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Up Before the Birds and Catching up

This last week hasn’t been any different to others. It is all go, but that isn’t a bad thing. I like being busy, it is really nice. I’ve also had a wonderful opportunity to meet some bloggers, which is always lovely.


This Blog

I have just discovered that I can transfer all my followers to the blog on my website. I am unsure about doing this, but it seems like a logical thing to do. It is easy for you and for me. You won’t get email updates on what I’m doing unless you sign up for that, but my posts would still appear in the reader.

I haven’t made a decision about it yet, but would like to hear what you think about it. If I decide to do it it will be in a few months.



The trip is really happening. Yesterday we booked all our accommodation and I’m so excited about going. The trip is affordable, and I think the idea of going in winter is really in our favour. We have been finding deals all over the place. We can’t believe that we got 11 nights accommodation for under a thousand dollars each.  As far as I am concerned that is brilliant. Now we can do a couple of things that we weren’t sure about.

It is going to be interesting photographing Tassie in winter. I’m hoping for lots of moody images. Being able to take my car is good too.


The Mallee

I am heading back up there and my posts this week will be from there. I am really looking forward to getting back. One to see my mum, I love seeing her. Then the second reason because I have some shots I really want to get while I’m there.

I am hoping to get to Lake Albacutya again. It has been a year and a half since I was there and I am curious to see how it looks now.

The pink lakes are also on the list. I want to see if I can do some new photos. They are always a challenge.

I am taking my ND Filters with me and I have plans for many long exposures. The weather is looking cloudy, so perfect for what I would like to do. I can’t wait to start.


Meeting people

I’ve met a couple of people this last week which has been great. I had coffee with one the other day and then yesterday morning I went out with another one, Janice Meyers Foreman from Canada. I had to get up very early to meet her in the city, hoping for a sunrise, but the cloud cover was too thick. We got some lovely shots of the blue hour before dawn and as the light appeared. The sad thing was that as the day dawned it was a rather grey and uninspiring one.It was great meeting Janice and I hope she enjoys her time in Melbourne.


As you can guess the photos are from the morning. I did something I haven’t done in a long time, I converted them into HDR images in Lightroom. I had to do some reworking in Photoshop for some of them, but it was fun to see what I could get. The very calm reflective river was great to capture the early morning lights into as well. I hope you enjoy them and are having a great weekend.

It’s been a funny time

It seems I’m a bit all over the place at the moment. The blog is taking a bit of a back seat and while I don’t mean it too, I am finding myself distracted by other things. So let’s have an update and see what is happening.


Banyule Flats Book

Things are coming to a head with it and I feel like we are on the run to the finish line. I don’t have a date for completion, some things that are out of my control have happened, but I continue on and get it as close to completion as I can. We have a layout, we just need to work on that now.

So, right now I don’t know when the book will be published, but hopefully you and I won’t have to wait too long.


Dynamic Range Magazine

I’m also very busy getting the next issue of the magazine ready. I realised the other day that the magazine has been a reality for over 12 months now. The idea was conceived about this time last year. Took a while to get the first issue out, but we did. Now we are getting the fourth issue ready to publish.

Writers Wanted and Ideas for Articles

We just wanted to let you know that we are always looking for writers. There are guidelines on my website, or here is the link. Not everyone can write for a magazine, but if you are happy to work with us, we are happy to work with you. That might mean that you have to rewrite your article several times, but we want the best we can get from you.

We are always looking for suggestions too, so if you have any ideas for articles, then let us know as well. You can send your ideas to


Changes to the Blog

I’m thinking of making some more changes to this blog. Time is short and I’m finding the Introduction posts hard to do. I have trouble finding people sometimes, so we might just do them once a month.

I think I want to do more on my other blog, the one on my website. I like the idea of sharing ideas and my artwork with you there. It has been great to see lots of you over there, so please keep going. The rest of you, would love to see you there as well.

I might even start doing monochrome madness over there. I don’t know at this stage. I have more space and more control over on that blog. Someone here said recently that they are getting sick of all the changes that Automatic are doing and I have to say I am too. You never know what you will wake up to.

So please, if you like my work and like what I do please consider subscribing here.



Last weekend I spent Sunday night teaching someone how to use a DSLR. They had never had one before, so it was all new. Still good fun, which leads me to the photos for this article.



The photos were taken in the city last week. We started late in the afternoon and we went until it was dark. We spent our time along the river, which is always a great place for photos, especially at night.

All images were taken with the Nikon 28-300mm lens.

Camping and catching up

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. So much happening and many days I have no idea where to start. I just keep plugging along, that is all I can do really.

Dynamic Range Magazine

The next issue is coming together nicely. It has been lovely once again seeing the amazing articles and images being sent in. We might have the front cover for you soon to see.

Some of the articles you can expect to see in Issue 4 are, one on Underwater Photography, Architectural Photography, Birds of Costa Rica, Using Instagram, Coming to Photography Later in Life, and another article on long exposure photography.

Now, if you haven’t got either the last, or the last three issues, it isn’t too late. You can buy them here, Shop.

Subscriptions are also available and you can get those at the same place.

It is great to see so many of you supporting this magazine.


The Six Seasons of My Backyard

My book on Banyule Flats through the seasons is coming together wonderfully. All the photos are done and now we are working on the layout. We have had a small hiccup and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, but it looks like it could mean the book will take longer to publish that I had thought. I am hoping the issue is resolved soon.



I’ve been away a bit teaching as well. I do love doing the One on One Photography lessons. It is a great way to meet people and get out to take photos. I love being able to go to new places, and often the people who start as students end up becoming friends as well once the formal classes are done.

I’m going to be working on some checklists for my students this week. Something small for them to carry around and use to help them work out what they need to do.



Well, that was something very new, I have to say. I had to get a tent, a mattress and not much else, which was good. A friend and I decided that for some places we really need to be able to camp. We got our gear together and planned our first trip.

That first trip was to Mount Sterling and Craig’s Hut. It is a very famous hut that sits on top of the mountain. It was made for the movie The Man from Snowy River in the 1980’s. It has been built to look like the huts that many of the cattlemen and horsemen used for shelter when they were allowed to graze their animals up there.

It was quite incredible. You can see across the top of the mountains. It was quite hazy, but okay for photos. The area around the hut was cleared so you could see it. There were also places for picnics and toilets, always good. It was a hard place to get to and you really need a AWD or 4WD to get up the road. It was an experience.

The camping part was okay. I mean I wouldn’t want to do it every night, but to do occasionally wouldn’t be too bad. I like the idea of being able to set up close to a place and then waking up early to get a sunrise. A lot better than getting up several hours before hand and driving somewhere.



The photos are all from the camping trip. You can see the hut and some of the area around it. We had hoped for a sunset, a sunrise, maybe the milky way and perhaps get a star trail. We got none of it. It was too overcast to do anything. Still clouds can be great in photos and I couldn’t be disappointed with these. In the morning was watched with fascination as the clouds crawled over the neighbouring mountains. We were also drowned out by the currawongs as they ate and flew around us.

I hope your weekend is good. It is still very grey here, but that is supposed to change soon.


Work Experience from the student’s point of view

This last week has been interesting for me as I have had a work experience student, Alainne. She has been great and very willing to learn. I told her that part of my job is writing, so I had her write a post for this blog on how the week has been.

From Alainne and how her week doing work experience has been.

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of doing my work experience placement with Leanne Cole. I have learnt so many new and exciting things about photography that I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn if it wasn’t for this experience.

20160315-Work-experience- 3172

The first photographs we took were around the Eltham library. We took some photos of the building and photos of the trains as well. The train driver actually stopped the train to tell us that we were supposedly trespassing and weren’t allowed to take photos. Despite that I still managed to get a good shot of the train.

20160316-untitled- 3343

The next thing I leaned was how to process photographs. After I finally downloaded Photoshop and Lightroom onto my laptop that is. I had only ever used Photoshop a couple of years ago and even then I had no idea what I was doing. I can now say that I am definitely a lot more comfortable with using Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my photos.

20160316-untitled- 3423

On Wednesday we ventured into the city early in the morning to go to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show. I learned how to use the macro setting on my camera to take close up photos of the beautiful flowers that were on display. I got to see the effects of changing the ISO, aperture and shutter speed on the camera which helped me to understand what Leanne had taught me about them the previous day. I now know that to have a good photo you must have a perfect balance of all three settings on the camera.


Wednesday night was my favourite part of the whole week so far, we got to go back into the city at night to meet up with a group of regular night photographers. We took long exposure photos of Flinders Street Station and also photos of steel wool being lit and twirled in circles inside alley ways. It was so much fun and interesting to talk to that many photographers. It was good listening to them as they shared and compared tips and techniques. I used a tripod for the first time that Leanne was kind enough to lend me. I also a remote shutter release trigger that one of the night photographers kindly let me borrow. We only took a few photos over the course of the night because once the steel wool was a-light you only had one chance for a photo. This night was definitely an eye opening experience, I had never seen anything like the steel wool trick and I am now also in love with long exposure photography.


For me work experience has been an exciting, eye opening and a great learning experience. I have seen into the life of a photographer and I now know that it is something that I am most certainly interested in for myself. Leanne has been an amazing mentor, she has taught and shown me so many things about photography that I will now be able use for the rest of my life.


Finding new places and catching up

This next week is set to be a very busy time for me. I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and there are places to go and take photos. Though first let’s start where I always do.


Dynamic Range Magazine

Issue 3 can still be purchased at the shop on my website. At the same link you can also subscribe. Please buy your copy if you haven’t already.

Thank you to everyone who has, the feedback has been fantastic.

I need to clear up some things, firstly, the magazine is digital and you can only get it that way.

The magazine is published digitally 4 times a year.

We have had questions about that, so I wanted to sort it out.

Work has now started on the next issue, it is very exciting when we start getting the articles and seeing what people have written.  Looks like another great issue to come.


Book on Banyule Flats

I went out the other morning and got my final images for the book. I have done nearly all I have to now. On the morning I went out I was greeted with the most beautiful sunrise, which I took photos of. I now have the cover shot for the book and I’m really happy about that. I did take some long exposures as well.  Now I have to coordinate the book being put together and get it published.


Work experience Student

A first for me, I will have a work experience student with me this following week. Should be interesting. I’ve been asked before, but never felt like I was in a position that I could do anything with them. This week is going to be very busy, so I hope she enjoys her time with me.


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

It starts this Wednesday and part of the reason why the week will be busy. I plan on going a few times and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get there. One thing I like about it is all the different flowers. Such a variety.

I have a loan of the Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro lens which I’m looking forward to using again for the show as well. It will be nice to compare using it after I’ve had the Nikon one for over a year.



For those of you who read my post on my other site know that when I went to Lorne and Dog Rocks the other day. I spoke about a new place I saw and said I would talk about it later, well it’s later.

We went to an amazing place up the back of Lorne called Lake Elizabeth. I have to say it was a lovely surprise. When we got to the car park I kept saying, are you sure there is a lake here, as we were in the middle of rainforest. We had to walk a bit, and do some not so nice uphill, but it was worth it. As I am sure you can see from the photos. Of course, plans are being made for a return trip. I believe camping was mentioned as well. Mmm, I’m doing some of that in a couple of weeks, will see how that goes first.  The things we do for our photography.

The photos are the walk to and from the lake and the lake. I do love how the light comes through rainforests and catches foliage. All the images were taken with the Nikon 28-300mm lens, the perfect lens for a walk like this.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. It is Labour Day here on Monday, so a long weekend for us. Nice to get some rest in before the busy week.  I hope it is lovely where you are.



More Shots of Melbourne as We Catch Up

This last week seems to have gone by in a blur. I can hardly remember what I’ve done. There were meetings, images to organise and other things. The weather hasn’t been great, so it has been good not to have the temptation to get out and take photos.


Formatt Hitech Featured Artists

I am very proud to announce that Formatt Hitech invited me to be one of their featured artists. I knew the week before, but couldn’t say anything until everything had been put into place. I am now on their website with some of my work. You can look at it here, Leanne Cole.

It was quite a hard thing to work out which images to use, but I’m happy with the ones that are now there. The bio was also interesting to write as well. I always find those things hard.

Long Exposure Photography Lessons

I’ve been asked a couple of times recently if I could teach that person how to do long exposure photography and I have to say, I think I’m ready to do it.

I now have two brackets and a selection of step up rings, so the time has come that I can start doing individual lessons on how to do them. I need to get some information up on it, but if you are interested in having me teach you, then please email me,


Book on Banyule Flats

We had a meeting with the Wurundjeri Elders the other day to show them the images and to work out how they can put some stories to some images.

It is all coming together now, it is quite exciting. I can’t wait for it to be published.


Instagram and your email

This is more a warning, but the other day I was trying to log into my Instagram account and couldn’t remember the password, so I pressed the Forgot Password button. I was putting in my email address and getting to reset the password, but I still couldn’t log into it. The I realised that when they were sending me the emails they were saying Hi to someone I didn’t know.

I eventually clicked that I was using the wrong email, but the mystery remained, my everyday email had an Instragram account and the name on it wasn’t mine. Someone had stolen my email address to set up their own Instagram account. I initially let them know that I knew by changing the user name to include email stealer, and the bio to say that the person had stolen my email address.

Then I had a thought, why not use the account myself. I thought it could be fun to have a place to experiment and try things out and if no one ever saw it, who would care. So I changed the name to


So now I have somewhere to put old art work and things I’m trying out without having to put it on my main one. I like this.

The warning

If you have an email account and don’t have an Instagram account attached then check it out. Someone might be using it for porn, or waiting to use it. Shut them down by changing the password.



Today’s photos are from a trip to the city last Sunday morning. We were hoping to get a nice sunrise, but we got a strange one instead. Then we just wandered around the city and the river.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.




Birrarung Marr at Night and a Catch up

It is nice that Sunday is here and the week is basically over. It has been an exhausting one, but also good. It will be nice to have some time for me for a little while.


Dynamic Range Magazine

It is out and I know most of you are aware of that. I did a post yesterday on one of the changes we’ve had to make, and so far it seems to have been a good one.  I will need to change all the links.  Now when you buy the magazine you need to go to the shop.  Here is the new link:

Dynamic Range Magazine

Don’t forget to buy your copy.

The other option is to Subscribe and so many have done that so far. You can do that on the same page.


I will now be putting all my focus into the book. I need to get that done before things heat up again for the next issue.


Taking Photos

This is something I’m looking forward to as well. I have missed going out and taking photos, and when I have gone out I’ve often been too tired to really enjoy it. I am looking forward to going out and really concentrating on some new things I want to do.

I am going to leave it there for now. I do have other news, but I don’t want to talk about it just yet, you might have to wait, but not too long.

I have photos for you that carry on from the photos I showed you last weekend. These are night shots taken at Birrarung Marr. I hope you are having a good weekend.