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It’s been a funny time

It seems I’m a bit all over the place at the moment. The blog is taking a bit of a back seat and while I don’t mean it too, I am finding myself distracted by other things. So let’s have an update and see what is happening.


Banyule Flats Book

Things are coming to a head with it and I feel like we are on the run to the finish line. I don’t have a date for completion, some things that are out of my control have happened, but I continue on and get it as close to completion as I can. We have a layout, we just need to work on that now.

So, right now I don’t know when the book will be published, but hopefully you and I won’t have to wait too long.


Dynamic Range Magazine

I’m also very busy getting the next issue of the magazine ready. I realised the other day that the magazine has been a reality for over 12 months now. The idea was conceived about this time last year. Took a while to get the first issue out, but we did. Now we are getting the fourth issue ready to publish.

Writers Wanted and Ideas for Articles

We just wanted to let you know that we are always looking for writers. There are guidelines on my website, or here is the link. Not everyone can write for a magazine, but if you are happy to work with us, we are happy to work with you. That might mean that you have to rewrite your article several times, but we want the best we can get from you.

We are always looking for suggestions too, so if you have any ideas for articles, then let us know as well. You can send your ideas to


Changes to the Blog

I’m thinking of making some more changes to this blog. Time is short and I’m finding the Introduction posts hard to do. I have trouble finding people sometimes, so we might just do them once a month.

I think I want to do more on my other blog, the one on my website. I like the idea of sharing ideas and my artwork with you there. It has been great to see lots of you over there, so please keep going. The rest of you, would love to see you there as well.

I might even start doing monochrome madness over there. I don’t know at this stage. I have more space and more control over on that blog. Someone here said recently that they are getting sick of all the changes that Automatic are doing and I have to say I am too. You never know what you will wake up to.

So please, if you like my work and like what I do please consider subscribing here.



Last weekend I spent Sunday night teaching someone how to use a DSLR. They had never had one before, so it was all new. Still good fun, which leads me to the photos for this article.



The photos were taken in the city last week. We started late in the afternoon and we went until it was dark. We spent our time along the river, which is always a great place for photos, especially at night.

All images were taken with the Nikon 28-300mm lens.

Camping and catching up

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. So much happening and many days I have no idea where to start. I just keep plugging along, that is all I can do really.

Dynamic Range Magazine

The next issue is coming together nicely. It has been lovely once again seeing the amazing articles and images being sent in. We might have the front cover for you soon to see.

Some of the articles you can expect to see in Issue 4 are, one on Underwater Photography, Architectural Photography, Birds of Costa Rica, Using Instagram, Coming to Photography Later in Life, and another article on long exposure photography.

Now, if you haven’t got either the last, or the last three issues, it isn’t too late. You can buy them here, Shop.

Subscriptions are also available and you can get those at the same place.

It is great to see so many of you supporting this magazine.


The Six Seasons of My Backyard

My book on Banyule Flats through the seasons is coming together wonderfully. All the photos are done and now we are working on the layout. We have had a small hiccup and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon, but it looks like it could mean the book will take longer to publish that I had thought. I am hoping the issue is resolved soon.



I’ve been away a bit teaching as well. I do love doing the One on One Photography lessons. It is a great way to meet people and get out to take photos. I love being able to go to new places, and often the people who start as students end up becoming friends as well once the formal classes are done.

I’m going to be working on some checklists for my students this week. Something small for them to carry around and use to help them work out what they need to do.



Well, that was something very new, I have to say. I had to get a tent, a mattress and not much else, which was good. A friend and I decided that for some places we really need to be able to camp. We got our gear together and planned our first trip.

That first trip was to Mount Sterling and Craig’s Hut. It is a very famous hut that sits on top of the mountain. It was made for the movie The Man from Snowy River in the 1980’s. It has been built to look like the huts that many of the cattlemen and horsemen used for shelter when they were allowed to graze their animals up there.

It was quite incredible. You can see across the top of the mountains. It was quite hazy, but okay for photos. The area around the hut was cleared so you could see it. There were also places for picnics and toilets, always good. It was a hard place to get to and you really need a AWD or 4WD to get up the road. It was an experience.

The camping part was okay. I mean I wouldn’t want to do it every night, but to do occasionally wouldn’t be too bad. I like the idea of being able to set up close to a place and then waking up early to get a sunrise. A lot better than getting up several hours before hand and driving somewhere.



The photos are all from the camping trip. You can see the hut and some of the area around it. We had hoped for a sunset, a sunrise, maybe the milky way and perhaps get a star trail. We got none of it. It was too overcast to do anything. Still clouds can be great in photos and I couldn’t be disappointed with these. In the morning was watched with fascination as the clouds crawled over the neighbouring mountains. We were also drowned out by the currawongs as they ate and flew around us.

I hope your weekend is good. It is still very grey here, but that is supposed to change soon.


Weekend wanderings with some bits and bobs

Things have been crazy this last week, but more on that soon. Anyway, I just didn’t get around to doing my normal Bits and Bobs post, and then I thought, why don’t I combine them. So today I have photos for you from one of my wanderings and some updates on what I’ve been doing.

Dynamic Range Magazine

I think it is safe to say that we should make our deadline of February the 10th for the publishing date of Issue 3. I am so excited about the next issue. It has been a bit of an Melbourne-skyline-summer-architecture-3449effort getting everything done for it, Christmas put us  behind a bit, but we are fine now.

There is a profile on Julia Anna Gospodarou, an article on Lightroom, one on competitions and entering them, how to make your own bird photography studio, processing a black and white image in Lightroom, an introduction to long exposure photography, how to choose a photography tour to go on, and another article on the history of women photographers. We also have a new writer who has written on women and marketing for us. I’ve been really enjoying the articles as they have been coming in. I hope you are excited to buy your issue.

If you just want the issue sent to you then buy a subscription for twelve months. You won’t have the worry of remembering to get it each time and will just get the link to Melbourne-skyline-summer-architecture-3414download it in your inbox.

Go to the Products page and click Subscribe.

Of course the issue will also be for individual sale.

Don’t forget to spread the word and let everyone you know about it as well.

I’ve just published another article on the blog for this site. I have written my first article on Social Media.

Social Media for Marketing the Photographer

I have been doing so much research on social media for my own work and marketing the magazine that it was good to finally get a chance to write somewhere about it. It is the start of a series of articles.

One on One Photography Lessons

I’ve been getting quite a number of inquiries for these. It is good. I love sharing my knowledge so good to see that people want to learn from me. Melbourne-skyline-summer-architecture-3341

I had a great experience with someone just recently who had done several classes with other people, but was still confused and I managed to explain it to her in a language she understood. Then after she said it was wonderful and didn’t know why other teachers hadn’t explained it that way before. I have been told from others that I am very good at explaining things in very simple terms that are easy to understand.

If you want to check out what I offer, click here.

Don’t forget that I also have amazing Photoshop skills and I do teach photo processing as well. We do them over Skype and I record the sessions for you as well.  You can find out more about those by clicking here.

Weekend Wandering photos

The photos were taken a few weeks ago on a hot summer day here in Melbourne. They are a good example of why you shouldn’t shoot in summer. I went wandering with a friend to try and capture the skyline of Melbourne. I am looking for places I can go back to.  I also saw some spots I haven’t been to before.

The photos in the gallery are all over the place, another WordPress change, doesn’t load the photos up in the order that you had them.  Thank you WordPress for stuffing up something else.  I have to say my interest in blogging is waning a little, and no doubt WordPress and all their changes really have a lot to do with it.  I love that the blog on my website never gets this many changes.  I really like blogging there so much more.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

This last week has been great, not a lot happening around here, but as we run up into Christmas I’m sure that could change.  December already, and I suppose I should start thinking about Christmas a lot more.

New Macro Lens

Well I was at the grant presentation last week for my grant and got my envelope, so the next day I ordered my new macro lens.  It arrived on Friday and the two of us have been out a couple of times now.  Part of the grant was for a Nikon micro 105mm lens, so that is what I had to get.



The lens arrived in  a lovely gold box, as all Nikon lenses do.  My first impression of it was that it was cold, the metal around the lens was cool to the touch and then it was heavy, it felt good, it was a good weight in my hand.  The next test was to take it out into the garden and see what I could get with it.  There isn’t much left in the garden to photograph now, as we are heading to summer the flowers are disappearing and the plants are conserving what they have for the summer ahead.  Still I found a few things, and was photo bombed by a bee when I was photographing one of the flowers on the raspberry plants I have.  I will include some of those photos in this post.

On Sunday morning my daughter and I went to Bulleen Art and Garden Centre to look at some plants, and of course I took the macro with me and took some photos of the flowers.  It was hard as the sun was out and it was hot.  We’ve had a few


Bulleen Art and Garden

days of heat now and humidity, I don’t like humid days.  I will include some photos from there as well.

Social Snappers

The last two excursions for Social Snappers is on this week, one on Thursday and then another on Sunday.  It is unusual that both are doing the same thing, but we will be this week.  The excursion is into the city and we will be taking photos of the Christmas decorations before and after sunset, which should be great.  I love doing this, but marketing them is proving to be challenging.  I think I am going to have to start thinking of different ways of doing it.  This blog, facebook, and social media



really aren’t doing anything, unfortunately.  Hopefully they will pick up next year.

Teaching Photo Editing

After being asked about Photo Editing in all my classes I’ve decided to try teaching it.  I am going back up to the Mallee in March, on the long weekend, to do more workshops and a big component of those is going to be teaching people about putting their photos on the computer, organising them and then how to do some basic editing.



I love editing, and it is one area that I think I know quite well, so I feel it is something that should do a lot more of.  I would like to offer some classes down here, but I will need to find somewhere to teach them, so I will be looking into that soon.

Facebook and Privacy

It seems Facebook is doing the rounds again about what they can use of your information and such that you put on there.  Everyone is in an uproar, though I have to keep wondering why, as this has all happened before.  Basically if you put your personal information, photos, videos, etc up then you give them a royalty free license to use it as they wish too, however, you still own your images.  Those are the conditions you agree to when you sign up to it. People have been putting notices up, saying they don’t give FB permission to do that, but it is hoax, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Bulleen Art and Garden

I have made the decision to put a massive watermark across any images I post on Facebook, that way if they use the images and try to remove it, then they are tampering with my copyright, which I am fairly certain is illegal.  I also read

Facebook adds, “[t]his IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

So I would think if you continued to delete your photos after they have been there for a while then Facebook can no longer use them, that is how I read that.  IP refers to Intellectual Property.  It is something I have been doing, going through and deleting all my old photos, not easy, there are a lot on there, but if it helps to protect my work then I will.

I think that is enough for today, I hope you have a good Tuesday and there is a lot going on in your world right now.


Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

It hasn’t been a very exciting week and there isn’t a lot to share today.  Things have been quiet.  Too quiet really.  Though I will try and see if I have some things to share.

The Mallee

I think I will be going back up there in the next few weeks.  I will have access to a car in November and it seems a logical thing to do to plan another trip up there.  I might also see if I can get something together and try teaching sorrento-beach-waves-slow-sunset-463another class up there.  Thought I might start running some basic photography workshops.  I think lots of people up there have DSLR’s, but they have no idea how to use them, and not much opportunity to learn.  It has always been one of my most successful classes, teaching people that, so I am going to try and see if people are interested in that.

I also really want to get back out to the salt lakes.  I am fascinated by them and the surrounding areas, though not sure I want to be out in the evening with the mozzies.  I will have to take sorrento-beach-waves-slow-sunset-462lots of insect repellent with me.

The Hand of Man

I have never been a straight forward landscape person, I used to find it boring to take photos of just the landscape, however, recently, that has changed.  I do enjoy doing them far more than I used to.  Though, I can still walk around places and not find anything that inspires me.

So how do I find inspiration in the landscape?

I try and find my story, what I want to convey.  Often the story has something to do with us, whether that is a building that has been left, or waves-crashing-rocks-water-sorrentoin an unusual place.  Sometimes it is the environment that we have helped create.  When I go up the Mallee these days, one of the things I notice is the strong influence that man has had on the environment up there.

The original settlers changed what it looked like completely and now the consequences of those things have started happening, like the salt.  Once the trees were removed the water table rose, and then the salt did.  There are many places in the Mallee, and other regions, that are trying to solve the problem of the salt in the ground and land that is now unusable because of it.

So, each time I go up there I am starting to understand that impact and the struggle that farmers and other people trying to make a living are having.  My story is unfolding and revealing itself.  It means I have a project to work on. I really want to keep going up there now to take photos and explore this area more. I want to find people who can help me with the history of the land, and others who can help to explain what is happening.  This is my environmental project.

The biggest problem I have is from Parks Victoria, the government organisation responsible for maintaining all the National Parks in Victoria.  I have been sending them emails to get sorrento-beach-waves-slow-sunset-460information, find out if I can put the photos I take in the parks in a book or something like that, but so far they aren’t responding.  It is so annoying, as I am trying to do the right thing, but then I get nothing back, no help.  I will just have to keep trying.


Last weekend, remember I told you I was going to go to the beach to get some photos of waves.  I had planned on going to Aireys Inlet, but then we got down the road and I realised I had forgotten my tripod, so we turned around sorrento-beach-waves-slow-sunset-466to get it, and in the end decided to go to Sorrento instead.  It was closer.

I played around there taking photos of waves in slow motion.  I took a lot and some worked really well, some not so well. I am including some of the photos in this post.  I made a couple into black and white to see how they would look.  There is one with blurred clouds, I used my ND400 for that, it was a 3 minute exposure at sunset.  Interesting how much the clouds move, I could have sworn they were staying still.

Monochrome Madness

This reminds me to remind you that if you haven’t got your image in, then you are running out of time.  I will start working on the post very soon.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs – Going into October

The Mallee is now just another memory, as I arrived home yesterday.  It was another successful trip for me, and I have told you about things that I have done there, but the photos will be shown over the next few weeks.

The Mallee

I thought perhaps I should show you a map of the area that I have been talking about.

map of victoria

For those that don’t know where the state of Victoria is, well, it is in the bottom right corner of Australia.  I live in Melbourne, and since so many have asked where the Mallee was I thought I would show you.  I have circled it in Red, and in purple circled where many of the places that I go to take photos are. I hope that helps you understand where it is, maybe I should have done it with the satellite, then you would be able to tell what the country is like.

Nyah West Workshop

mallee-millky-way-light-starsThe workshop I ran just out of Nyah West went really well, and well overtime, but it was great.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and going out and taking photos with them.  Where we went in the afternoon was fantastic, and we basically stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.  After the sunset we headed into town for dinner at the Nyah West pub. Nice meal, shame about the manners of aome of the staff, hopefully that gets sorted.  Then after dinner we went back out and took photos of the milky way over the salt lakes.  It is only the second time I have taught night photography like this and it was fantastic.  I think I have worked out the best way of doing it.  Once everyone had decent shots of the night sky, then we started adding some other elements with light.  It was a lot of fun and one of my favourite photos came from that session.  I have attached it here for you to see.

I really enjoyed running this workshop and it is something that I think I would really like to do a lot more of.  It is good to have a specific goal.  I love seeing peoples faces when the penny starts dropping on taking photos.  I might have to see if I can drum up some business to run some more.  I think one workshop that would be good would be something like learning your DSLR and how to use it to get the best from it.  I think it is something that people in the country might miss out on, and it is what I have noticed that people seem to struggle with the most as well.

Star Trails

woomelang-star-trail-silos-webI’m no real expert at taking star trails, I’ve only done two, and the second one was only done the other night.  I was asked how I did it, and really all I did was set up the camera for 30 second exposures, at f/2.8, ISO was, I think, 1250, and then off the camera went for an hour, oh I locked the shutter release so it would just continuously take photo after photo.

I was going to do it for 2 hours, it was really cloudy, and I didn’t think the photos would work.  When I stacked them I was so surprised that the clouds hadn’t mattered, so now I wish, of course, that I had done it for longer. Daylight savings starts here soon, so not sure how much of this I will do, will have to see.  I also don’t like the idea of being bitten alive by mosquitoes either.

Monochrome Madness

Since I have been away, I’ve received lots of emails with submissions, and I’m afraid I probably won’t have time to respond to them.  I am so sorry, but I have to go to Kinglake National Park again, testing the macro out there this time.  I will have to spend the time when I get back on the post and getting it ready for tomorrow morning.  I hope you forgive me.

That is about it for today, I think, I need to get a move on with some things.  I am going to leave you with some images of the milky way, and the above ones in a gallery.  The other milky way shots were done when I had finished doing the star trail over the silos in Woomelang.


Friday’s Bits and Bobs has been an amazing ten days, and I have to say I am writing this with my eyes hanging out of my head.  I am so tired, and really looking forward to just hanging around the house today. Of course, there are things that have to be done, and I am looking forward to some time alone with my photos.  I haven’t really had a chance to play with any and see their potential, but hopefully things will settle down now.

Tripping to New York

I have been meaning to tell you for awhile, but haven’t had a chance, but it looks like I could be going to New York next year.  I have a sponsor who loves my work and often gives me very generous donations, and they have decided that I photograph Melbourne so well, then they want me to leave my comfort zone and see how I would photograph New York.

I am so excited. It won’t be until around May next year, but that is good.  They are paying for my airfare and my accommodation, and in return they want me to help them with their photography and give them some of my images.  I think it is a great deal.  I have started planning where I am going to go and what I will see, what I will take.  Such an amazing offer, like a littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-9dream come true.

Books of Poetry

This isn’t really about photography, but since there are many writers that follow my blog, well I had to add this.  My daughter, Klara, has written a book, it is a book of poetry, and she has self published it.  She is so excited about it, and she wanted me to tell you about it.  The book is called Thorns and if you want to support a young writer, then please go and take a look, maybe even purchase a copy.

Videos and Such

I’ve been doing a Online Photography Course with a woman and she recently sent me a video of her photos that she had taken while on holidays.  I was so impressed with it and now I want to try doing some myself. I did try one, the link and name of it are here, Six Months after the Fires. I did it with Lightroom and the quality of the images isn’t too good, but it was fun to try and most definitely something I want to do again.  I love the idea of making video/slideshows with my images.  So I am doing lots of research to see what is the best way of doing them.  Any hints and tips would be very much appreciated.littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-6Software for video is not something I have, but I am thinking of purchasing Camtasia Studio 8.  I tried it once before for doing video tutorials and really liked it, but the price was a bit much at the time. However, now that I am doing the Online Photography Courses I think it could be good.  The course I’ve been doing with this woman has been mainly directed by her and what she needs.  I started off by helping her get more familiar with her new camera and to take better photos.  Now with one session left, she wants to do more editing, so I am hoping I can use the Camtasia software to record our session so she will have a copy of it.  It has been great doing the Online course, I love it, and so interesting to meet people from the other side of the world.


This has been going well, and I had my second person this last week that was from out of town and wanted to do a One on One with me while in Melbourne.  It was littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-14a very early morning, we met in the city at 6am.  She wanted to do markets and produce, so we headed to the Queen Victoria Market.  It was fascinating to see it so early in the morning as they were setting it up.  I really enjoyed it and I hope she did too.  I think one of the things I love about these is that each person wants something different, so I am always doing different or new things.  I have another session booked for this Sunday morning, a new person, and we will be doing completely different things again.

Outings and Insurance

I am still pushing the Social Snappers, not getting many people signing up, which has surprised me.  I thought so many women would love the opportunity to have outings organised for them. I have been trying to work out if I should advertise the idea of the insurance aspect.  I think insurance is something that many of us don’t think about.  I don’t know how many times I have seen photographers going out to take photos and they chuck their bag down on the ground and don’t worry if someone trips over it.  Do they have the insurance to cover them if someone hurts themselves?  I do, and because people are out littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-8with me as my students, then they are automatically covered by my insurance.  I don’t know if it is worth pushing that concept.  Apparently Australia is one of the most litigious countries in the world and I am so glad I am covered.


The play, Little Murders, that I have been photographing at Heidelberg Theatre Company, started last night.  It has been a surprising play for me, and one that I have enjoyed watching.  It is funny, but also very sad.  I have photographed it a few times along the way, but last Tuesday night I did it for the last time, and it was one of the final dress rehearsals, so the photos in this post are from that.

I hope you enjoy the small snippets of the play, I will be putting more photos on my Facebook page if you want to see more.  I’m off now to relax, hope you get to do the same.