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Quiet Thursday – Up in the Air

It is getting late in the day, and it is one of those days that I like to take things easy, so for today I have a photo for you that I did earlier in the week.  I know writers like images that give them inspiration for poems or short stories, so I have another photo for that.  It is a composite and you can interpret it as you will.


The same applies as in previous posts like these, you can leave links in the comments sections.  Pingbacks don’t really work the way they used to, so it is best to leave links in the comments section.  Feel free to put the image on your blog, just please give me credit for the image, if that is okay.  So over to you.

Inspiring Quiet Thursdays

Just recently I have been doing some images so the writers who follow me can try and respond to the image with some writing. I know these posts are more for the writers, and I hope you don’t mind, though while doing the processing on this image I recorded what I did, and will put a short video of it on my other blog later today.  I must warn you, the video will be speed up a lot, so you will just get an idea of what I did.


I hope the writers here find this image interesting enough to write about.  I love this old building and while I was taking this image the idea came to me. For the photographers, this is something I really want to do more of.  I like planning and executing images like this.

As in other weeks, please leave your poems, or links here in the comments section so other people can enjoy what you have written. I look forward to seeing what you have written.

Some Inspire Words More Than Others

Last weeks image to get people writing seemed to be a bit of a hit, so I thought I would try it again and I was asked if I would do it more often.  I don’t know if I will do it every week, but I will try and do it more often.  So today I have something completely different for you.

This is something I photographed last week.  I was trying something with my daughter and I like the look and think there is potential there, and I have other photos that I want to work on.  I have done one like this for a long time and it was nice to plan a photo shoot like this again.

Last week lots of people responded to the photo that I posted and again, today, I invite you to do the same to this one.  Make of it as you will.

Leave links or the poems in the comments section here so others can share what you have written.  If you are reading what someone has written and like it or want to say something, that would be fantastic as well.

If you missed all the great poems and stories  then here is a link to the post last week, A Photo That Inspires Words.  I said I would put the links here, but there were so many and I really didn’t think it through, so from now on when I do these, just leave them here in the comments section.

Get those fingers moving.  I hope you find some inspiration.

Places Where Ghost Stories Start

Why is the basement always the scariest part of a building?

Okay, they are dark, they are dingy, but why would a ghost want to live in one?

Buildings, like the bluestone that belongs to Deaf Children Australia has an incredible basement, much like many of the old buildings have.  It is very large and I can see how it would be creepy, especially with the lights turned off.  Though it is not right into the ground and there are windows, so does that still qualify?

Down the Corridor in the Basement.On the DVD that Deaf Children Australia have produced they have ex students talking about their experiences there.  Many of the boys, well men now, talked about sitting up late at night and telling ghost stories.  They would then dare each other to go down to the basement.  They must have been terrified.  Though, scary noises wouldn’t have been a problem.

Playing Room WindowIt would have been good to be outside here, and made some commotion outside the windows, but not sounds, that wouldn’t have worked.  It is amazing the things they came up with to scare one another.

Window from the BathroomThis window is near the bath, there is one on the other side so when it is hot they can open both for a cool breeze, well they did when they used the bath.  I will put some other photos up at the end of some of these.  The basement is not really a maze, but there are lots of places for people to hide.

Meat LarderI have done quite a bit to this, but I really wanted to show it, the men on the DVD talk about how this room reminded them of a jail, and when they were children, they were scared of it.  It was the meat larder.  The door reminded them of bars.

I had a few people writing poems and stories in response to last weeks post on the dormitory and those photos.  So I am going to put the links to them here.

Lucy Williams Poetry

Bastet and Sekhmet

Svetlana Grobman: Writing With an Accent

A Poem and a Drawing a Day

I think that was all over them, so I hope you will go and see what they wrote in response to the images last week.

I also invite people to do the same with the basement images, what stories do the images conjure up for you.  Once again, link it back to me, so I can get the pingback or the reblogged notice and will include it in next weeks post.

Now here are some other images I have taken of the basement, not that many.

I look forward to hearing what you write about, some ghost stories might be fun.