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Weekend Wanderings: More from Melbourne Zoo

As I said yesterday I’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo a couple of times recently, once for Social Snappers, and then again just for the morning to get a few more images.  The membership is going to be great for that I think, just being able to pop in and out whenever I like.  Of course the other benefit is that Melbourne Zoo is part of a bigger group, and there are actually three zoos here in Melbourne.  This is the main one, but there is also Healesville Sanctuary, and then the Werribee Open Range Zoo.  They each work together to help the animals.


One of the first places we headed was to the new lion enclosure.  I hadn’t seen it before, so I thought it would be good to go and take a look at it. This is all we could see of the lions. Which supports that notion that the enclosure is there so the animals can see us if they want, and if they don’t, they can hide.


The first time we went past the tiger he was pacing up and down past a doorway, I think he was waiting for food. As we walking out of this area the tiger was sitting on the rocks near the front and was just staring back at the crowds.  Perhaps trying to decide which person it could have for dinner.


The second time I went we went into the Lemur enclosure.  Very high tech to get into it as you are in the enclosure with them.  You can get very close to them, though there are still people there to make sure you don’t touch or do anything to them.  You will see a bigger picture of this guy in the gallery, he was just sitting on the fence, in a very relaxed manner watching us go by.


This was something I was happy with, seeing the gorilla going to sleep on the ground.  I had to take the photograph through the glass, so I was happy that I didn’t seem to get any reflections.


The giraffes are always great to watch.  We weren’t quite sure what was happening here, but it was still fun.  You could look at the animals here and feel sorry for them, but after my trip to Werribee Zoo last year I realise that many of the animals, like the giraffes and zebras are on kept at this zoo for a short time before they are transported back to Werribee Zoo where they can roam around in conditions much like the Savannah. I don’t know how often they rotate them, but it is done, so it is good to know they get a break.


I don’t go into the Australian animal enclosure often, I see animals like what is in there around my home all the time, but we decided to go in and take a look. There are signs saying stick to the path and we came across another volunteer, and she said that we could pat one of the kangaroos because she was lying under the rope.  Apparently these kangaroos had been somewhere else where they got quite used to humans before going to the zoo so didn’t mind people patting them.  She loved being scratched around the ears.

I only have to go one more time to the zoo and I will have paid for the membership, meaning that the membership costs $88 but a visit to the zoo is $30 each time, so it works out well. The membership also means I get free entry to the Werribee Open Range Zoo and the Healesville Sanctuary, which I will be going to in a few weeks for Social Snappers.

I took all these photos with a very cheap Nikon lens that I have, it is a 70-300mm lens, that I bought for $165, and the more I use it the more surprised I am.  I know if I spent a lot more money on a faster lens I would get really clear shots, but I am finding this one alright, I don’t mind it at all.

I have a gallery for you now.  Sunday, so far is quiet here.  Yesterday was hot and apparently today is not meant to be so hot, though it feels very warm already. I hope you are having a great weekend.

Weekend Wanderings – Melbourne Zoo Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did a Weekend Wanderings post on some photos that I had taken at the Melbourne Zoo.  I had taken so many photos that I saved some to do a second post.  I thought today would be a good time to show those images.

zoo-3567We watched the seal show and I took quite a few photos of this seal, Gordo, I think his name was, being trained.  They showed what seals could do, how they check them out to make sure they are healthy, and even how the keeper gets a kiss from him.  Very cute.  Part of the show is about how to help seals survive in the wild and what we can do to help them.  The thing he has around his neck in this image is part of what fisherman use and Gordo is showing us how it could kill him, so he is playing dead.

zoo-3633The tiger was playing hide and seek, and he/she was hiding up the back in among the bamboo.  We hung around only so we could photograph some of the water and then the next thing we knew the tiger came down, got in the water, had a drink then walked back up into the bamboo.  If we hadn’t stuck around we would have missed it.  What a beautiful tiger, check out that tongue.

zoo-3745Melbourne Zoo is quite well know for their babies and we were so happy to get a look at the baby Elephant.  The other elephants were so protective and you didn’t get to see it much before they circled around and gave protection.

zoo-3763I watched this pelican washing itself for ages.  I loved the way it flapped its wings into the water to wash them.  There was definitely a routine to it.  I loved the splashing, so happy I got the this image.

zoo-3823I know Koalas are perceived as cute, but this is a whole other thing, a Koala very comfortable in its surroundings, it doesn’t even hang on when it is sleeping.

I have a lot more photos for you to see, lots more of the tiger and seal.  I do have to say though, that I did all these photos in Lightroom today and I would like to thank Ben from APERTURE64 PHOTOGRAPHY for his help. He helped me work out how to resize and watermark the images as well.  Here is the gallery for you.  All the images were taken with the 70-300mm lens.