when I looked at my tickets they said that I was leaving in 70 days, wow, so soon, I will be there before I know it.


I’ve spent a lot of time this afternoon trying to get my computer working. Seems I have a small problem with shutting it down and then getting it to turn back on. I had a technician here all afternoon and it seems the problem isn’t quite fixed, but shouldn’t take too long.

Learning from Me

I’m supposed to use this day to remind you that I can teach you photography as well, so if you are in Melbourne or coming here then you can book a One on One Photography session. I can teach you photography as we wander around the city taking photos. For more information click here.

ripponleal-20131011-8896If you can’t get here then I also do online courses, you can book, one, three or five sessions with me. For more information then please click here.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

I don’t usually talk about television here but I’ve been watching Miss Fisher on television and I find it such a thrill when they have buildings in it that I recognize. It is filmed in Melbourne, and set in the 1920’s. It is not a very serious show, but I love it. the costumes are great, but what I love is the architecture. I especially love it when it is a building that I have been too and love or recognize.

One of those buildings is Ripponlea. I’ve been there a couple of times and today I thought I might share with you some photos that I’ve taken there of the gardens. They are always so beautiful and they photograph so nicely.

Today I’m just going to leave it there today. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Things Returning

Tuesday is here again, how quickly it comes around.  Things have been happening here, though perhaps I’m still going out and taking too many photos. I know, I can’t help it, but I also have to think it is a good thing, I do need to take photos, but I also need to speed time at home.  I know I keep saying this, and I am getting better. Anyway, let’s see what else has been happening.

Tamron Sp 150-600mm Lens

I knew it was going to happen eventually, then again, I was hoping Maxwell International Australia might forget that I had the lens, but it seems they have decided they do need it back. I was gutted when I heard that. I have been very lucky and got to use it for a while and I’m fairly certain that my next lens will be this one.

banyuleflats-tawny-frogmouth-australia-birds-1025I have loved having it and using it.  It has been great for the birds, not only those around me but in other places as well. The Melbourne Zoo was a brilliant place to try it out. The images I got from there were amazing, I was so happy with them.

So in memory of the lens I thought I would show you a selection of some of the photos that I have taken with the lens.

Travelling to the USA

I haven’t spoken about my trip for a while, but I assure you, as far as I know, it is still on.  I think I will be arriving around the first of September.  Plans are underway and I have started looking at getting some sponsorship for my trip. Maxwell International Australia have said they will lend me some Tamron lenses for the trip, which is great. It will be healesville-sanctuary-australian-birds-animals-1002nice to see how they are on my trip.  I’m hoping to get the 15-30mm and the 28-300mm, which I hear is a great travel lens. I will be well covered with both of those.

I did send an email to Nikon, but haven’t heard anything back from them as yet.  I wondered if they would lend me a camera, maybe something like the D750. Then today I started thinking about a tripod, and wandered if maybe I could get a travel tripod from someone.  Would be nice to get a lend of some gear for the trip.  Time will tell what happens.

Dynamic Range

I’ve received the first article for the magazine, and it seems the putting together of it all is about to start happening. It is exciting.  I’ve been talking to lots of people and getting lots of ideas from them and they’ve been giving me lots of things to think about.  I’m a bit worried I’ve got myself in over my head, but I’m happy to go with the flow, see what happens.

Hopefully things are still on track for the end of June.

I’ve started trying to work out how people can pay for it and download it at the same time. I also need to work out how I can do subscriptions for people, though I don’t want to offer subscriptions until we know how the magazine will go.banyule-flats-egret-bird

One on One Photography Sessions

I’ve been getting more requests from people to do them which has been great. It is nice to do them. They have been happening in lots of interesting places.  I get to take photos in some great spots and the zoo is working out to be a great place for them.

Social Snappers

Well, I’ve been struggling to work out what to do with them. People sign up and don’t show up.  If I charge money no one signs up, so I’m starting to wonder if it is time to give up on them.  The other option is to charge a small amount, like $20 and just have them once a month.  I might do that, but I am only going to do them for one more term and if the results are like they are now, I am not going to continue doing them.  So I will know soon.

I’m going to leave it there for today.  I hope you enjoy the gallery of images taken the Tamron 150-600mm lens.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Things are Getting Busy Again

Seems like heaps has happened this week and none of it to do with taking photos, though I am very happy to report that I have made a couple of times to take photos this coming week, which will be nice.  Things are starting to get very busy again, but that is okay, I do feel like I’m getting somewhere at this point in time.  Here are some of the things that have been happening.

My Website Theme

Maybe time to start looking for a new theme for my website.  The problem is finding a theme that will actually work.  I’ve been looking around, but they all seem to have problems.  They charge you money for them and then the things that are supposed to work on them don’t. I recently found sccity-hpm0418-embout that my contact form doesn’t work.  I’ve had it up there for months, and no one ever contacted me. Not that that means anything, but then recently someone found my email address and asked if I had got the first email they sent me, which I hadn’t.  Since I have removed the contact form, I’ve had further emails about potential work.

One on One Photography and Editing

It has been quite amazing how many enquiries I’ve been getting since I removed the contact form and added my email address. If you were someone who sent an a message through the contact form and didn’t get anywhere with it or I didn’t respond, I can pretty much guarantee I didn’t get the email, so I hope you will try again.

While I’m at it, can I give myself a plug.  I just want to remind people that I do One on One Photography sessions, they can be arranged to suit you, not just what we learn but also when.  If you are interested, take a look at this page, all the information you need to know about what I offer is there.

Dynamic Range – Magazine

I got some great ideas for the magazine last week, thank you to everyone who made suggestions.  I guess now it is about making it happen.

sccity-nikon9674One thing I need to do is get a design or something with the name.  I need to find a graphic artist who can put together something for the magazine.  Then I thought, what if we do it like the name, so if you are a graphic designer and would like to have a go at doing the logo, I guess that is what it will be called, then please, send me your ideas.  Once I have a few then I can show them here and everyone can vote on the best one. Perhaps the winner can get a free ad in the first issue.

I’m afraid at this point I can’t offer any monetary reward for it, but hopefully if the magazine is successful then we will be able to pay people with the money we make from selling advertising space.  Though, the space for advertising will be limited and we only want to get enough money to pay for people, if that makes any sense.  I hate those magazines that are full of advertising, so advertising will be kept to a minimal.

We are looking for contributors, so if you are a woman and think you can write an article for it, I would love to hear your ideas.

I think that is all I have about the magazine at this stage.  I’m really excited about putting it together, and I hope you are looking forward to getting it as well.  It is my hope that you will all share it everywhere.  Get as many people reading it as possible.

Digital Photography School

I have another article coming out for the Digital Photography School, I believe.  It is on Landscape photography this time and taking your own photos and processing them your way.  I don’t have the link yet, but when it is published I will add it here.

It has now been published, here is the link, Putting You Into Your Landscape Photography. So please share and leave your comments there as well if you don’t mind.  Would love to hear from you over there.

Photographing the Milky Way

screflect-city-hpm6482-2I going to try running a class on how to photograph the milky way in June.  I had a few people asking me last year if I would teach them, so here is the class. It is going to be down at Sorrento for anyone who is interested.  I have a Social Snappers Meetup Group so that might be a good way to keep up to date with excursions and classes that I am running.  The link is Social Snappers Meetups.

Social Snappers in the City

There is a Social Snappers outing this weekend. We are meeting at 6.30am in the city and the excursion is Take Early Morning Photos Along the Yarra. So hopefully we get some sort of sunrise, and a very calm mirror like river.

The photos that are in this post were taken of the city in 2012 and 2013.  You will see what I am hoping for on Sunday morning. I need to go and do some more planning. I hope you are keeping busy as well.