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Weekend Wanderings – Royal Exhibition Building

Last weekend we had a Social Snappers Excursion and it was to the museum, though more importantly, to the Royal Exhibition Building.  There was no exhibition on in the building, so it would be possible to do a tour of the inside of the building as well.  The Royal Exhibition Building is a very historic building in Melbourne,  and is one of only two buildings in Australia that have World Heritage Listing.  Surprisingly it was given that listing before the Sydney Opera House.royal-exhibition-building-museum-7

The above is quite an iconic image of the building.  There are four points to the building, so from a central dome, it reaches out to the north, south, east and west.  The north and south wings are shorter, and the other two much longer.  In the above image you are seeing the south wing entry doors.  There are doors at each end.  This is possibly the nicest entrance with the fountain, but for the management of the building, these are like the back doors, so when an exhibition is on or has just finished, all the trucks and rubbish and everything like that is here as well.  So disappointing that they choose this side to do that. Makes it very ugly, but beautiful too.


This is a view from the other side, and the doors there are for the north wing.  This is the side that faces the museum, and for those that saw my monochrome madness image the other day, this is what was reflected into the glass.


I planned the trip so the building would be empty.  It was still being cleaned from an event the previous day, but I really wanted to see the building’s bare bones, so to speak.  It is so easy for things to get hidden when there are exhibitions on.


The tour was great in giving you the history of the building and why it is significant. I learned a lot with it.


The tour is good for that, but not great if your purpose for the doing the tour is to get lots of photos.  I found we only stayed in a small part of the building.  So I had to take photos of what I could.  I’m not too disappointed, if that is all you can get, then you have to do what you can.  It would be nice if they did tours so people could get good photos of it.  Maybe I will suggest it to them.

The building is historical because during the 1800’s there were many many exhibition buildings built, the most famous being the Chrystal Palace in London, but today not many of them of survive, and apparently this building is the only one in the world that is still being used as an exhibition building.  There are big exhibitions on there all the time.

I am going to leave you with a gallery now. If you are interested in doing a tour of the building, then contact the Museum of Victoria.  I hope your weekend has been good.  The weather is finally turning good here.  It is less than 0 degrees here now, apparently that is 32 in Fahrenheit, it is cold, well really cold for here, but it also means good weather today, yay, no rain.

Open House – Melbourne Town Hall

scchambers-5hpm7576-4In Melbourne this weekend is Open House.  It can be an opportunity to see inside some famous buildings.  Unfortunately, you normally have to get in early and a ballot is run for people to see inside many of the buildings.

One of my followers who also happens to be a guide at the Melbourne Town Hall has let me know that the Town Hall is open both days, so Saturday and Sunday and will be open from 10 to 4 and tour guides will be available to answer questions and tell you about the history of the building.  You are allowed to take photos as well.

So if you are in Melbourne this weekend and would like to see inside the Melbourne Town Hall here is your chance.

Great opportunity for people who work all week, as you can’t see it normally on the weekends.

Detailing Parliament House

To check out the post and all the photos that I took on the tour, please click here.

The Floor